Why make it a boy? For what purpose

Why make it a boy? For what purpose.

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Togashi is a gay pedophile.

For people to talk about it

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alluka is a girl

Indeed, why make anything a boy? All anime and manga would be better if the cast was entirely female.
>but this series does have an entirely female cast and is still shit!
I didn't say it would make them good, just better

Cause he said all 5 children are male back in Kollia rescue arc


He's married to Sailor Moon's creator. She might approve of being a beard, but not for a pedo.

sounds way better than hxh


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Are you sure about that? We literally have 9 year-old lesbians in Sailor Moon. They're both each other's beards.


dunno user. that sounds kinda based to me

Nice bait

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The point isn't "based or cringe", it's: Togashi and Naoko are both gay pedophiles whose lavender marriage is little more than a financial and social convenience, and that fact is reflected in their works/

She's a confirmed girl.

I've seen no evidence for that. From what I remember Killua calls Alluka a girl out of respect. Whereas everybody, including the servants that bathe and dressed Alluka always referred to him as a male.

This is not an uncommon arrangement in Japan by the way. Look at Anno and his wife for example. Both major homos, don't have kids with each other.

Togashi is a based trans ally

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That MC is cute I'd fuck his butthole


>weird sports manga
>homosexual characters
>just by explaining this much of the story
If that was the only way he could describe the story, it was probably for the best. Gimmicks do not sell; empathy does. Imagine if that MC was the son he was introducing at the dinner table; it could only be a disaster.

>trans ally
Pick one.

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you know thats not the end of that scene right?
the next line is
>if you're a woman then become a full woman.

Yusuke literally tells that guy to stop crossdressing and get bottom surgery.

The funny part is Killua "misgenders" alluka behind his back.

That's the joke, trannies can never become full women.

>remove the context of the scene
>thats the joke

It's a himecut. I want to fuck himecuts. All himecuts are hetero to fuck if you're a man.


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Some boys wanna look like that.

mental illness

Killua will wish for Alluka to be a woman.

So why is Killua's mother raising Killua's youngest brothers as female?

Kalluto is imitating Alluka because he thinks Killua will like him more if does so.

Why didn't he release it during the fujoboom a few years ago?

hyper gay.

To ruin western civilisation. Japan is ahead of its time.

Because he was raking in the hunter bucks. HxH getting a new anime insured permanent hiatus of the manga, because it gave him enough cash to live comfortably for the rest of his life.

he's too lazy to do HxH let alone even releasing that concept even as a one shot

Kalluto and Illumi shouldn't have any trouble finding Hisoka due to kalluto's ability to track people.

Before 2016
>cute trap! fap fap fap
After 2016
>trannies trannies trannies why does japanese love trannies trannies trannies trannies

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I agree with Spike Spiegel the reddit invasion killed this website

Alluka is cute.

Maybe they all bought Nissans with CVTs? That'd make anyone hate trannies.

He needs to get a piece of paper onto Hisoka first.

Kalluto has an ability that enables him to detect a person with a certain nen ability. It's what he used to find the nen exorcist in Greed island.

This meme needs to stop.
The Zoldyckl treat Alluka as an "it", not a he. The idea is that Killua is the only one that sees her as a person and as part of the family, that's why he insists that she's his little sister. The rest only see Nanika, a wish granting monster from the dark continent.
TN: Nanika means "something", as in, not someone.

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okay but
>five brothers

Show me the page in Japanese where it, in unambiguous terms, says that Killua has "five brothers".

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Is that you real face dude?

[Part 2]
Not him by the way


Keiko (male)

To be fair, at least half of the post-April 16 redditors are also fapping to trannies.

>he doesn't recognize that face

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I'm tired and just came back from work. I watching some good anime in my apartment while half asleep.

Give me a break dammit

servants called Alluka "bocchama" so get fucked.

Or just bocchan actually, but same idea.