How flat is too flat?

How flat is too flat?

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Certainly flatter than this cow.

Breasts are like report cards, I only want A's!

Anything less then this

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Flat like boy snd more insecure than an user. I love if indulging myself on a flat anvil, like loki, and seeing the girl happy about her "negative" poibt being appreciated

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Based monk. Post OP transwoman are real woman.

What the fuck did I just read

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flat is fucking garbage

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No such thing.

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that's too flat, but i would still rape her

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There is no such thing.

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Based Bob, I gotta re-read Binbogami again

user was too busy thinking of flat tits to write coherently. I, for one, applaud his dedication.

No such thing

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When there's no curtain

is she the queen of the flats?

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Breast reduction is a surprisingly untapped fetish.

I don't think there's a single moment in anime with a higher amount of based than this

how can a man be so based

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concave or gtfo


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Did her tits get smaller?

Perfect breast size

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Anything above this is okay.

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I'm an A-C guy, I can accept D's but they aren't my preference but for some reason I like F's. I mean if you're gonna be huge might as well be stupidly huge.

How do you find a girl that does this? A girl who's body naturally goes towards perfection as she ages?

Her chest didn't change. The blue ribbon made them look bigger bcause it went over them.

Become a necrophile.

A hole in the chest is going too far.

A girl without boobs is like a night without stars; it can still be nice, but you're missing out on all that heavenly glory.

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Depends on clothing.


This. I believe Misaki's breasts are about this size too, perfection.

Do asians grow like this? Most of the girls I grew up with had breasts by the 6th grade, in the 90's.

Free her


If flat isn't justice how come the world is round and so unjust?

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Because suffering is our lot in life.

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We all discussed flatness to oblivion, but what about pectus excavatum? Is it too flat? Beyond flat? Corrupted justice?

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I want to lick this bote.

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When the crotch is a bigger bulge.

Tallflats are the kind of girls who can crush you with their track team tomboy thighs, and that is hot.

What about a fatty flatty?

Small is acceptable, but washboard is shit.

>boy hair
>too fucking flat

Washboard with perky/puffy nipples > small breasts

a waste of quints

Only little girls should be flat. Tallflats should reincarnate as trees if they wanna be planks so badly.

Flatter than this.

Words to live by.

>too flat

Why are her tits on her back?
I didn't know that's how it works.

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So it DOES work like that?

The only thing flat in this thread is the image count.

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Concave I guess. I don't really have a realistic limit. I love all sizes but have a special place in my heart for the small.

I don't remember them filming this footage of me