We all agree that Akebi-chan is the prettiest anime girl in at least the last 20 years

We all agree that Akebi-chan is the prettiest anime girl in at least the last 20 years.

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Not even the prettiest girl in her own anime

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She is definitely made for salary men.

cute kirby

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She looks like a cross between a gray alien and a pug.

My waifu is from 2006 and i have never seen a girl more beautiful than her

And the sales numbers are surprisingly good. S2 very likely now.
Hopefully they will redo Ep 24 in its proper place and time.

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bot post

I don't know about that, but she does have a fat ass

And we can get to see Komachi and Kao strip for their Dad.

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And Yuwa in a bikini.

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i know akebi is friends with everyone but who is the fourth in their group? obviously there's akebi, kizaki, and usagihara but the fourth could be either kojou or tatsumari.ai

kojou was sitting with the group originally, had the mall/bookmark episode, and is writing the play involving akebi and kizaki but tatsumari ai was with them during the tokyo trip which got pretty deep

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I'm liking her manga a lot so far

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Can they finally keep the artbook in stock?

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How old is she? Haven't watched this show.


She is prime. 13, her birthday is a couple weeks after school starts in April.
Erika though is only just old enough to be in their class, she only turned 12 8 days before start of school.
Manga is kind of strange in that it does not celebrate birthdays in the story, ever.

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clearly not an intelligent bot

>3800 copies first week
It's over akebibros. At least we still have the manga/

Thought it was 14? Not gonna complain though, the younger the better.

Spilling her heart out at the sleepover>Just happens to sit close to her during lunch
Didn't really like the anime original episode.

She's like 12

No, that is a very good number.

It's okay, it's anime years, so it's kind of like dogs. At 12 she's like 36. She's gonna hit menopause soon

>marin show sold over 10k
itsover, akebiflop is finished

Kirino Kousaka has yet to be surpassed, so no.

i'm thinking that too but i watched the anime first so i imprinted on kojou the first time around

It's not like I don't understand where the cope is coming from but still lol. It's a solid number but lets not pretend it's by any means massive.

I can make it 3801

How can you not fall for her?

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I would agree if not for those ugly twintails

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Ugly alien bitch.

The twin tails exist to curb her power level.

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Will Cloverworks ever reflect on the amount of sales they could have had if they had not censored so much. I think the censoring cost them 2k sales. Although it may have encouraged more people to buy the manga and artbook to get the uncensored scenes.

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They at least get droopier later

Riri's body is even more fantastic than Komichi's

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Don't mind me, just taking my ball and my loli and leaving.

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Front view 10
Side view -20

This day was pivotal in Kao's life. After this she would grow up to never consider dating someone who was not taller than her, ever.

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Side view?

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They took this away from us.

Not true

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Running on empty FOOOOD REVIEW

Goddn fatty

Watching Akebi-chan was my most virile period of the year.

Feels like I'm watching a gravure with this bitch.

Don't call a 13 years old girl a bitch.

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the question is when...not enough material at the moment

try asking aniplex for that
they're the ones deciding everything
pretty sure it wouldn't be able to air in mainland china if the fanservice wasn't toned down (kisekoi still can't air even now)

>i thought 14 was prime
american education

not prime number lol

Who the fuck is Pawoo?

Sorry I had the wrong thread, I meant to post that in


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I am an old salary man and I've fallen for her.

Was she already gay before meeting Akebi-chan?