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Principe Azzurro

Chapter 66

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I'm sorry for the late thread, I'm out here at a party with the Yugami-kun OP and our wives
He says hi

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Or I was out getting food, you can believe whatever makes you feel better

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Incredibly cute little Enrica

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There are only two careers, soldiers and lawyers.

For him, yes

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cute military dork

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And that's it for today
We finish off our crazy action packed volume with some calmer backstory

Tell me about your grandfather user, did he have a profound influence on you as well?
One of my grandads died in the war long before I was born. The other died somewhat recently. We had a good relationship but were never really very close. He was an army officer too, in the JNA

Thank you for reading
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Sophia is so cute, I'm glad she's not a cyborg so I don't need to worry about anything bad happening to her.

I never really spoke too much to my grandpa who popped his clogs as it was when I was still quite young, but I remember he had a nice collection of guns and shooting club medals. He also made a great tuna butty and always had a stash of Taxi bars.
My other one is still alive and well and we usually end up visiting whenever I go to my dad's - we've spent a lot more time together on family holidays and whatnot.

I wouldn't say they've had a massive influence on me but I'll certainly be sad when the time does arrive

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ahh, this chapter

Thanks, OP.
My mum's dad died early in my life, a generational farmer. My dad's dad died quite later, a WWII vet who never talked about the war. We liked more his model train layout. I inherited most of his tools and some of his war souveniers including two beautiful german dress sabres that I use to kill cockroaches.

for me as well...


Why does it feel like Sophia is gonna die resulting in Jean regressing further to what he is like in the present day
Thanks for the dump again op
>Tell me about your grandfather user, did he have a profound influence on you as well?
One of them got me into coin collecting. They was born during WWII. I can't remember the name but they was in some form of British army and went to a couple of different countries like Africa.
The other did construction blueprint planning stuff. I don't think they was ever in the army

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gun wiz list
Carcano M91/24

BM 59

thanks OP. would Yugami make a good handler?
>Tell me about your grandfather user, did he have a profound influence on you as well?
they died before i was born. one of them was a US Navy aviator during WW2. i don't know any details.
did your JNA grandpa share any military stories? when it comes to military stories, guys either share everything or share nothing.

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damn, she cute

I like her already.
Somehow I don't think this will end well for her.
Unfortunately I never met my grandfathers.
Thanks OP.

Cute gift, and damn Jean is really cool

>Sir! I want sum fuck, Sir!

kek, she's dangerously based
>how did you two meet?
>oh, I threw an orange in her face
>after she told me she loved me at first sight

>I'm out here at a party with the Yugami-kun OP and our wives
I at least hope it's a swinging party

oh no, he's in love...

Thanks again OP
My paternal grandfather was the only one I knew. My maternal grandfather was a military reservist and died from his alcoholism at a young age. He was incredibly mentally ill, had severed connections to his parents and brothers, and hoarded garbage in his house after his real business failed. I'm not sure I can really pick out what about him influenced me, but I still loved him and held him in high regard as my grandfather, despite all his problems. Sometimes I will do something in a certain way, and my father or grandmother will say that I am very much like my grandfather, but its a bit of a mixed compliment knowing how he turned out later in life

might have something to do with the fact that we know this is a flashback

Hope he has a nice long life
Thanks for reading

Oh I love swords, that's so cool. Lucky

We'll see user we'll see
Nice cute hobby, cool that you continued his legacy
I appreciate you reading

Oh a myriad. He was born in 1933 so he had a bunch of stories of Partisans and UstaĊĦas burning villages and massacring people and him running with his family as he was Serbian.
During the war in the 90s he switched sides from the communists to the Croatians but was captured by the Chetniks and was interred in a concentration camps and was later forced to work for them and repair their artillery as he was a master gunsmith, but then escaped. He was then imprisoned because the Croatians thought he was a spy and just a lot of wacky shit went down. He almost got executed multiple times. He had an incredibly rough life and I hope he's resting now
Thanks as always Gun Wizard

Nothing ever ends well in this manga
That's a shame
Thank you for reading

Never, I'm fully loyal

Rough life,
Thanks for reading

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I was under the impression it was already confirmed? There's a chapter of Jean visiting her grave and meeting Sophia's brother. I just spoilered this because I'm not sure if it actually happened or if I'm under some psychosis.

I'm not letting anyone lay a hand on her.

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Where's that hand touching?

So relatable, lawyers SUCK

Go FUCK yourself

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I hope you guys at least have 2D wives, this isn't doing good for your normalfag score.

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Is it bad that I'm more of a Jean than a Jose?

I never met either of my grandfathers. My parents have a moment of silence on the anniversary of their deaths, but that's it really.

It might be, if you're also into beating children.

yeah, it was mentioned in a TV documentary that Jose was watching a few chapters ago
but some people might have forgotten, so its not a bad idea to spoiler some stuff so the shock can hit them hard again when it happens

>I hope you guys at least have 2D wives
Of course. What else would we mean? My lovely wife is Arashiyama Hotori, the most beautiful maid detective around. OP's is the wonderful Kisaragi Yamaguchi.

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No, you'll live

t. Padanigger

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Of course, two of the greatest around

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One time I hit my sister in the face and split her lip, but I wasn't into it. Does that count?

Yes. I bet Jean beats children too as purely disciplinary measure, and takes no pleasure in it.