Tell me, Yea Forums, did you enjoy this?

Tell me, Yea Forums, did you enjoy this?

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Yeah but its worse now that their are multiple books out showing she just gets worse and cannot solve her problems nor does she have anyone who can help her solve them.
As a standalone book its fine but its painful watching this woman sell herself by the slice to survive.

its very sad and i still think about it from time to time

Nagata kabi isn't good but she scratches a certain itch for me
I find her hopeless autism kinda refreshing

i think a lot of people are leading lives like this now

>my fathers an alcoholic
>I'm an alcoholic
>I don't want to die alone

Yeah, though it feels a bit awkward to me because I have a friend who is exactly the same as her.

Really wish someone to would pay her to like do a food manga or something. She is a good essayist but I didn't need 4 books of how her problems are temperament and unsolvable.

>/u/ shit
>Le i'm so depressed and antisocial
No, it's literally everything i hate in rolled into one package.

That fiction one shot she did actually showed some promise and I think she could've had a fiction serial by now if she hadn't typecast herself so hard
Now publishers will refuse to accept anything of hers that isn't misery exhibitionism

I liked it, but it was very sad when I look back on it.
It actually made me feel pity towards the gays

Don't forget
>bad father
>muh 20 mental illnesses

A description of irl sex with a prostitute isn't yuri, retard

Yeah it’s weird cause I wanna purchase her stuff to support her but I hope she doesn’t like make her life bad subconsciously so she has more stuff to write about, does that sound schizo to theorize as a possibility?

She has no friends, so no you don't.

I don't read yuri shit.

I hate reading autobiographical stuff like this, it leaves me full of anxiety wondering if this random person I'll never meet is going to be ok.

>has sex

No, she mentions several times across the books that she does and sometimes hangs out with them.

They hired an escort


Like most dykes, she just need a good dicking


Nagata kabi is a woman (female)

Rofl, do you actually care about a random nip woman, wtf is wrong with you?

A description of almost anything between two (or more) biological women is yuri.

go back, bunkertranny

Do you just lack the ability to feel empathy for others or connect in anyway with someone telling you about an experience they had, also rofl’ing in 2022 please shut up boomer

I found her descriptions of anxiety and relationship with parents especially relatable. It was comforting at first, but seeing where she is now makes me terrified of having related to her

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She* hired an escort

Are you an ESL or just retarded, there’s nothing grammatically incorrect or political about using They to describe a singular subject

I'm sick of this "use slang wrong" faggot.

If you no like my larping pronouns you must be nazi!

Tatsuhiko Takimoto and now this. They end on a hopeful note yet the authors continue to spiral down.
Is there no hope for the young and mentally ill? Is it just that writing your trauma into a book is a bad therapeutic strategy?

Stop gaslighting this user, it IS weird to use "they" for someone when you know full well she's a woman

Is they just not a word in your limited vocabulary

No, that's not schizo at all. Look at that fat cunt on youtube, the one who eats enough to feed a small town for a month every day. Niko-something.

>Is it just that writing your trauma into a book is a bad therapeutic strategy?
The bit in one of the books that actually killed me is when she's in a rehab clinic for like two weeks and a nurse offhandedly correctly diagnosed her on the spot but the nurse herself is so overworked she can't pay any attention top actually helping her and then disappears again.
Get help, user.

It's legitimately no, it's common in native English speakers to use gender neutral pronouns along with the correct gender-appropriate ones when it's already established what gender the subject matter is.

No. I'm not a woman, don't identify as a woman, can't self insert as a woman, and in fact hate women.
No it's not. Our grammar rules are about as flexible as your single mother and I visit them every night, so I would know.

It reads like a bad essay that a 17 year old would write for college applications about "how he grew as a person". Words everywhere. Mediocre art is minimal and only exists to serve the text. Anti-art by a narcissist, only slightly better than the "draw my life" craze on YouTube ten years ago


user, your mother is/was a woman

Wasn't the author a tr00n? Or am I thinking of another manga for mentally ills?

Nitpicking someone who is being grammatically correct is far weirder and more annoying

cant stand these creature so didnt read it

I am native English speaker and nobody does this

Have you read the manga? Her experience is very relatable to any neurotic person with demanding over-involved parents.

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Why bother lying when the only people you'd fool are ESLs?

I'm not reading you're shitty, self pity autobiography

It's better to use a character so you don't write this popular version of yourself that you have to live up to.

I'm not reading something a lesbian wrote.

Quit lying to yourself

No one speaks my language anymore.

I genuinely don't think she is a lesbian. She's so naive and neurotic that she got too scared of fucking a man and decided it would be easier to fuck a woman instead

Would you refer to your mother as "they"?
Like "hey user, where's your mom?"
"THEY'RE at the grocery store"

Yes. It's not a conscious decision, it's just commonly done because native English speakers already understand she's a SHE. The pronoun can be used interchangeably because it's understood who it's referring to.

she's prison gay
Anyway even though I'm a man I found both the books pretty relatable as I'm also a worthless alcoholic who lost his virginity to a whore

Kek you wrote this as some slam dunk but people use they a lot more than he/she when the person is established. It's just a spoken nuance that doesn't come across in text. Irish English usually have ye as a plural address. (i.e. Have ye all dilated today?) But nobody would write it down in text, or say if formally.

You read lesbian shitposts here on a daily basis.


I fucking hate this and all their followup manga because I just hear "omg literally meeee" from normie friends with a passing intrest in manga and it makes me wanna die.

Haven't read it yet. It's on my backlog. Heard it's good.

Your denial is weird.

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NHK is better.

I only partially agree with those anons, I think its a mixture of prison gay and being terminally online where a large majority of pornographic content is male focused.