What was the moral of this fight?

What was the moral of this fight?

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Don't give up, regardless of talent or inheritance.

look down

Hard work always wins over the end. Genes, destiny, fate, whatever you want to call it, isn't real. Neji had his world turned upside down by Naruto.

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Naruto had no right wining this fight and you know it. What an asspull

because I watched naruto so long ago my memory cant be bad but wasnt it basically just them telling each other who had it harder?

is this the actual page? wtf is this paneling?

Neji was right, and Naruto was spouting bullshit as seen in further chapters

Talent and drive can only take you so far against the chosen one.

You cant escape your talent, your inheritance, your destiny. Atleast thats what actually happened here

Naruto is a lying fucking hypocrite.

Neji was only right retroactively because Kishi is a hack who didn't understand the point of Neji's character

This page aged like milk.

Neji was 100% right.

Watch out for attacks from below.

It was about Naruto not being able to escape his fate as a main character of a shounen manga.
All the unearned power
All the familial nepotism
All the asspull shortcuts
He couldn't escape this fate.

>Neji berates everyone for trying to change their destiny
>Neji himself tries desperately to change his destiny by superseding the head Hyuga family
Neji is cope: the character

neji was proven right as naruto's fate to never lose came true

Neji's own arrogant judgment is why he took the L. He thought Naruto had nothing, then dropped his guard just long enough to get punked by a clone.

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That Neji wasn't trapped by the curse seal or his birth but rather himself. He allowed himself to believe he was screwed by destiny and unfairly took that hatred out on others. Naruto wins their duel of philosophies by embodying what Neji convinced himself couldn't exist: a person who threw off their chains via enough desperate struggle.

It's literally spelled out to the audience, why is this a question?

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That it doesn't matter how skilled your opponent is if you have 8 times their HP and 99999999 MP and the ability to clone yourself

what a wasted character that Neji was, fuck Kishimoto seriously

Success is not predetermined by the conditions of one's birth.

Neji was correct, but he didn't realise he was talking about Naruto rather than himself.

Even if you are right doesn't mean you are correct, so just accept you have to die for the sake of your hot cousin while I will became prove myself as the self made child of propecy/ God's reincarnation /choosen one i was alwais meant to be since birth, since destiny is what only matter and hard work doesn't mean JACKSHIT!
*points at that loser of Rock Lee with a middle finger*

People talk about Naruto being a hypocrite, but both Neji and Hinata point out that Neji was a hypocrite. He kept talking about destiny, but he wanted to defy his own destiny of being a slave and dying for the main branch of the Hyuuga clan. When Hinata points this out to him, he tries to kill her and she gets saved by the Jonin. When Naruto points this out during their fight, Neji tells Genma he's going for the kill.

Cover all blind spots, and don’t beat up Hinata.

>Success is not predetermined by the conditions of one's birth
While making Naruto, the son of the 4th hokage with a giant chakra pool due to his mother lineage and with a giant monster given to him at birth that grants him nearly unlimited chakra (that makes him able to bruteforce even the most difficult techniques in record time, see Shadow Clones or Rasengan) and healing powers, win. Sure.

Unless you have gifts handed to you from childhood then your fate means shit

Violence is always the answer

Random question, why didn't the Akatsuki help Itachi in his fight was Sauske?

>nearly unlimited chakra that makes him able to bruteforce even the most difficult techniques in record time, see Shadow Clones
kek, didn't remember this but it's actually true, ebisu said it out loud
it's even funnier when you realise that it was said just before the fight versus neji

And then hard work incarnate lost to talent. And was never relevant again.

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There wasn't one. It's just ass pull where the hero always wins. The exact moment I knew the series wasn't for me.

Because Obito wanted Itachi dead as soon as posible and making Sasuke kill him instead of making him die due to illness was an easy way to get Sasuke as his personal retarded uchiha puppet

>bruteforce even the most difficult techniques in record time
Then how come he wasn't able to brute force easier techniques like normal clones?

It literally is unless you have crazy luck. Meritocracy is a meme rich people made up to make their kids feel like they earned their sucess and to dupe people like (You) into thinking you'll make it big.

Then 4-5 years later Naruto became Moon Jesus because of his fate as the reincarnation of the previous Moon Jesus, then proceeded to kill the Moon "ayylmao" Goddess and stop the other Moon Jesus

Because not even the most blessed start can completely overcome retardation.

Be open to possibility instead of resigning yourself to fate

Hard work never works and 'destiny' is an omnipresent constant.

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Stop being such a bitch over your circumstances

Because he's lazy and entitled and never trained until he was actually a Genin (and even then he didn't actually train that hard until he met Jiraiya).
Naruto brute forcing shit is canon, Ebisu said it during the Chunin Exams.

The how come he pulled off harder techniques like shadow clones while being retarded?

Originally it was that determination and hard work beat fatalism and inborn "talent".
Now it's that you can't fight fate and genetics>all.

Naruto is a gateway anime of the worst kind. It's a bad series, a clusterfuck of story and characterization that isn't very well done by any aspect, but which attempts to compensate for its weaknesses by adding in excessive shipping faggotry and DARKNESS. The normal user can see this as the shit it is, and may enjoy it, hate it or be indifferent to it, but all the while recognizing that the series itself, regardless of their opinion, is plain bad.

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Hard work means shit in Naruto

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No he literally got stalled to chakra exhaustion from smaking naruto around and holding his rage tailed beast mode for some time, odds were stacked against neji but he atleast did a good try and hot close to beating him in the end

At least Lee is not alone in that cage.

This, and even then everytime we see Naruto train he achieves his goals in record time by using his massive chakra pool as a way to cheat the conventional way to learn it. He "mastered" the Rasengan by using a clone to help him perform it, he mastered the rasenshuriken by exploiting the fact that he could get tons of experience in little to no time spamming clones, he was able to store sage energy by... you guessed it, using the same "more clones = more experience" trick during the actual training and then using those clones as senjutsu gas tanks. He exploited the system by having a unlimited chakra cheat code since birth and kept doubling down until he became the reincarnation of god

Naruto is a hard worker while Nejigger relied on mah genes dattebayo.

why does it need a moral?

>very strong ocular power, can destroy organs without even touching
>doesn't kill Naruto in 2 hits
Neji was a retard

Hard work only matters when you're the main character.

"Hard work always beats talent as long as you have super powerful genes and are also the reincarnation of a super ninja."

But Naruto was the reincarnation of a god. He was basically Jesus.

>implying the fox wouldn't bail him out as always
He survived being impaled in the chest by Sasuke, healed in seconds and then fought like a madmen for hours... while being exhausted after following the Sound 4 nonstop for more than 36 hours without eating or sleeping. But sure, he would've died because of internal damage KEK

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what do you mean? I read all the chapters till the last one when he leaves with Jiraiya and nowhere is that stated

>while being exhausted after following the Sound 4 nonstop for more than 36 hours without eating or sleeping
Don't forget creating like 2000 clones against bone guy. The autistic powerlevel shitters on youtube never consider this when they say sasuke was stronger than naruto at this point. But they all suck uchiha cock, so I guess it's not that susprising

Not as big of an asspull as Gaara beating Rock Lee

I don't think those clones amounted to anything really, Naruto was never running out of chakra or suffered any real damage from kimimaro either.

If anything the whole leg weights and gates are the real asspulls because Lee wasn't even half as competent as he was in the Gaara fight compared to his previous showings.

Naruto was pure chakra spam thanks to the fox, Sasuke was more talented and skilled by far.

Yeah, the entire point was that he was hiding it all for Neji, retard. He had to ask permission to even use the gates

Don't hit your little sister just because you are frustated that you uncle touches you.

>Originally it was that determination and hard work beat fatalism and inborn "talent".
It never was. Lee lost.

>Implying Kishi thought that far ahead
I guess 12 years old Sasuke's chin is the strongest of them all because it can take a 10 tons kick at high speed.

>10 tons kicks
The weights wouldn't make his legs weigh 10 tons, you really are retarded. All they did was slow him down and weaken his kicks

Sealing jutsu bro. More weight on Lee than it is on anyone else.

Maybe he didn't want to kill unnecessarily and was just trying to prove a point, with that said I don't see Neji as unwilling to break Naruto's legs and arms. He should have won.