New short in two hours. Let's see who best girl is this time.

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It's clearly Blue.

the answer is always yellow

Livestream link:

Episode summary:
Episode 4: "Club Activity Oni"
The onikko are living a quiet life, having even grown used to school now. However, they've grown so used to this life they've completely forgotten their mission to improve the image of oni! After they come to their senses and realize things can't continue like this, the trio decide to follow Momo's suggestion of partaking in club activities!
As they check out the rather strange club activities at Oha Suta Middle School, they run into the mech club, which is about to be shut down. The trio decides to join the drone race the club's existence hinges on...!

>Thank you for watching today! We saw lots of unique club activities, like the bat club and the pitfall club! But just what was that MEKABU that appeared at the end all about...?! Even though it's Golden Week, we recommend you watch the show live! Stay tuned for tomorrow!

They've started uploading key scenes from the show to the official tiktok account, including this one:

>All three onikko were so super embarrassed during the first Onipan Change! And Tsuyukusa-chan got yelled at by Kuma! I think this scene is just too cute now that I'm properly listening to what they're saying. I'm wondering if the three of them have got used to the Onipan Change by now? -Cocona

The actual answer is Red

>Even though it's Golden Week, we recommend you watch the show live!
Hell yeah.

Think we'll get onipan in Onipan today?

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>It's another time travel episode
I'm starting to get tired


The triality of user.

>Spammerfag is here already

Yeah, he usually pops up shortly after the thread is made. Just ignore him.

Today's episode is presumably going to introduce the mech club and their problems, with tomorrow's episode starting the drone race.

Love the sunglasses.

15 minutes yo.

fpbp, Blue is best

>counting the variety show crap
Why? it's not anime.

>posting in this thread
Why? You don't watch this show and hate that people do.

I'm here for onipan, not for the off-topic variety show.

Why? People don't believe you.

>i know more about you than you
Whatever you say buddy.

Here we gooo!

Dig the headband.

The O team is my favorite.

>horsehead mask
Fuck yeah

>I'm wondering if the three of them have got used to the Onipan Change by now?
Doesn't look like it.

I like the pink guy.

Not if they're going to keep reusing the same transformation scene.

The black guy totally styled on him.

Sakura is really cute.

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This entire scene was great. Yellow has no sense of humor.

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>onis qre supposed to be improving oni-human relations
>2 of them can't into self presentation
No wonder oni-human relations dropped so low.

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This stupid show is seriously great.

hey give them a break they are clearly in the learning about humans phase of the plan

This episode was amazing

>all the endless harping on the wakame pun
>onikko basically build the entire machine themselves by being much tronger than humans
>purpose of the machine was to put straws in milk cartons
I love this. It was one hilarious moment after another.

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Wife on the left.

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>they see your dick

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What have they been studying for their instinctive reaction to a dick be that?

Today's quiz from the quiz anime. Add one line to each of the three entries of this medical record to complete it and list, from top to bottom, a symptom, a blood type and a country.

This one's kinda sneaky, is your nip good enough to see the trick?

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>onikko basically build the entire machine themselves by being much tronger than humans

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>the quiz anime.
It's not anime stop lying.

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Dumb avatarfag troll.

How is the ED so good?

>Lazy bitch Blue does literally nothing

Worst oni.

The show is largely a marketing vehicle for that song and the newly created idol unit that sings it as their currently one and only song.

Good, likes to help people and tardwrangle the others in public
A little rough around the edges but looks after the others and is generally good, has a natural affinity for getting on well with others. Also functions as the tardwrangler inside the house.
Near total piece of shit, gives no shits about anything that's not sleeping or eating except on extremely rare occasions where her conscience is loud enough to penetrate her lazy exterior. Would be worst oni if not for the one scene of her tucking her dress into her onipan

The two nerds were named Potchari (voiced by Kyosuke Nitta) and Hossori (voiced by Masaki Miyamoto). Not exactly the top ranking VAs out there.

Blue is best oni because she's literally me.

Yellow could take care of the house and would be good with the kids, therefore she is perfect wife material


>Thank you for watching today! What the onikko encountered wasn't a mekabu, it was a mecha-bu, a club for creating mechs! The trio also showed a really oni-like side to them today. 120% being cooler than 100% is a really romantic way of thinking...! Tomorrow a "certain fact" about the mecha club will be revealed! Even though it's Golden Week, we recommend you watch the show live! Stay tuned for tomorrow!

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Thursday tends to be the onipan chahge episode, so I'll be there for that.