Name the anime

name the anime

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specifically anything and everything involving shipping


every multi-route romcom ever


Akuma No Riddle


My waifu's anime

literally every anime i've ever watched



And that is?


My headcanon was a significantly better story than the original ended up being

wdym? there's not much to think about, the only 2 mysteries the series had were no-brainers

Season 2 when?


Evangelion shipfags

Neon Genesis Evangelion, since for most people the actual lore about the Angels is something they never look up enough to find out, so their headcanon about what the hell is going on will outweigh the underexplained canon that actually exists in NGE. A lot of things cna be inferred, but once that is true you introduce the obvious potential for incorrect inferences.

steins gate
hunter x hunter
chainsaw man

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Flip Flappers

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Raildex. The series heavily uses Aleister Crowley and all of the ideas, people, and whatnot surrounding his existence. So it attracts a lot of schizos who start writing walls of text about why their favorite character is a prophet or ancient egyptian deity or whatever the fuck.

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Kimetsu no Yaiba. It's so fucking shallow that anything you fill the holes with have a good chance of sounding plausible.

The actual canon is a little too thick to be Beastars. It would probably be more accurate as a few disparate sheets of loose leaf.


The thing about Eva is that it doesn't matter, "what is really going on" is irrelevant and Anno definitely answers this question in the new films, by throwing a bunch of jargon at people and making the entire thing enter the realm of absurdity.

Boku no Pico

get fucked retard


Beastars. Paru always finds the most retarded way to handle things, it’s actually astounding.


If you think there is a set canon, you're retarded and think you're way smarter than you actually are.

HunterxHunterv :(

Pretty much every non SoL and even then some SoL.

Yotsuba to

Wonder egg


Nah, can't be.
It'd be reversed.

Real reverse is Higurashi

Interpretation =/= Headcannon


any sentimental drama which makes me question my life decisions

>It's so fucking shallow
Did you even read it? is about Family, responsibility and the passage of time

came here to post this


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sora no shit also known as k-on with guns, the speculah bullshit was pretty much that book of headcanon that turned into nothing at the end.

that's not anime


you have to dabble in ancient Chinese martial arts and read treatises on Ki if you REALLY want to understand DBZ. And that's just the surface level.

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How so?

fate stay night

Evangelion and I'm not even talking about the shiping I'm talking about Evangelion as a whole


Unironically Evangelion.


Ah nightmare fuel.

My Hero Academia

Also Black Clover since Tabata said he was gonna write 1000 chapters and then lost steam immediately

Only good answer so far.