What are your favorite crying scenes?


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This is so disgusting holy shit

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Sorry, I know I was supposed to feel sad at that moment, but when I read it I couldn't help but laugh at how goofy Luffy's face was. Same with Ace's death and some other "sad" moments

Is this yet another "let's shit on Wanpiss" thread?

Wan Piss' art is repulsive.

I'll never understand why they didn't translate "nakama" as "crew."

>inb4 snkek
it had a good run in the 1st half & this scene was deeply visceral.

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Togashi is a hack and HxH has ended in the election arc, but this was fucking kino.

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TL notes: "Nakama" means "in-between"

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THIS is manly crying. A dude telling his fellow bro to kick someone else’s ass, all because his pride was hurt because the bad guy didn’t fucking kill him.
No crying scene can top this.

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wan piss is so palpably saccharine and emotionally broken and immature that not a single, solitary microsecond of a moment in it rings as anything but hollow, empty, and desperate to ghoulishly claw at the reader/viewer's heartstrings and all but drag the tears from their eye sockets with a hydraulic excavator. And its visually/aesthetically ugly and gaudy as all hell to boot.

Can あ sound have a diacritic attached to it like in pic related. Read somewhere that vowels don't have diacritics attached to them.

Which ritual posting annoys you the most?

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>I still have MY GOD FRUIT
So brave, so emotional.

don't need to make that when Oda does it for us each chapter

Back when Oda remembered how to draw.

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Sometimes "crew" works better and sometimes "friend" works better

Crying isn't pretty in real life

What was this called again, I remember
>MC is adopted by like 3 demon lords, someone to train him in melee, some old magic wizard dude, and that girl who I assume was healing or alchemy
>omega big bad comes in and fucks them up, old wizard delays him and MC is sent on his way
>everyone sucks MC's dick because he is smart, magic-capable, and good in melee
It was solid trash but still trash just based off memory.

this one is better

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the first post wasn't a pic of deku, I'm impressed
thought you guys couldn't resist the opportunity to easily derail a whole thread

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I still can't fucking believe I'm going to see it all animated this year after all this time

It was more emotional when Luffy beat Lucci and Robin cried because she found some people that genuinely cared for her so she wanted to keep living.

The few times Luffy has cried are Kino, because you can really feel how he feels. Here you can perfectly feel his frustration and despair. Oda does a good job at conveying emotions.

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Then why do crying women turn me on so much?

Fetishes don't need to be pretty

"animated" it's going to be a low quality slideshow

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God Sabaody was so good, my favourite arc by far

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Of course I should've read the entire thread first.

In the very earliest stages of learning Japanese, this is something that is ignored, but through manga and other sources, you pick up on these strange additions to some kana and learn them. Most of the time they are for the "vah" like sound.

This scene utterly killed me inside. It was like this was the final realization that they were going to die very soon. Incredibly sobering scene. Seeing two young girls on the precipice of such despair was heartbreaking.

>Oda does a good job at conveying emotions.

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Guts crying because he got fucked in the ass.

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I wanna read this again, but at the same time I don't wanna read it again.

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Faraway paladin is a masterpiece and your taste is trash

Oda draws the most hideous crying faces of any artist on the planet.

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say what you will about Tokyo Ghoul Re but damn man Tsukiyama was a true bro

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>MC is clearly unable to breathe, with his mouth agape in a catatonic state of shock.
Yeah I can tell you've never lost someone you cared about suddenly before your eyes.

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