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Reminder these TURBOCHADS defeated a Yonkou. Meanwhile Luffy died against Kaido, jobbed multiple times, and STILL hasn't defeated him.

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>Reminder these TURBOCHADS defeated a Yonkou


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What are your thoughts on the Strawhats final member?

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Big Meme was a joke. That’s not much of an accomplishment.

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I love Yamato! And I'm sure Vivi will love her, too.

>zoro gets a lackluster moment, others like "he tanked an attack for 1 second" or "he used oden's haki/sword to leave a scar"
>robbed of his ryuuma dragon slaying moment
>fucking dies to death himself
>now gets his girl cucked by denjiro

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Are they behind the useless crybaby?

Yamato? Love her.

What does your image have to do with your question though?

she got heckin rolled wtf
i'm uninvesting in momcoin immediately

>haha it's another us vs them Yea Forumstard bait thread? isn't this fun?

Fuck off.

zoro and sanji>king and queen>big meme>kid and law

I think she's cute and adds an interesting new dynamic to the straw hats and brings out new personality aspects of the Straw Hats

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The last but not the next Vivi? She's cute. better than Yamato, but that's not a very high bar for any girl.

Reminder that OP is speedreader and a faggot.
Kaidou NUKES 'killed' Big Mom.

I think she'll be a great government reformer, to actually answer your question.

Kinemon's legs will make a fine addition to the crew

I want to eat Tama's Kunnidango

her sister is cute

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There was someone last thread that said she wouldn't join because the strawhats don't have the X paint on their arms anymore

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Good to know Bonney is finally joining she is the cutest

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>zoro and sanji
Hm? Sanji is the one that actually defeated Queen, who defeated Big Mom. King didn't do anything of the sort.

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Quick someone make a real thread so these faggots are contained here

If any of the supernovas are gonna join it’s gonna be Law, he’s basically a straw hat already

Do people unironically like Kid? I thought you guys were just memeing.

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That never works. Just sit there and sob, baby.

I like him a lot more since Roof Piece.

Luffy's mom is so pretty.

Just the princess of the arc. Literally same as Rebecca and Shirahoshi, she started the trope
The Nojiko, Conis, Cindry, Keimi, Hancock, Keimi again, Monet, Viola of the arc
Literally just coombait, nothing more. Forgotten after the arc
She's just the Syrup Village kids/Aisa/Chimney/Mermaid Quintuplets/Mocha of the arc
She's just furry bait

You're free to stay in this shit thread.

It's contrarianism.

Namiface. Why can't Oda be original with eyes, noses and lips?

Luffy's mommy(sexually)

Literally how did Oda do it?

How did he get people to fall in love with a character that'd be normally considered an unfitting OC in a fanfiction story?


>Is drop dead gorgeous
>Has special hair colors
>Is the child of an existing major villain
>Wants to join the main cast/strawhat crew
>Is extremely powerful, powerful enough to fight with her own villain father for some time alone, something that only a few characters can do. Powerful enough to nearly one shot villain father's strong underling.
>On top of being powerful, also has an mythical devil fruit
>even met Ace, another popular character, back in the past

Yet people still love her. The biggest thing Oda did was make her female I guess because simps will simp even for fictional charcters. I can't imagine Yamato going over so well if they were actually truly a guy, not a tranny but a guy guy.

She traveled with the crew for multiple arcs retardo

Chopper will ;_;

younger >>>>> older designs

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I still think Kid has the best design in all of the Supernovas.

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I don't think Luffy would let Imu join, especially after finding out she was the one who sent the tenryuubito to Goa, ordered Kuina pushed down the stairs, put Arlong in East Blue, had Vegapunk give Judge has gene modification tech, poisoned Banchina and Hiriluk, tipped Cipher Pol off about Ohara and Tom, tested a weaponized virus against the Rumbar Pirates, and was Fisher Tiger's owner.

You have to consider One Piece audience.

its mostly just like 2 autist that spam him

Lmao yeah bro, nice OC
hey, rate mine
>Grandson of the Hero of the Navy
>Son of the Revolutionary Army’s founder and most wanted man on earth
>Member of the fated D. clan
>Acquainted with the former apprentice of the Pirate King
>Possession formerly belonging to the Pirate King at the start of his ventures bequeathed to him at the age of seven
>Grew up and eventually became brothers with the son of the Pirate King
>Other brother would later become the second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army
>Often compared with the Pirate King himself
>Unknowingly consumed the devil fruit which once belonged to the most important figure in all of history
>Said devil fruit is seen as highly dangerous by the higher ups of the World Government
>Devil fruit grants the user “ridiculous powers”
>Actually prophesied to be the successor to the most important figure in all of history
>Leading man to his entire generation
>Quickly a massive thorn in the government’s sides over the span of a few months
>Eventually trained under the vice captain and right hand man to the Pirate King
>Born with Conqueror’s Haki
>Born with the ability to hear the voice of all things, much like the late Pirate King
>Defeated two of the Shichibukai as a rookie without any knowledge or mastery of haki, a third one after a two year timeskip
>Defeated the most dreaded and strongest member of CP-0 without knowledge or mastery over haki as a rookie
>Nearly all of his contemporaries either loves him or is drawn to him, even his competitors
>Fate supports him hardbody

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Her only use is as a personal vessel to contain all of Luffy’s sticky smelly mess

I now want a cover image of this

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>she wouldn't join
It's funny how even Vivikeks subconsciously acknowledge she's not a SH
If she was already a SH, she wouldn't NEED to join

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The main villain of One Piece will not have a vagina

>nothing happens chapter
>nakamafags sperging out again

Only thing that could’ve made things worse is another break week.

Quads confirm this as a prophecy.

Is she gonna die?

There's a difference between MC and shoehorned secondary character.

The point is that the characters around Mary Sues act differently than they normally would
>Is drop dead gorgeous
Nobody acknowledges this
>Has special hair colors
Not special in the one piece world
>Wants to join the main cast/strawhat crew
No straw hat cares
>Is extremely powerful, powerful enough to fight with her own villain father for some time alone, something that only a few characters can do. Powerful enough to nearly one shot villain father's strong underling.
She hasn't actually done anything of significance. The Scabbards did more damage
>On top of being powerful, also has an mythical devil fruit
Fair enough
>even met Ace, another popular character, back in the past
Also fair. Any self insert OC would have a connection with Ace for no logical reason


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I think he's a lot better than Law, I like that he's his own man and not really designed to follow Luffy as Law has integrated to being despite the denial on his end. Kid is really shaping to be the Whitebeard to Luffy's Roger and both have CoC to drive that.

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Another user mind broken by Yamato. How sad.

>Yet people still love her.
Eh, she had potential but it all came to nothing. She's irrelevant, Oda could've easily added her to the fight against Kaido together with Law and Kid but instead he's up Luffy's ass just like 99% of the fandom is up his ass. And all of her earlier confrontation with Kaido was abysmal. Absolutely wasted and unnecessary character.

Whitebeard and Roger were equals. Now way in hell will Kid ever reach Luffy’s level now.


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>If I say continue to say she’s irrelevant…then surely that’ll make her irrelevant right?
Lmfao COPE. It’s time for another schooling.

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Don't forget he knocked out a Celestial Dragon

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The fuck is a 'nyo'?

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She's also first One Piece trans character

>fought Luffy for 11 hours without a single scratch
>only lost because Nami literally negated his powers and all homies protected them
>one of the best designs in the series
>one of the best powers in the series

yep, the best commander is back

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speedreader check

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How would the Acefujos react?

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Ace was a retard and deserved to die

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>Now way in hell will Kid ever reach Luffy’s level now.
Sure, just a bit of Shonen progression writing like Law's jump from Dressrosa to now, and he'll be having high-level ambition and fruit to boot.

south americans are the funniest thing on the planet for all the wrong reasons

Kaido is stronger than Big Mom
Cope and seethe

"Hail Hydra" level reveal, too bad Oda is too much of a coward to ever do that.

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