Chi no Wadachi

Chapter 119: Finally

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suffering never ends

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>Can't live
>Can't die
For what purpose?

So when does the main story actually start?

this is it. we're only here to suffer

next chapter


is this manga by the same guy that made freesia and alice in hell?


No, it's Oshimi Shuzo. Aku no Hana, Inside Mary, etc.

This nigga is writing and drawing two masterpieces at the same damn time. He's the greatest


Death is only a respite from the suffering that is life.

Reading this chapter to chapter sucks, manga improves considerably when reading in chunks.


Post 120 as well.

Also when does 121 come out?

>Post 120 as well.
mangadex only had 119. idk where to find raws for 120

I dumped the French scans a while ago someone bought 120 and dumped low quality raws.

Do you have an archive link for the 120 dump?


Ahhh, a pedagogical manga about the dangers of having a literal mommy gf.

So much fucking time and there is barely words on it.

aharen san sniffing

Real nigga hours.

I'm willing to bet a thousand bucks that this page was entirely handled by an assistant, the style doesn't fit at all and the fingers and feet are drawn in a totaly amateurish way.

To live to make others die duh.

not that user, but this seems to be the thread

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Shoulda spoiled this page for max impact

>For what purpose?

Hot damn.

Man, Seiichi literally has two people living rent free in his head. Shit's tough.

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where is 120 raws?

right here


Someone post the raws already


So he will either get revenge or change his life for the good only for the mom to show up and ruin everything again

If my mom lived in my head and had any influence on me, she would make me clean up my fucking apartment.

>user, what exactly do you think you're doing?
Am I going to have to live in fear of random spoiler images now Yea Forums?