Jujutsu Kaisen

Gege truly is the successor of Togashi's Will.

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Leaked panel and pages in the last thread.

Please stop killing Togashi.

I miss Nobara

This nigga think he's Immanuel Kant

a visual medium

Yuta isn't actually a st*aight man right? It just doesn't make any logical sense. How??? Why???


He'll be put down in due notice

He's a lolicon.

Yuta's the straightest man in JJK, user.

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kill yourself

Yuta is the token straight

Love yourself

Yuta is the womanizer

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I'm sick and TIRED of Jujutsu Kaisen. I had fucking enough of these terrible chapters. I'm switching to Chainsaw MAN.


I'll rape you, your mom, your dad and your dog

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sisters...i kneel...

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I guess reading nothing is better than this

>Falseflaging chainsawcuck

Yuta is for Rika and Rika only

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Cute chibi tranny fucker.

assistants do most of the work for no recognition
I remember how herofags always wanked this spread just for one of hori's assistants to post on twitter that he drew most of this page

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Not killing just sending to an early retirement

leave hakari to me

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Todo and Hakari would have been good bros

Todo would kneel to Hakari's answer to his question

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Todo is super straight and hates men. When he finds out the truth about Kirara....

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*Hakari, not todo

>Todo is super straight and hates men
user, he said he didn't care if Megumi liked man, he's fine with it.

I miss Sukuna

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I miss Yuji

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He'll be back soon enough, he can't keep "enchain" in his pocket forever

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Enter, TENTbara.
I forgot to ask this last thread. Have (you) guys ever had a dream about Jujutsu Kaisen? I did last night.

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Kill yourself nobaranigger

Go on Nobarabro, channel in your inner MLK. What was the dream

Exit IdreamedshitbarawastilldeadandIlaughedBARA

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kill yourself getonigger
kill yourself shitbaranigger
kill yourself exitnigger

What's he gonna do with a single minute? He can't hatm anyone so raoe is out of the question violent or otherwise. You think he can convince Megumi of the pleasures of sissyhood and make him cum all in one minute?

Sukuna is a crafty guy, he's got something figured out

I had a dream about MY WIFE

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Miwa the CUTIE

Just watched the movie, it wasn't good. The monkeys aping out in the theater didn't help my enjoyment either.

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It was about both Nobara and Tsumiki. Nobara finally entered a Culling Game barrier after her long absence, ready to get some points. However, she quickly realized that the colony had already almost completely been wiped out by Tsumiki. Nobara sensed that she was someone who needed to be taken out, and they fought for just a little bit—until Nobara realized that she’s Megumi’s sister.
From then on, Nobara was super friendly with her and was trying to get on her good side, while Tsumiki just tried to brush her off. She never attacked Nobara after that though. I.e., it was just like Takaba and Hazenoki during their final chapter. It was cute.

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If you believe hard enough Inumakisis maybe your dreams will come true.

They were like this!

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Perfect Getobro... Where my hug at?

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Probably perform some technique or ritual to revive his original body or completely take over Yuji's.

Or literally eat an already dead Megumi.

Sounds cute. May it come to fruition
In due time user, Geto and Gojo will have their friendly embrace soon enough

Only 1000IQ bigbrain chads who understand Hakari's CT can post in this thread.

seriously how the fuck do you even beat hakari?
>special grade sorcerer with a non-insta kill domain thats a sure hit and tells you all the rules so there is no way your getting out of it or stopping it
>has been a gambling obsessed autist/prodigy since he was like six so there is no way your out skilling him
>literally 2 flow charts of rules so there is no way you will perfectly comprehend the rules the first time you fight him or probably ever since its some autistic obscure romcom manga reference
>does not give half a fucking shit about honor or pride so he will just straight up rig shit
wtf do you even do against this autist? no wonder yuta lost to him his this is maximum bullshit.

What are the chances that Toji was right here?

Even with Gojo being released, if Kenjaku had an immense amount of curses in his arsenal wouldn't that mean he'd basically be a ticking time bomb if killed

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Simple Domain, Domain Amplification, Domain Expansion, Maybe Falling Blossom Emotion, or you can just kill him before he even uses DE.

>how do you even beat him?
Go on estrogen, wear a crop and thigh highs then take him down while he's distracted by bussy.

>no wonder yuta [headcanon]
Nice try.

Hopefully, I didn’t know I needed Nobara and Tsumiki interactions before now. Maybe Tsumiki can tell her embarrassing stories about Megumi and they can make fun of him together.

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They'll tap dance on ants like it's noones business

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this fight has been a slog weekly because the mangaka character just flat out sucks.
same problem as the megumi and reggie fight.
Thank fuck we got some good Yuta chapters in between these two travesties.

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shoot him

Somewhat unrelated to the elephant thing. But have you ever seen black lagoon Nobarabro? In the wait for Nobara's return I feel like you'd enjoy it, certainly has plenty of strong as fuck women

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As much as I hate to admit it, the Reggie fight has really grown on me. I will admit it's a bit annoying watching Megumi pass out after going all out every solo fight.

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>certainly has plenty of strong as fuck women
unlike jjk

>T. Toji

hey, if it bleeds...

It sucks?