Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road

Why is this anime so good? Or is it just a case of everything else is rehashed wish-fulfilment shit so this one feels better in comparison?

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it's cuz your a delusional yurifag

It's because the heroine is a cute titty girl. Nobody can resist her tits.

It is literally rehashed beetrain battle lesbian road trip series with isekai thrown into the mix. And that's a good thing.

>its not wish-fulfilment because they are women
mkay hon


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The guy should be brought back to life. Then enact his revenge by genociding everyone in that world. Then he rapes and kills the girl

I don't care that your waifu whore has killed a random dude. She will still suffer for all eternity in hell.

She's going to hell for killing alright

>another blatant bait thread
>schizo is already spamming
Should I make a normal thread? V4 just came out so there will lots to talk about

We need less yuri threads not more.

I made this thread since I've just watched episode 1-3 today and liked it. How the hell is it a bait?

I like how much incel rage this has caused


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>How the hell is it a bait?
Your post, dumbass. Don't write something like
>Or is it just a case of everything else is rehashed wish-fulfilment shit so this one feels better in comparison?
This is basically flaming. I understand it's hard not to forget that considering Yea Forums is barely moderated nowadays.

If you are genuine, then this isn't how you start a thread for discussion
This is how you invite local schizos and shitposters to seethe in it. You can't say anything is "good" in 4chin, it will automatically triggered all sort of anti fags
Just looks at your thread

Surprised me too. it's better than what I expected.

Yeah, nothing scream "good show" more than "making incels rage".

Why does Yea Forums have so many unmedicated schizos running wild?

Thankfully you can just ignore the seething. Just post snippets from that vol 4 you talked about. How is the relationship of Akari and Menou now? Did anything lewd happen?


it's another time loop fuckery.

>I have wasted my life

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it honestly doesn't matter what kind of thread it is

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Stop talking to yourself, yesterday everyone were calling the show shit, where were you there? It sounds to me you just want your show to be talked about.

I rather start a new thread or wait for new episode thread to discuss

Yeah, the schizos will still find a way into every yuri thread. Just look at the Healer Girl and that other yuri thread.

Not really, there are barely shitposting in normal threads for this
People just ignore schizo posts

It just look to me you are the ones looking for fight.

Menou's chest must be so soft.

I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe.

no it really doesn't matter

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Post proof then, oh right you can't because the two threads for ep 5 only have likes

On the airing day and the one after that, yes. Other than that, they WILL be raiding no matter what kind of threads you make.

momo get to fuck princess she won

You spamming seething threads for nth time doesn't mean anything delusional schizo
It's the most impotent and pathetic seething I have ever seen, congratulation for that at least

This is series is just as bad and obscure as World's End Harem

Whatever, Momo is still ugly.

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We need Akari to pose like this so we can see how fat she actually is.

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The entire existence of this series is bait.
You literally can't have normal threads.

Basically this, the entire series is just a big shitpost, that being good or bad is up to debate but it is what it is.

>oh new thread
>must be for new volume
>it's just the same unironic discord schizos posting the same shitposts again
Meh, I am out

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Yeah this series is made to bait yurihaters like you who can't leave any yuri-related thing alone.

Why is Momo so ugly?

You must be actually mentally ill, like don't on the internet if you're that fragile.

Well, It doesn't seem like anyone want a new thread so I am also out
Have fun with your schizo poking

>still believes in hell
do christcucks really?

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Forget it user, the yurikeks who watch this anime are so delusional that they’ll call anything and everything that upsets them a shchizo because they don’t realize that they are a tiny minority of posters and the overwhelming majority of people here dislike this show.

>overwhelming majority of people here dislike this show.
sup schizo

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Case in point.

>the main plot is church and its lies

so far it's been mediocre honestly I was expecting spec ops asuka fun but the dialog between menou and the jap girl keeps making me cringe I hate her
momo is at least funny because she comments on things

Another bait thread that will hit bump limit because retards take baits and local schizo spreg.
This is so tiresome

Seriously, why do people on Yea Forums feel so threatened by yuri?

misogyny caused by gender dysphoria

speak for yourself ywnbaw-san

don't worry user, you'll be hecking cute and valid someday

Take your uncracked eggs that you'll never produce and make me an omelette while wearing your neko maid unifrom uwu please call me goshujin sama

Ouch, did I hit a nerve?

When will DEUS VULT?

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>not letting shit thread with 90% offtopic shitposting die
Amazing as always idiots

Then make another thread instead of crying like a bitch and people will move there.