Kengan Omega

If you told me a year ago you would rather be rooting for Xia Ji in a rematch between him and Koga, I would have laughed at you.
But now I actually am, fuck.

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Sandro is really good at making you do the opposite of what he wants.
>"hate Yumi"
>"hate Lu"
>"be awed by Lolong"
>"hate Fei"
>"believe that Ohma is the underdog"
>"feel bad for Erioh and his clan of inbred psychos"
And so on.

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You do realize that we love Yumi ironically right?


Is it a break week?

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>that one user that commissioned brap art of Kaede

How old is Gilbert again?
It's the Golden Week

Golden Week

Hassad soon.

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First for my wife(male) Xia Ji

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how could you not unironically love this polite young gorilla

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Aside from Xia, who else is more liked than Koga as a character/protagonist?

Maybe Terashi?

Speak for yourself, he's 100 times more entertaining than Misasa.

Rolón, the strongest


>Eddie huishenging his memories of Xia Ji into Gilbert

Nah, Kengans release hasnt given a shit about golden week the last 2 years either.

Nope. New chapter's coming out tomorrow

best boy

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>And remember, you have a buttslut named Xia you must protect at all costs

Only you faggot

There was a screenshot of that dude predicting the Xia vs Koga fight like a month in advance while saying we'll be rooting for Xia.
We've gotten too proficient at predicting Sandwich's flow.

Yea Forums is always correct

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>Koga wins
Xia cemented as the ultimate jobber
>Koga loses
All the buildup was a waste of time

It's lose-lose no matter what

I think that was at the beginning of Xia's underdog arc, so it was at a moment where Xia was eating shit while Koga was getting his absolute dick sucked

I wonder what Terashi's been up to.

Not a big prediction when people have been doing that since what, Fei's fight? People have been desperately wanting a villain to do shit.

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Punished yumi armed with an online Niko style tutorial + manji clan pamphlet any day now

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Yep. Sandro literally cucked himself. Best case scenario fight gets interrupted

It could've been literally anyone else
Nikaido, Homuro, Inaba, shit even bringing in Hassad or maybe even Cosmo would've worked but it had to be fucking Koga
Xia's arc will end tomorrow because there's NO FUCKING WAY Sandro's gonna make a main character look bad, especially with all the post-TS Koga wank

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>implying the chapter won't start with a timeskip

>>Koga wins
>Xia cemented as the ultimate jobber
Not just Xia, it would make Ryuki and Akoya look like absolute shitters too. Really hoping for an early interruption next chapter.

To be fair, buildups with no payoff because Rian Johnson is ghostwriting have been Omega's MO since chapter 50
So yeah, expect Koga to kiss the mat

>Koga folded Kokuro after almost having his skull cracked open, then being able to train with him prior to 50
>"if he loses against Xia there's no payoff"
Omega is badly written but you people are just plain retarded.

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Oh yeah, we'll have him start over so he can get yet another rematch in chapter 493, that's gonna be great

Also, have this Mo.

I see, thank you for the Mo

Yes? While we speedran through Koga's training, it's clear he's being billed as someone who has marginally become stronger. Having him lose to what is Xia who spent 2 years on the run, eating off dumpsters isn't going to look good, despite how much Sandro tries to convince us that this guy with 2x the normal person's strength is a threat now.

I'm more excited for the next anime season than any of the recent manga chapters desu

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he beat Kokuro who was labeled as a bottom tier shitter, who was beat by Gaoh style "spam the same move over and over again" in chapter 8
even the worst of kengan has razor fingers and kuroki training, stop and think for a second. Or don't because powerlevels have irreparably damaged these threads

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And if he loses, he'd lose to everyone's punching bag. What does that make of him?
Though it's silly to even consider that, Xia won't win.

>cuts to Koga and Xia sitting in rocking chairs side by side, reminiscing about the old times

Mark my words, Xia will be converted into a good guy and offered a chance by Koga, somehow. He's gonna join the Kengan team and there'll be another 3 year time skip where Xia is now fully confident and doesn't run away from fights and essentially becomes Koga 2.0 who is now Ohma 2.0 in the sense that they're the same fucking cookie cutter character who only speaks in one liners.
Mark my fucking words.

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>everyone's punching bag
You mean Raian, Ohma, Eddie, Kureishi and Joji, and now Akoya and Ryuki's punching bag? Most of those characters have been sucked off by Sandro nonstop and in the case of Kureishi, have been stated to clear the KAT regardless of bracket. Akoya and Ryuki are the two outliers who both have decent peaks and huge lapses in ability and constant mental issues. Koga losing to Xia at this point really isn't the major issue here. The major issue is that Koga has no fucking business fighting Xia with zero buildup or explanation, but if you want to believe that Koga will be sent back to the jobber mines if Xia somehow manages to crack plot armor then go ahead.

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doesn't get more reddit than this

>The major issue is that Koga has no fucking business fighting Xia with zero buildup or explanation,
Except you're wrong there. There is an explanation. A bad one, but there is. Koga wants to settle things with Xia properly so he gets to fight him 1v1. The writing is bad but let's not pretend some level of reasoning isn't there.

Is this the new "Hassad soon!"?

>>The major issue is that Koga has no fucking business fighting Xia with zero buildup or explanation.

Oh right, everyone forgot that part or wanted to forget about it.

I wish a brand new character shows up and does cool things and the twist is that he's Terashi with new surgery

Maybe one of the supernovaes

Do you think we’d get an Omega anime after?

>specifically designed to be pretty
They're not going to change him and lose their fujobait unless they're making him prettier
Full cyborg terashi would be fun as hell though

>"We've been through a lot, haven't we?"
>"Heh, we sure have. Not all of it was bad though."
>"Don't you agree? Koga... Jr."
>in steps a man with short white hair tied in a ponytail and a smirk
>Kengan: Cycle of Samsara

Thinking about Wakatsuki vs. Julius.

Did Comikey ever fix that blank page and, if so, does anyone have it?


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Thank you kindly

no problem
does he even count as fujobait? he's just a normal guy

I didn't think there would be another Ashura season to begin with considering how weirdly structured the first season was so who knows, Agito vs Gaolang might be good due to the fight being more realistic

>does he even count as fujobait? he's just a normal guy

It's fujo enough that he can be a male lead in a josei.

>The Connector were the friends we made along the way.

The only way I can see this is the match gets interrupted.

What build-up? Koga's entire development was skipped. I don't give a single shit about this character anymore.

He's 6'0 so women love him