Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda

Last thread died I got some free time so I will finish dumping chapter 17
For those who don't know, the newer chapters are only in spanish and russian. that's why I will TL it in greentext.

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Then why the fuck am I reading it translated from jap to spanish to english here, I should just look it up

calm down Mikhail
Not many anons here are interested on learning spic or slavshit

>"Continuing... once you put on the costume, you will become literally a dog"
>"I will walk you on a leash just like Raimi"
>"After a quick walk in the area, the shoot will end"

>"I suppose that's it"


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>"How is it? the wig..."
>"was it well matched?"

>"I think... it suits you"
>"Really? glad to hear it"

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>"You've put it a new tail"
>"Yes, I bought it in the afternoon"
>"I made a hole in the back of my swimsuit and I am sticking the tail through the hole"


>"So.. where..."

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>"Keep it a se-cret"

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>"Shirawara-kun, what's this?"
>"knee supports"
>"A discreet one because direct contact may cause dame.... what are you doing?"
>"You are so kind"

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She really is into anal, doesn't she?

>"Isn't it a bit tight?"
>"No, it's fine"

>"Now, the moment I put this leash on you, you will become a dog"
>"You can only answer with 'Woof!'."

>"Very well... let's start recording"

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>the newer chapters are only in spanish and russian
I swear every ongoing series has this where the ESL's are always more up do date with the series than the eng fags

this, i've been relying a lot on spanish group to be up-to-date to some of the stuff i'm reading but got left alone by english TL
stuff like shikisaki sisters, kisaragi-san, sawaranaide kotesashi, there's just a lot of stuff


>"A walk of immorality, the recording begins"

And that's it.
Unfortunately I have to go back to work but I will dump chapter 18 later at night (7 hours) or maybe the other user can continue with it.

I know that feel, specially in light novels

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Recent years have turned ENG fags into braindead consumers who unironically adopt paying for licensed stuff as their first, and sometimes only, choice.

In other parts of the world licenses are rarer or still prohibitively expensive to a larger segment of the population so there's just more fan translation going on.

I'd guess English is still the biggest western language in terms of fan translations, perhaps behind French.

I guess its time to learn spic language

Raws here: doki1001.com/manga/noads-恥じらう君が見たいんだ-raw-free/

New chatpers always go to yanmaga: yanmaga.jp/comics/恥じらう君が見たいんだ

You can basically use DeepL to understand those chapters

is that a buttplug?
alright, english version when?

>spics already translated the last chapter
>meanwhile the english TL are locked behind a paywall

>is that a buttplug?
yes, it is

It's in japanese you dumb fuck

I am not talking about the raws, user. I am just saying spics has already translated the current chapter while the eng tl is nowhere to be found or locked behind a paywall

Thanks user for keeping up with it. Hopefully another user can take over.
>You can basically use DeepL to understand those chapters
DeepL can scan for translations as well?


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You can extract the text on page. for example the raw has:


Hit or miss sometimes.

I tried the extension, but it didn't work with the raws site that linked.
However, I do have Acrobat Pro, so I could try using the OCR embedded in that, and then using DeepL to translate the PDF afterwards?

Shame this thread died before user could finish.

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That's Portuguese tho

tried the extension but its not working at all with some raws I have in my pc

welp, since I am already free at my job and I still have an hour before I leave the office, how about I drop chapter 18?

>"Ekoda-sensei is a beauty loved by boys"
>"and the girls envy"

>"But now..."

>"A teacher who becomes a pet? The forbidden shame project starts"

had to delete the post because i forgot to translate the bottom part

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>"my obedient dog"

Chapter 18: Doggy style

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>"Raimi, stay still"

>"You too, Emi. Stay still."


>"So, let me introduce my dog."

>"As an introduction to the shoot, I will first introduce the performer"
>"So Ekoda can remember her role"

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>"Emi, stay still. don't move"

>"This dog is Emi"
>"It's breed is dalmatian"
>"28 years old"
>"It's sex as you can see is a female"
>"It's a adult female dog but her body balance is good"

>"It seems the diet worked"

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>"Emi, you can't say Aahh!"
>"It's Woof!"

>"Let's continue"

>"A fine skin"
>"I am sure she takes care of it very well"
>"It feels good to the touch"
>"An ideal muscle composition"

hoyl shit... the buttplug

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>"Yes, it's as soft as I thought"

>"How will its elasticity be?"

>"Let's find out"


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>" ! "

>"I am sorry, you are right, Raimi"

>"We are here for a walk"
>"We have to move"

>"I think I got carried away too much... thanks Raimi"

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>". . .?"

>"Emi, Raimi wants to run on the grass. Let's all move."

>"Raimi and I will go ahead. We'll wait for you on that bench"

>"You can follow us on your own, right?"
>". . .?"

>"Woof woof!"
>"Let's go, Raimi"

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do Japanese women, really?

>". . . ."

>". . . ."

>"Don't leave me behind"

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>"C'mon, come here... just a little more..."

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Fuck yeah buttplug!

>"You did well"

>". . . ."
>"Woof. . ."

>"Wait... I will now give you your reward"


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>"Hot barley tea... I brought it from home."

>"Do you like it?"
>"I see. Glad to hear it"

>"By the way, I've got a snack for you. Do you want it?"

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I've seen weirder JAV

>"Woof :3"
>"That's how I like it"

>"I give Raimi strips of meat and stuff like that, but..."
>"Emi doesn't have strong teeth. You like sweets, don't you?"

>"Look, condensed milk"
>"I'll put it on my hand"

>"L9ick all you want"

>". . . ."

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Yeah, I watched some weird Genshin Impact JAV last week and all I can say is the nips are total degenerates

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>"I knew it, she..."

>"You cleaned it up"

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>"What's wrong?"

>". . . . ."
>"Oh, there are still some leftovers"

>"You know what do you have to do, right?"

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>"Good doggy"
>"Such a good doggy, Emi"


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>"It's getting cold"
>"Let's go one more time and go home"

>". . . ."

>". . . ."

>"Uhm, what's wrong?"

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>"I have to go..."
>"...to the toilet"

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>"You can't"

>"Emi is a dog, so you have to do it outside"

>The master forbids it. Emi-chan is in a big problem.

And that's chapter 18. Just in fucking time to leave office.
I will dump chapter 19 after I arrive home.

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Thanks user. Good to see the thread still up as well.

there is always a spanish translation for the degenerate shit

It's in our blood, blame Spain.

what the fuck it's this shit

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Sometimes being a spic pays off.

bilingual chads ww@?

Still returning home

I really don't take advantage of all the spanish translations that exist when english ones don't. I don't even know where they upload or if there's some mangaupdates site for spanish groups.

We are quite degenerate, only the Japs beat us.