No servant will ever be as beautiful as pic related

No servant will ever be as beautiful as pic related.

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A girl taller than us can't be beautiful. She's so tall that her average boobs look small in comparison to real women like Sakura.

hank hill ass


Manlets seething

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Rider's smile is everything

reminder that heaven's feel is the worst route
>B-but muh wormpussy...
no, sakura IS what makes heaven's feel the worst one

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Shirou is so lucky

Medusa is in the top 5, but Zenobia is the most attractive servant

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not for long

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Why is she called Rider

not hairy enough

Actually that depiction of Zenobia is post-Aurelian.
The chains and bikini rags are because of what he did to her.
Her NP activation is only possible if she believes she has been redeemed from her disgraceful defeat and treatment, which, narratively anyway, raises her parameters.
It's a bit lazy and fapbait but it makes sense somewhat.

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I love fetichising clothes combinations, but nothing beats the purity of fully nude.

There is so such thing as a attractive hag.

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I'd slap some sense into you if I could be bothered to stoop down that low.
A Hank Hill ass is concave. Her ass is small and tight and that's fine. Besides, her legs make up for it.

seethe harder manlet

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nah. torn holes in clothing imply impending sexual doom. the hottest.

what fgo has done to basically ALL ROMAN servants, with the exception of Nero, is a fucking disgrace, I hope they will redeem themselves with Aurelian atleast

Nero is the biggest disgrace.
Anyway I like
And acknowledge the weaknesses in their writing

Nero is fleshed out and well written outside of Extella and F/GO
Quirinus is very bland. Aurelian has the potential to be interesting depending on the writer

kek, anyway, atleast nero was kinda retarded and flamboyant irl, I can atleast see what were they going with Nero, in extra atleast, but for example, Caesar in fgo is to fucking shed a tear

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Oh dear you're not listening to Voltaire of all people, are you?

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>Her ass
is the exact same as that of every other woman in that game
fuck takeuchi

>He's 5'5

Shirou, you lucky bastard

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>huaaaaaaaaa I'm so tall I'm such a freak
bitch you're like 5'5
>huaaaaaaaaa my body is so toned I'm such a freak
bitch you look like a 10 year old boy
Servants are retarded. That's why they're called servants. Stick to Masters.

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Wow you really proved him wrong by posting fanart

Is it the character that doesn't have an ass or is it just that Takeuchi can't draw asses at all?

I think greek servants are favorite group of servants in Fate. Somehow, they all manage to be at least a bit endearing, though I wish they were better explored.

I want gay gnomes to leave my board.

Very true.

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she's only 3cm taller than shirou according to the wiki. 170cm is not even that tall...

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user is what we call in this business a 'midget'

Aren't they the most common too?

What are you talking about? Look at hoe disgustingly tall and old she looks. She's like a horse.

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lmao my sister is 172 and she's far from being "tall"

she has a mount Pegasus that she rides and likes to ride bikes and dick.

who knows

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Yes she is. That's a man's height.

fate is trash

I'm 176 and anyone more than 5cm shorter than me is short for a man in my eyes. Woman only start appearing tall to me if they're actually my height or significantly above that. The only girl I've ever thought of as being actually tall was over 180 and even then she wasn't "too tall"

Why is rider so perfect. I love her homley and cute personality. She's so mature, cute, warm, and many more things.

"waaah i'm so muscular i'm so ugly"
>is thin as a twig
"waaah i'm so tall i'm so ugly"
>average height for a greek girl
"waaah my tits are huge"
>is flat

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There are 7 main servant classes in Fate
>Saber (first played by King Arthur)
>Archer (first played by EMIYA)
>Lancer (first played by Cuhullin)
>Rider (first played by Medusa)
>Caster (first played by Medea)
>Assassin (first played by Kojiro Sasaki and Hassan-i Sabbah)
>Berserker (first played by Heracles)
so a lot of the time the original servants from FSN are referred that way.
In reality you'll typically see them referred to as
>Rider (but Iskandar actually eclipsed Medusa in popularity at one point so they are both referred to as just "Rider" or by name)

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>Turns your dick to stone

Her sisters are better, rider will always be overrated shit

>you will never have to worry about called limp dick ever again
she did you a solid if you ask me

>she did you a solid

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No that's a DEFECTIVE male's height.

only response necessary. medusa a shit compared to umu

I hate Sakura so much its unreal

But Raikou exists so you're wrong.

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Such a beautiful woman with such an ugly ass...