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Every thread I have to make will be a Hagakure thread going forward.

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Imagine your head squeezed tighly between Deku's thick thighs

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Since the traitor reveal was supposed to happen at the camp, I wonder if she was meant to be it. Aoyama straight up said "Where was I during the USJ? It's a mystery", which would be kind of stupid if he was revealed as the traitor soon.

This but feMineta

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Hagakure looks like THAT!?

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i want to devour bakugo's pussy

yes but the hair is not green... yet

This but with the dekussy

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So chapter this week or not?

Nope, it's Golden Week over there. So Hori is either enjoying his break, or frantically writing while starving himself.


>Last one strawpoll deleted because some user added the N word in the options
kill yourself cock gobbler

Poor Skeptic
The whole lov must stinks

who'd knew that the invisible chick turned out being the prettiest among them

Bros… I will never be able to look at her gloves the same way again.

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strawpoll deleted it not me

Muties stinks!

Endeavor-san... our advertisers...

Mutant lovers are furrys!

Skeptic hasn't taken a shower in weeks

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Stop talking about your family!

For some reason being only able to see her gloves makes the prospect of holding hands with her seem so much more erotic.

It's a cosmic joke.


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Dating scene must be horrible for muties

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>Ojiro was the winner all along
It’s the ones you least expect.

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His bloodline...
His children have a mutie fetish..

It’s not too late for Endeavor to give it one last shot.

You bet you ass they are making back in the porn industry. I mean, literal horse cocks.

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Why hasn't her quirk been named yet?

Either Hori was joking when he said he hadn’t found the right time for it, or it was to bait people into thinking she was the traitor.

Because it's too obvious a monkey with one brain cell can tell what it is.

>it was to bait people into thinking she was the traitor.
Retards thought she was the traitor because that faggot Gayleb made a whole thread about her being the traitor

Caleb being a dumbass doesn’t make any of the evidence he used in that thread not true.

NTA, but it does. it's just like the retards who used the "evidence" to prove that Giga is Kirishima after time travel.

Wasn’t that just that they look the same and have hardening quirks? That’s dumb, yeah, but Hagakure and Aoyama were both absent during the USJ, that’s the main thing.

>Retards thought she was the traitor because
Nope it literally was Hori's fault and he purposefully baited it

>Ojiro was the winner all along
wait until the demon king gets his hands on his quirk

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>Nope it literally was Hori's fault that I'm a retard who wanted someone's else's headcanon to be true
you sound just like the retards who bitch that Hori baited them into believing Dabi was a good brother

>steals his tail
>steals Hagakure’s quirk, so now everyone can see how hot she is
He truly is the greatest demon lord.

Meds NOW

> but Hagakure and Aoyama were both absent during the USJ
she already said where she was, meanwhile, Aoyama refused to say where was he, yet he didn't even make to the top of the list which goes

fucker, I wasn't talking about jobi, I was comparing you to his mentally ill faggots, take your meds, whore

There wasn’t any headcanon though. Caleb just posted manga panels. He’s not the only one who thought Hagakure was the traitor.
None of those characters had any evidence though.

yes, they had, Kaminari with the Redestro's infamous L, Uraraka with the "traitor" semi meaning in her name, Monoma with his copy quirk and origin, Vlad with the incident in the forest, I'm not saying that I believed it, but those had many evidence than Hagakuri

>He’s not the only one who thought Hagakure was the traitor.
I didn't say he was the only one, I just said he was the one behind the theory, he was the one who pushed it and came back to say "I told you so" when the last page of her came out.

Hori did bait them into thinking that. There was a whole chapter of Natsuo jerking off Toya to Deku and the gang. Did you expect people to think “clearly he’s lying about his dead brother”?

Hori is literally the one to blame for people thinking it was Hagakure. Meds now also

Well, when the rest of the family says he died in an accident and one angry retard says otherwise, who should I believe?

Meds, now, Gayleb.

That it was an accident, yes. But introducing him as a normal kid only for him to be a insane fratricidal daddy’s boy is a bit of a swerve. There wasn’t any reason to think Toua wasn’t as normal as Natsuo and Fuyumi were.

No, but Natsu has a biased opinion, he hates his father and literally admits he doesn't no anything about him, so, anything he would say or accuse his father of is a lie till it was proven to be true.

>There wasn’t any reason to think Toua wasn’t as normal as Natsuo and Fuyumi were.
fair point, I'll give you that. but someone who laughs at dying people can never be considered as normal

Did caleb touch you in a bad place user?

>Implying any Todoroki is free of bias

Making the prettiest girl permanently invisible is why this manga is failing. Prove me wrong.

You can't.

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no, but tell me, what does his dick taste like since you can't stop sucking it?

He didn’t come up with the theory and it had more evidence than anyone but Aoyama. Caleb acts like a retard but I’m not sure why you’re having a meltdown over it.

Fuyumi and Rei are.

Empty and flat characters is why the manga is falling

...biased as fuck. Natsuo was the last one trying to hang onto some reality.

I'm not, but the first time I asked where did this theory come from, some user posted Gayleb threat on Twitter. and yes, you are absolutely right, but consider this, 0 x 0 = 0. the evidence against Hagakura was "we couldn't see her" which is retarded since she is invisible

>Natsuo was the last one trying to hang onto some reality.
>muh onni sama told me you are bad so, you are bad
Natsu is a fucking faggot who is clinging to 10 years ago words of a dead brother.

Do you even read the manga bro


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I do, better than you apparently.

It’s really weird he’s doing this, Caleb is so easy to make fun of. The man has a grudge against a fictional character who pays his rent. There’s no need to blame him for everything.

>Natsuo was the last one trying to hang onto some reality.
>Thinks his brother who manipulated him into hating his family and sent someone to kill him is a good brother
Holy kek, do you delude yourself into believing that?

That man is a faggot.