Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi

Just another bunny thread about ninja MSGK's that we want to hold hands with!

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First for marrying Fucki

is benis the strongest?


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I don't think she would appreciate that nickname.

Which is stinkier, men or Housenka?

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Her mouth after cleaning me after fucking her asshole

how can she be so sexy ?

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Housenka doesn't even clean her stinky nasty butthole.

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Well, according to the local brats, men smell bad. Especially our feet.

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I believe she's tied with Tsubaki.

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We'd need to smell their feet first to compare.
Otherwise there's no way to tell if it's true or not.

Also test their crotch. What if it's actually weaker.

Why is ninja Roxy making that face?

True, true.

Are we simply going to let this cheeky female child slander us?

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Boar squad is probably up there as well.

Tsubaki beat Dokudami without much issue.
Granted she was in 'thinken about men' mode which made her stronger than usual.

Would you let your daughter dresses like this?

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Only at home when I'm around.

I want to sniff her fishnet

Why is Yea Forums suddenly full of lolicons?

shit bait

Rate my onahole squad.

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Are they actually twins?

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It's not slander if it's true

I came for the fetish and stayed for the plot.
Are there similar manga that have similar comfi and relaxing stories?

Because hearing spoiled brats mouth off will make her die...

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They're sisters
Or lovers
Or possibly both!

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So will the ending be sung by a different squad every episode? The ED also changes for each squad, plus there are almost 40 characters and they are all voiced by a different VA. That's pretty high effort, I wonder how expensive it is.

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How come Tsubaki doesn't seem to feel bad about pursuing her interest in boys? Sure, she hides it from sensei, but other than that she tries to gather information wherever possible and doesn't have any internal compunctions about it. She seems perfectly ready to at least consider turning her back on the ninja lifestyle and eloping with a boy, even though sensei said that's a bad thing for the clan. You'd think a goody two shoes would be ashamed of those urges and try to avoid them.

imagine the wet futons every morning


very gay

I look forward to the new EDs as much as the episodes
Apparently the lyrics are different too, but I can't find translations

I figure next week will be ox squad ED, then the horse squad will get theirs for that rindou kidnapping episode

Cause Tsubaki is both a big sister character and a flower in bloom. She's strict on others to keep them in line and keep them from getting in trouble, but she herself is passionate about discovering that which sets her heart a twitter. It's what makes her interesting I think

>Gets horny once
>I-it must be love
Is Tsubaki a baka?

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You're thinking like a dirty, smelly m*n. Women know no higher loyalty than to their own feelings.

literally everyone been in her shoes

She'll have to prove that, the most fair way would be for her crotch to fight mine.

no they're clones

that was meant to him, not to OP

>hears the word "men"
>immediately turns into an onahole

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They took her cleavage away

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Why are these little shrimps so smug

The problem is not the clothes, it's the extreme mesugaki face. What are you supposed to do when your daughterwife starts getting like that?

You're supposed to take corrective measures.

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Some of these kunoichis are pretty hot.

Which ones aren't?

Boar squad

Jokes aside, it's a cute show with great character designs. I like the tomboy sensei best of all.

All the boy-looking ones.

They are the most friendly tho

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Can't beat the Benis. Nope, not the Benis. Fuggg. :-DDDDD

Tsugaki is so precious, holy shit.

Where did she learn the sexy jutsu?




Ugliest squad

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Poor Tsubaki :(