This franchise is like a fever dream to me

Every time, every single time I've seen this series mentioned on the internet it's always some animation gif, some meme, some bizarre floating technobabble, some powerfaggotry discussion or some waifuing/simping over the characters. I have never seen anyone debate or make solid theories about this thing's plot, or jackshit about the characters (besides Accel). What do the characters want? What do the villains (besides Accel) want? Where does the plot advance to? Does anyone relevant die midway? Does anything happen in this series at all?

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Styil gets skinned alive and he deserved it.

The franchise is marketed towards incels

So its an anime/manga/light novel then?

Izzard did nothing wrong.

This franchise is just anime version of Harry Potter

Kill yourself, redditor.

It's a harem story with a more convoluted plot and power system than most harem stories
t. waifufag

It's basically a cheap ripoff of the Nasuverse, complete with church magic vs "scientific" magic vs true magic.

Shit bait. Toaru is based on Thelema which is an actual religion created by Edward.

Fukou da

If you had been around say 5-10 years ago there was lots of exciting discussion however the author has since entirely lost the fucking plot. Pic related is the last time anything made sense. All we can do now is fuck around

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>make solid theories about this thing's plot
because the plot is shit, the author just makes shit up as he goes based on whatever interests him at the time

how is it a knockoff when they came out the same year?

That's not very nice, is it?

Thanks to everyone except this nigger

Retard. Kamachi is almost always four novels ahead of us in his outlines

Is js6 still translating the series?
Doesn't he get bored?

It's just a bunch of ghost writers anyways, doesn't matter. You might as well be reading Nancy Drew or the Hardy boys.

The Author takes forever to set up his events and spends half of each volume writing up fan service. Not much to talk about when one of the set up volumes drops, a lot of people still follow because hey the concept of a long running LN series is neat and there is still nothing else like toaru. That and this is probably one of the only relevant LNs that isn't a Isekai.

The main problem is that the status quo hasn't changed much and it can take years for a event set up waaaaay back in the beginning to pay off. There's no excitement or anticipation because unless the previous volume set up the expectation of a big story you're probably in for trash.

The series has its moments but it's overwhelmed by Chuuni trash, tasteless fan service and pandering.

Toaru is fine enough as a binge and something you occasionally check up on, but actively following the series and keeping up is a fucking chore.

he is ok after that

Still hurt like a bitch. I assume

> simping
Go back to twitter

shonen characters dont feel pain

Try not being new and using your eyes

Discussion has unfortunately died down largely due to a couple of shitposters going out of their way to endlessly shit on everything in the threads and then pretending that they aren’t, and our local autists always respond.

There have been some wonky things in the plot, but it’s not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. Something about Raildex just attracts turbo autists. It’s ok though, Raildex threads have died and been reborn like 3 times now. You’ll see us prominently again in a few years, more than likely

as someone that has spent significant amount with both, i can tell you that you could hardly be further from the truth
the magic in the nasuverse is a lot less "realistic" than that of the toaru franchise (one is written/created for its own world while sometimes being inspired by actual things, while the other is mostly taking and trying to make systems work that the author found in real life)
some of the things in the nasuverse are really really cool (meodp, reality marbles, servants/guardians, etc.), but they're mostly only inspired by ideas you could find in most, if not all, systems
in toaru magic is much more "down to earth" (at least it used to) and if you've spent time studying occult literature you can actually see very clearly what he's basing each element on, where he's changing stuff to fit the rules of the world/plot and you can appreciate how far he went in trying to make it work while still seeming interesting (as he's doing with the science side)
sure, it's still inaccurate in a lot of aspects and sometimes i've kind of cringed at how he changed things, but when it works it really serves to elevate the plot for me

>Toaru is fine enough as a binge and something you occasionally check up on, but actively following the series and keeping up is a fucking chore.
this; i always wait until several new volumes have been released before catching up and waiting again as it'd otherwise not be as fun

>Where does the plot advance to? Does anyone relevant die midway? Does anything happen in this series at all?
the author and chief editor wants to reach 100 novels so not really

I bet you write anime reviews on Mal or amino

I watched the first season of index yesterday and they referenced Shana in the beach episode.
This has nothing to do with the question I just find that fact interesting

I mean it’s the same studio and Shana was big back then

Yeah but seeing it now caught me off guard because nobody talks about Shana nowadays

Then check the specials for index because they have the same chibis as Shana and they even made a crossover.

Index is like one enormous edging session but there is no climax or its a ruined orgasm at the end of the chapter.

found the simp

We won, Coltkasachads!


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Accel isn't a villain.

That doesn't contradict his point in the slightest, dumbass.

Don't listen to this guy, since he's a dedicated shitposter himself. He's half right, but the problem is he doesn't identify any of the worst offenders.

You're wrong on both counts, probably due to that fact that you are picking and choosing things to evaluate. The approach taken by both works is different, but they ultimately both rely on taking real world myths to build an "original" system. Original in quotations because neither series is actually as unique as it's fans claim.

This guy gets it.

dead series

Except it isn't. Do your research before claiming random bullshit.

>The only coherent part of the series is Accel.
Even newfags and anons with only passing knowledge of the series get it.


> I have never seen anyone debate or make solid theories about this thing's plot, or jackshit about the characters
Well, I've never seen such things in Yea Forums at all.

>I have never seen anyone debate or make solid theories about this thing's plot,
No point in doing so because the author will often offscreen characters that were previously setup to be big bads or use deus ex because he doesnt know how to deal with them because they are too powerful, case in point: GT6

It’s like a fever dream reading it too

That's the point. It's cool because it's like a fucking fever dream. It's daring as shit and somewhat bullshit, but I love the fuck out of it.

It's not a very good series. It starts off strong then fucking meanders around in a ditch. Magic side has some really cool well inspired magic related stuff that's mostly bogged down under endless girls throwing their butts around and the science side is just MEMBER vs GROUP vs SHADOW vs POOPGROUP vs TERMINAL vs THE ITALIAN MAFIA retardation that goes fucking nowhere. People die sometimes but it never feels like a big deal because they're characters that showed up out of nowhere. No progress is being made, just shadowy organizes smugly grinning and saying "keikaku doori" or "hmmm very interesting".

Another series with wasted potential by an author stretching things out for $$$ as long as possible.

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>all the anons who tried to defend this franchise got btfo
i guess this series is shit then

Its hard to defend at this point because the author himself said that he doesnt really has an intention of changing character dynamics
>Kamachi says he's only let around half a year pass in Index because he doesn't want the change in school year to alter the character dynamics or even force some characters to go to a different school altogether. He also says he has no intention of changing that slow pace.

>Another series with wasted potential by an author stretching things out for $$$ as long as possible.
Kind of crazy, I can think of at least three or four points in this series where Kamachi could have entered the endgame and wrapped everything up but it just keeps going. Instead he insists on introducing more and more plot threads that will never be resolved. I don't know how people keep reading it

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No, that is not the point. The author says the point is just the opposite. Unless your idea of a fever dream is monotony, which is weird dude.

Touma is so based though

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I don't care user, Kakine soon

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>shitposter wants the series to get even worse


A zygote does not have a soul, shilltard. But thanks for reminding me there are "people" with empathy so undeveloped that they don't believe in a right to euthanasia for the elderly and severely infirm.

>he's already adopted the lingo of the solo raid faggot who shits on the LNs/Touma every day
Pretty sad desu

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>he believes that one can murder cells
As expected from Muttland's failed education system. At least you don't claim to be a Christian, because honestly believing fetuses and/or miscarriages held souls who never experienced life is an insult towards the idea of God's providence.

Sure, Kamachi wasn't the architect of this perfection, but at least he provided a couple of blocks. Gotta give credit where credit is due!

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