Rengoku no Ashe

Dumping this for anons who haven't read Endo's edgy gothic witch story. Also, potential plot elements have been incorporated into SxF, not just Ashe's design, but we'll see in a few years.

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Didn't know this is what they meant by expulsion. Kinda extreme, but not surprising for a militarised nation.

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She turned me into a newt!

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so this is where all of those teenage "anya" pictures get that expression
very un-anyalike

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>ashe became ashes

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Ashe™ became ashes

>mindbroken MC
an axeman classic

user did you die? Where's the rest?

23 pages just for the pun!

I will finish the dump, if OP doesn't show up

Apologies, I feel asleep mid dump. Continuing now...

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A library has... BOOKS?!?!

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Cute ashe

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>tfw the pain real
>tfw just lived hell and came back

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This is like suddenly getting the good ending after being mindbroken after the bad one.

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I like this kind of twist, where it seems you've fucked up but it all ends well somehow. I'd like if something like this happened with SxF.

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>smelly bum MC gets the girl
I love this trope

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That's what Bond is for

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Thanks for dumping

Thanks user.
So basically all the teenaged fanart is using Ashe cosplaying as Anya, and the MC as Damien. Completely OOC for Anya, but can't hold it against the one-shot.