ITT: Favorite anime/manga character

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Naruto Uzumaki

hank hill

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Reminder that Griffith did nothing wrong

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He did though.
He raped the princess instead of Guts, whom he had a crush on.

He is Yukihira Soma.

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Asuka, would post inflation porn of her but don't want to get banned

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these two are my favorite in all of fiction.
what kind of person do you imagine?

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I love this retard in denial

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Interesting pick, I remember watching that a long time ago

You listen to slipknot

glad to see it only took still too long minutes for taiga to be posted

Recently I've been following SD storytime and I remembered how I used to like Ryota as a kid. Just look at the sauce on this little nigga

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You should be banned for mentioning and even liking inflation porn. Disgusting pig.

I love this retard.

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Mein Kaiser
This is mine

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Jack Hanma

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He was my favorite Straw Hat for a long time.

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Corcodile is def the best villain for me

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I'm patiently waiting for him to finally finish his crossword and come back into the story.

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and he never will...

Based Ken Ken is an Yea Forums bro

Same here. I really wonder how he will look and what he's been up to.

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Chiyo a cute!

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LMAO why he look so funny

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Where are my Holo bros?

one piece is so fucking ugly

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Ur so fucking ugly

Whats with you midwits that can't handle anything that isn't steriotypical generic trash?

holy shit I forgot that this happened

What did he mean by this?

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Guts is better

Gajeel Redfox

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I love pic related
Wholesome loli-witch
In the anime I thought she was annoying but I liked her by the end of the manga. She's a good girl

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Homer Simpson


Elon Musk

Adolf Hitler

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