Tomboy Tuesday

Post toms, cause it only comes once a week.

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Threadly reminder that if you like tomboys you are, for all intents and purposes, a homosexual.

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That's right user I'm a lesbian.

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Now I'm sitting alone in my room, thinking of the relationships and opportunities I've never had, listening to Tommy Snyder's version of Leave You from Lupin III.
I just want to go out and live a life of action and adventure, with a tomboy gf to accompany me, but I don't see any opportunity.

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I understand, user. We're all trying to work to our goals. I hope you find your tomboy of fortune some day.

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Should tomboys have hair down there?

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For me it’s tomboy tummy

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I think it depends on the girl. Though nothing is nicer then a girl who grooms for you.

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You mean "down there"? Definitely yes, but she should take care of it.

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Who will finish translating her manga?

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Hitomi is rapidly approaching your location.

What's with this 1000 yard stare

Oh nooooo... what will I do?

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They're all slightly voyeuristic I guess.

now if only her manga wasn't bland as shit...

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i just think her manga's boring. she's cute though.

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>mahou shoujo
she is perfect

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the chapter title totally makes it sound like they're having an affair

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Do this serie just have a fucked up schedule or did the TL just dropped it?
Haven't seen an update since forever

What's that series's premise?

It's just a romcom about a "losing heroine", the tomboy is kinda in-between major and secondary character.

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Does Rally count?

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>Ichiro... why are we still here? Just to be eliminated in the semifinals? Every night I can feel the yips, and my injury, even my calluses.
>The title we lost. The games we lost - won't stop hurting. It's like last year all over again. You feel it too, don't you?
>I'm gonna make us come back to our prime.

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No faggotry allowed.

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why post this absolute abomination of fan "art"

Welp, shit got dark pretty quick.

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I only saw the thumbnail for Abby

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don't (you) me faggots

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