Yuusha, Yamemasu

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Hod did this become one of the most popular currently airing show in nipland when only 2 people in Yea Forums cares about it?

This episode was kind of boring compared to the previous few. Bring back the succubus and dfc queen.

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Why did they give him a female voice

>furry feet

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>waifu of the day anime

Because Yea Forums's opinion doesn't matter at all.

Cute doggo.

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The last one was coma inducing too.

That's a man.

Most Yea Forumsnons were too traumatized by being called out by their animu.
Please understand.

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I know, there is still retards that want to smack his ass, therefore premise is still solid.

These subs are terrible.

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Yeah, half the episode was just Leo and Mernes sitting on a log. I get that it was to show Mernes poor communication skills but it makes for really boring screen time.

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hypnosissy spell or he's just a faggot actually enjoying it?

Just Leo trying to help his communication skills and getting a laugh out of it.

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It is a trap.
Yea Forums can't appreciate post apocalypse settings and ayyylmaos.

forced crossdressing

I just marathoned episode 1. Is this Maoyuu 2.0?

I don't mind slow pacing if there's interesting dialog or comfy feels or something. But the show hasn't given me a reason to give a single shit about Mernes, and Leo's communication advice is just shallow.

No. Maoyuu is focused on the main couple, this one not so much.

>there is still retards that want to smack his ass
I'm one of them.

There is no romance. The hero isn't trying to get to irl with his waifu and it isn't actually fantasy.

Leo fucks THIS ??!!

>I just marathoned episode 1
No you watched episode 1, unless you watched it at 2X speed.

>Yea Forums can't appreciate post apocalypse settings and ayyylmaos.
neither can the rest of the audience because the only hint of that is the overgrown apartment buildings

this fucking anime is about workplace skills
i was tricked

Fine! I'll keep watching

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jesus CHRIST

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Better get job hunting, hikkiNEET.

who cares what's popular in nipland?

No he did, I had to take 4 breaks on episode 1 myself, thus 1 sitting is a marathon.

>furry gangrape doujin bait
Another day, another shitty fetish inserted in mainstream.

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Nice female nails.

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It's either them or the Chinks who hold your favorite anime hostage.

>it wasn't a reverse trap after all
What a disappointment. Why the female VA and trap looks then, who does this shit even appeal to?

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>virgin Yea Forumsutist letting numbers live rent free in his head for shows that are forgettable either way
>chad tiktoker "great anime from this season you need to watch, part 3"

I just watch whats available, I dont care about a show I like getting a season 2 or not

Rude but funny

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i don't get it

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>if it's not Abe, it's Hello Work propaganda
Get out of my escapist medium, AAAAAH

Aww, he doesn't get it

It's boring af, wake me up when the dungeon/stalker girl shows up.

This is the worst isekai I have seen since Shinka no Mi, why is it popular is beyond me.

Is this a guy or girl?

Fucking cliffhanger

Maoyuu for dummies

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There's nothing worse than an utterly passive shiteater.


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But Maoyuu was for dummies

>Shinka no Mi
I was disappointed when MC didn't turn into Shinka

I'm gonna watch this tomorrow