This is Tachibana Arisu. Heroine of the upcoming IM@s U149 anime...

This is Tachibana Arisu. Heroine of the upcoming IM@s U149 anime. She is a very serious little girl who never let autism get in the way of her dream. Please say something nice about her.

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She has nice legs

Thanks for bringing this news to my attention, dear OP. I will look forward to masturbating every week.

She's probably the least autistic of all the U149s.


She's 12

She's very mature for her age

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out of ten

cute and funny

She has a nice ass.

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Built for marriage (with me)

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>who never let autism get in the way of her dream
I can't relate to this person.

She is cute but I would pick this one.

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She looks like she loves being mating pressed.

She likes to be cuddled afterwards.

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Mating press, interlocked fingers, kissing, at midnight

Is it true that she loves old men?


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How come idols always fall in love with their producer?

She looks like she's 8, not 12.

Most little girls love throbbing purple pedo penis.

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I hate Idolmaster shit, this bullshit should have been forgotten when isekai became a thing. But No! It's here to fucking stay.

Fuck imashitters Fuck all of you!

Would you a JK Arisu?

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Well now I'm horny. Someone link a good Arisu doujin

Her breasts should be flat!

Waruiko Arisu 1-4

Anything by PettanP.

The amount of porn these girls have is astonishing. Its perfect.

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That's indeed a mommy body. I wonder how many times she gave birth by that point?

How popular are these girls compared to the older idols?

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The upcoming anime should respond that question.

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Her nipples are nice and pink.

Silly brat. That won't be needed.

Not a lolicon but I want to burry my face in a little girl’s crotch and inhale deeply

I want to fuck her so bad you have no idea

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You are the silly one user. What makes you think this sex fiend will let you do as you please?

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user... I think that would make you a lolicon. There's no shame in being a lolicon though. I love lolis so much that I can't even hide my love for them!

It would sad if she receives the Chihaya treatment.

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Day after what?

By me.

I'll withhold her allowance.

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I always feel compelled to post this image in these threads. I find it so... stimulating...

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I'm not a lolicon but I would instantly make Arisu my wife

I'm not a lolicon but I would fuck all these children

Fellow non-lolicon here, I'd slap my cock on a little girls clit.

I bet even if she didn't have school the day after her parents scolded her so much she won't do it 'till she's 17 at least

My wife Tachibana Arisu is not autistic, she is a mature hardworker. Being conscientious does not mean autism.

There's nothing wrong with autism user. I would gladly have a trillion babies with my autistic wife Arisu!

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Its time to roll

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What does Arisu have against boys her own age?

give me my Momoka wife


This is how a proper 12 years old girl of good family who loves her daddy very much should dress

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let's see

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Please give me Haru.

Little unipressive pale shota dicks