What do you think about isekai kings who spread their bastards around uncaringly...

What do you think about isekai kings who spread their bastards around uncaringly? Shouldn't they be more careful since royal magic is hereditary?

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>when you get out skilled by other isekai'ers

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demonic path is.. strong

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This is sad, bunch of people got isekai'd and they then get wiped out by natives or someone because they are weak.

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Lies are so sweet or maybe he is correct.
Sending the isekai demons into earth?

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Kek that’s not how a human skull works

>it's it's better going than what we according could have to plan hoped for

Can you diagnose beriberi if you get isekaid?

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I can't diagnose a fucking cold, much less beriberi.

Why doesn't he just kill the other faggot already?

They should loose the mandate of heaven and be swiftly punished for their transgressions.
A king's seed belongs to their imoutos, not between some filthy peasant's legs.

What if the king passes a law that whosoever receives the king's seed shall be the king's imouto?

Thats how you get famines and riots.

Tell the fucker who objects that to get good

Surprise sex

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Did he see her m*nko

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Wait did I enter the baki general by accident?

Don't pretend like you know what concentrated magic power would do to a human skull

If you've played Crusader Kings, you know it isn’t that easy

Yes, at some point. It's unstated when exactly though.

Didn't the mc by the end pretty much completely cucked his father, alongside half the Kingdom?

Get with the time gramps
Brother-sister incest was abolished in the Asuka period

Because he is a serial kiler otaku omega chad.
Can't wait for mc to realize he murdered his sister.

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Luckily for me, when I have bastards, the character tends to die before they are born, sparing my new active from the penalties.

Cringe and gay

Shame that the dungeon thread died


isekai bros..
post kats or something

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It's so obvious.

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Isekai gods should be portrait more Eldritch like

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He should have been flatter.

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>reincarnated as a demon lord
>but demons are the good guys

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>CF betrays
>Becomes a Demon Lord to punish CF's betrayal

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riding flying swords like a hoverboard as a means of travel is cool
the chinese know what's up

I Was Reincarnated As The Demon Lord, But The Demons Disgusted Me With Their Ethics And Love For Justice, And So I Quit and Became A Murderhobo, But Then I Ran Into A Bunch of Cute Girls, And They Were So Impressed With My Moral Superiority That They Immediately Became My Slaves, And Now I Have to Work As A Judge In An All-Female Slave Village Where Everybody Is Nice And There Is Literally 0 Crime, But They Refuse To Let Me Go, And Having To Wear This Robe Is Pissing Me off

Why are his tits bigger than her's?

lost me at the slaves

>wants to be evil
>won't accept slaves
Liam? Is that you?

slavery is fine, I'm disappointed at the way he gets salves
I think brainwashing or threats are more fitting of a demon lord.
>Hey girls, I'm big, wear spiky armor and like murdering people, want to hang out?
>Woah, that's so cool, can we be your slaves?
>Only if you eat your vegetables dohohoho
It's just weird.

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>CF betrays

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Disregard sluts acquire cunny

That's because Slaves are low tier for evil overlords. You're just forcing someone to commit atrocities in your name, unwillingly.

True Evil Overlords use their charisma to make EVERYONE be loyal and subservient, and consider him an existence closer to a God.
They will be willing to die on his name, punish everyone who badmouts him and ask no questions if their lord tells them to commit atrocities and acts of evil. Their lord asks them to give everything for him, even their soul, and they WILL give it to him, no questions asked.

>MC brainwashes all undead around him to love him just by existing

yes, that's demon-lord-y
similar to Rimaru naming everybody (though that is more lowkey and never acknowledged)

Klein hatefucking Trissy hard enough to turn her soul into a woman

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Trissy already accepted being a woman when she fell in love with that lord.
And Klein doesn't hate her.

I also don't think it would be a good idea to fuck a demoness to try to change HER mind.

A demoness is fine too.

She's cute now so it's okay.

Klein does hate her, it's explicitly stated that he still views her as irredeemable and guilty.

>it's explicitly stated that he still views her as irredeemable and guilty.
That's not the same as hating.

There was one guy he truly hated, (Ince, I believe, his name was), and he made a big deal out of hunting him down and murdering the guy.
He doesn't do that with Prissy even though it would be easy. He doesn't feel strongly about her.

i started reading this manga because of OPT and seeing this character, but i dropped it out of boredom before he arrived.

You've lost nothing of value. The kid is greatly overhyped.

Sure, we agree on the facts.
I'm esl, so I will not debate the words.

I don't remember anything about that series except Kumagawa.

an anime would butcher it too much.

Just make it a 108 episode series of 3 minute shorts.
Use a chibi artstyle.
And just go through through the series in a comedic way, Nobunaga no Shinobi style.

I remember the dogshit ending of "all our powers went away when we finished puberty"
Why not just make it all a dream if everything of consequence goes away by the end?

Remember to get a waifu who gives it her all to be able to stand by your side. And also gets excited when you beat up her older brother

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>Death Mage
I can't get used to MC's name in official translation
Vandalieu sounds way better than simply Vandal

the only kind of wifu worth getting is an insane one

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