ITT: Catchphrases


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Au au

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Anta baakaaaa?


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why did that guy turn off the comments on his 10h livestream? how tf am i supposed to find the good moments now?


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Just watch the whole thing then


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-de arimasu!

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This is why I dropped that show. Made me want to put a hole in the wall any time I heard it.


Made me want to put in her hole any time I heard it

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You should put a hole in your head if you hate the cute little meeper's mouth noises.

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Oh no...

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Berncastle sama, please no rape.

did somebody say nipaa?

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... kashira

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>pink tinge

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mondai nai.

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Coper x Seether

Fat fingers

What's you waifu type Yea Forums?

Don't have one

>godhand nippers
shit's so expensive it's unreal

Long hair and nuns

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Green-haired pizza enjoyers.

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Graceful and elegant with long hair


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Next you'll say ________

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Aruto jaaaaaanaito!

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All conditions have been cleared.

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A believing heart is your magic!

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Oya oya oya

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DOMO, I am NINJA SLAYER. Ninja shall perish. YEEART!

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Just who the hell do you think I am?

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Hooooo... hate sate...

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I guess I'm nobody now.


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Uu uu~

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Ara ara ufufu

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The lack of Renge is disturbing.

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Girls hate losers. Itis instinct.

Wew, I want to berry my face in that Nipah crotch