One Piece

It's a stealth "things happen" chapter, weird. Anyway, is this the final blow against Kaido? Will that make Wano the first and probably only arc with 2 Yonkou defeats?

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>makes Wano interesting

How do they do it?

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>Top 5 Sexiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Cutest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Prettiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Funniest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Personalities:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato

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>Top 5 Never Ever:

What happened to the stakes anons. Luffy getting his ass kicked time and time again and the enemy is too stupid to finish him off its so tiresome


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Retarded spoiler fag

why does this chapter end is the same as the previous one and also the one before that?

Don't worry about it
Samurai are cool

>How do you do fellow men.

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ESLfag's a Wano hater, makes sense.

Plot twist on genma story there was a spy for Blackbeard on whole cake island and a traitor among big mom pirates

>tfw no Crocodile in Wano
He better appear in the final war.

Yamato? Joining
You? Coping

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Yamato will NEVER fucking join.
Carrot has way more reasons to join, I'm serious.

If she joins I'll come here and apologize to every one of you nakamakeks. On the other hand, I bet I won't hear a peep from you when she doesn't though.

>Blackbeard POV

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And here I thought we were finally free from BBfags who couldn't shut up about them appearing in a Germa centric cover story

>Reiju and Ichiji on WCI
>two people are at Chocolat town on Cacao island
what trickery are you pulling Oda.

How is Luffy still grabbing Kaido's chest if he's so hot he can melt rock just with a touch?


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explain how that can be Reiju

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he'll be there for his son

Because this arc just isn’t long enough, apparently

The one on the right is clearly Reiju.

>BB chilling on his bed with some bitches, watching his favorite show on the tv in his ceiling

don't ask questions
just consume chapter then get excited for next chapter

Honestly it's probably some stupid shit like Pudding or other WCI inhabitants on the SHs ide disguising themselves as Germa or something to case a distraction

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I fucking wish Carrot joined. The stuff that happened in wano just cemented she won't and that makes me very sad. Fuck Neko.

Because Oda is a talentless hack

don't ask questions
just oppose chapter then get unexcited for next chapter and watch AOT

Wano is literally r*ddit: the arc.

>Fooled you, it was me all along

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What was the point of having Zoro be "dead" and miss Kaidou's defeat and the liberation of Wano?

wtf i hate wano now

He isnt
The expanded spoilers say that he lets go to cover his face from the heat produced by Kaido’s attack
Kaido also says he wont dodge the attack either, and that he’ll take it head on

The cape from the sniper guy is way too low to be on of the intruders


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>The cape from the sniper guy is way too low to be on of the intruders

that's pre timeskip, user. We have no idea what his design is postTS

It's a new technique
Zero swords style: Oppossom strike

>sniper guy

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>Eat mythical zoan
>Have paramecia, zoan, and logia powers

Imagine not eating a mythical zoan


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No matter how much you jerk off BB, there's no fucking way he sends just TWO pirates to Big Mom's territory even knowing she isn't there. He's not that much of an idiot

New pics

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It’s about as rare as a Logia though.

Yea, then I'll show those dumb scabbards who is cool and sexy

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you have to be a complete fanboy to defend this dumpster fire of an arc

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Who's having this flashback and why?

Why do people keep decapitating the guy with hydra powers.

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>I’ll come here and apologize
No you won’t
You’ll pretend you were never an autistic denialfag and try to fit in with Joinmato scholars

Kaido's life is flashing before his eyes

Kaido asspulling some new form where he gets even bigger reminds me of Moria and Enel just before their defeat

You have to be obsessed to be coming into these threads just to say this.

Oda, he is becoming senile, like Toriyama

>samurai jobbing
I sleep

>and why?
Because fuck you, thats why. More samuraiwank. More wano. Wano never ends.

Kawamatsu, just cause

We've got a joiner on our hands

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Give it to me straight, how likely are we to head to Elbaf after Wano? Will it serve as an intermission arc?

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my sad wife spotted

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If Robin is so smart, why didn't she just join a yonkou's crew instead of running from place to place for 20 years?
>hey big meme let me join your crew, I can read poneglyphs
>great, welcome aboard!
>also the world government is after me
>I literally don't care at all

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Its just acoa lad

It's pretty much guaranteed.

Emperors didn't exist as a concept back then

We will have a not!acerescue arc to save not!ace first

>still no kiku bulge edit

faster please. I need to jerk off

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This is dope as fuck.

Because she was looking for Poneglyphs all over the place. She probably spend a lot of time in her ocean looking for them and then came to the Grand Line

I'm pretty sure a MYTHICAL animal fruit is less common than an elemental fruit

But they were planned out before the serialization even began? Oda's original concept for OP was about fighting the four emperors.

>ANOTHER flashback to this
>absolutely zero new information
Why is Oda doing this

>this July will make 4 years since the Wano arc started

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Stop being such a fag

Just how many fucking times are we going to see these fuckers cry?

>that Kawamatsu

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I hope wano never ends. The seethe it generates is pure kino.

Loli Robin was too busy sucking off fat old men for free passage on shitty merchant ships

>Kaido finds out Oden has a son
Really, it never came up before? He didn't even question who the Kurozumi hag transformed into?

she joined the crew of the 5th emperor.

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Bro you have your own thread, just go there. It's very leftist to come try to shit ours up too.

Who knew that people like you got off on the degradation of OP's quality.

Yeah, it means so little at this point. Every bit of the impact is gone.

Wasn't Luffy's hand a lot bigger?

>Her mother protected Momo from 20 years of suffering, while she made Hiyori waste her 20 years to suffer under Orochi and Kaido
>Denjiro literally made her a prostitute
>Scabbards and samurai think that 8 year old Momo is a better ruler than a 26 year old Hiyori

What is this?

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>not jerking off to Kiku's flat crotch and sweet vagina

First of all, you do not post spoilers that partially. Either full chapter spoiler or everything is speculation


Kanjuro forgot to report that in the 5 years Oden was dancing naked
Don't worry about it
Samurai are cool aren't they?

Ichi and reiju will be owned by Blackbeard pirates on whole cake island

>and remember, Hyogoro luvs ya.

Yes, it got nerfed.

>pony tail>short hair>braid>twin tails

To wank how hardcore the "king of hell" is for surviving death

She's a w*man

Kiku with big, fat penis is hotter.

Not to mention it just means that there's more of Kiku to love. Which is always a good thing

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>He’s NOT smiling

Do you think One Piece would be over by now if Oda would be forced to cut out the nothing happens chapters?

>She thinks it's that easy
You're not very bright, are you?

Where are people getting the idea that BB's crew is on WCI? Wasnt it confirmed to be Reiju and Ichi

the D is just a smile :D

I think we'd just be reaching the end of Wano

Oda hates women, this is nothing new.

It'd be over and I'd have already committed suicide because I'd have nothing to live for anymore.

>Anyway, is this the final blow against Kaido?
We'll find out once Oda remembers Luffy is the main character and starts putting him in the manga again.

Well, we would only have about 5 volumes of content then, so probably not.

The translations said it is probably plus why just those two?

So there wasn't an "ō" before "saru" and 銃 is indeed spelled like "gun". Basically the only flashy part of the name is that 猿神 (sarukami = monkey god) is spelled as "Bajrang"

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Because Oda drones will defend everything so he doesn't try anymore

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So this chapter and the previous one and the ones before that, gotcha. Epic one liner though.

user Luffy has by far the most panel time in Wano. It's not even comparable

Technically she did do that by joining Crocodile who was establishing himself as a Shichibukai, it gave her a lot of protection.

Obviously she was so young when she started going on the run that her first instinct was immediate survival. Not the easiest thing to just hop on a boat to the New World when the govt has your face plastered everywhere as a wanted criminal, and pirates arent exactly known for doing favors.

I suppose you thought that was terribly clever.


That's the power of perspective. We had to zoom out to see the full action.

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>Where are people getting the idea that BB's crew is on WCI?
Brule says “The ones in Chocolate Town are PROBABLY the Germa!!”

which confirms that it's not them because:
-why silhouette and still hide them?
-why say probably?
-no reveal

basic red herring

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She KNOWS she's a pitharlot.

>Why is Oda doing this

Why is Cracker talking about circumsizing himself?

It could still be a thousands other characters before the BB though

Daaamn. Robin's design is much better with a ponytail.

Oda drones, tell me what new thing we've learned in this flashback

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The last few chapters spent too much focus on Pirates
This is a Samurai manga after all