What is the appeal of yuri?

What is the appeal of yuri?

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Girls have larger penises than men.

I love cocks


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Two of gender I wanna fuck and none of gender I don't want to fuck.

Why you dont ask /u/?

Their meidos request b&s on the regular.

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Those are some muscular 10 year olds.

one girl is good but two is better
only self-inserters have a problem with this


What's the context for this again

She's an anti-isekaijin assassin

It's purity.

If you don't find it hot you don't find it hot. Just move on bro, if "two girls fucking" seems gay then it's not for you

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Threesome potential

It appeals to people who are afraid of penises

island's pretty mountainous and they're always looking for a new place to fuck

I agree. Why have one girl orbiting the MC's cock when you can have two? Or three? Or four? But there needs to be a cock, otherwise it's like a pizza without a crust- a whole bunch of toppings without any support. The cock is essential.

>But there needs to be a cock
is two boards down for you

No, there should only be one cock. One cock and lots and lots of pussies sharing it.

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Four tits are better than two tits. Two vaginas are better than one vagina.

better yet, get rid of your self-insert and have the actually interesting characters, the girls, do things together

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Church mandated serial killer baits isekai protagonist wannabe into thinking she's a cute waifu and claps him causing massive salt outflow in the comments section of youtube and various anime streaming sites.

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It's not about having a self insert having an anchor point for the story. Every solar system needs a sun. Without a male MC for the girls to orbit around they're just shallow and directionless.

Imagine the aquarium smell.

Self insert harems are almost as bad as yuri. Any anime with fewer than two male characters is definitely sterile garbage that will have no real character development to avoid offending the delicate sensibilities of its mentally ill audience.

Self-inserts are blackholes. They ultimately kill everything orbiting around them, sucking everything towards them to the detriment of both the girls and the series as a whole.
>shallow and directionless
aka "chapter 300: interesting girl #254 gets characterisation neutered because MC picked up her eraser"

Fuck off to s/u/bhuman with your garbage offtopic threads.

>two male characters

Was the reaction really that big? I mean I knew this was the idea ever since the synopsis of the LN came out, and even the PV/posters imply the guy isn't relevant, so I didn't think people would go into this unknowingly.

Truth. No mental gymnastics necessary

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The face of a true rapist.

Yeah, that artist likes that, they also like futas

/y/ is a sewer board that outside of its self-contained BL general lacks any form of quality. Nobody but Deviantart-tier autists who are into muscle growth browse that board. Everyone else goes to /cm/ or creates specific/"""subtle""" threads in other boards.

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or worse, it becomes part of the furniture
>girl is introduced
>wow she's has a cool episode, can't wait to see more of this
>gets assimilated into the totallynotharam and only exists to provide exposition on what's happening with the rest of the girls for the rest of the book/show

she forgot to lick the cookie before putting in her freind's mouth

Women are hot and if it's not my penis that is fucking them I'd prefer no penis be involved at all.


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some people would go into a new series blindly and then recommend it to their friends
happens often when anime uses twist or a shock factor in the first episode

Earlier on for the manga scanlations this was used as the cover art which helped the surprise there at least. He's more conspicuous than the guys for most harem series covers/promo art.

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Unironically many actual main guy show up rarely on promotion materials.

I did go reading comments in youtube videos and streaming sites for my own amusement. The butthurt is real though i'm not exactly sure if the reaction is BIG big.

Makes sense since they are usually glorified cameras for the audience to see the actual interesting characters in the series

For sad boys who cannot pleasure women.

Chicken is not an anime character.

yurifags are all self hating men who will troon out

only black girls are futa, user

isekai world but the otherworlders cheat powers inevitably drive them insane and they turn entire continents into salt and so on
guy in the pic had the power to nullify anything and immediately started fantasising about erasing anyone who disagreed with him

Literally nothing wrong with that.


Who cares about your dumb gender obsession.
Good romance is good romance and with cartoon characters gender is often nothing more than a haircut.
Gender is gay, and “yuri” isn't a genre any more than “female protagonist detective” is a genre.

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I remember reading this manga awhile back
Other than the male getting killed and the church fight I don't really remember anything else

Why is Rika letting Miria steal Mika away from her?

Gender defines roles in romance, and it het it's very rare that it would go beyond the typical stereotypes. So it does make a difference. Of course you can go out of your way even in het to make it much different, but writers rarely ever do.

>and it het it's very rare that it would go beyond the typical stereotypes
Bitch, we're SWAMPED by romcoms where the girl(s) takes the lead.

What's the point of that, a cock can pleasure one pussy at best and then there are 6 girls left without any. The cock is so essential that there should be 8 of them for each pussy.

How wet would she had gotten if the other girl just french kissed her instead of feeding her?

Are you serious?
it's super common in b.l. and g.l. to clearly have one of them be “the girl” and one “the guy”; they even invented the term “seme” and “uke” to indicate this.

Even in opposite sex romance, these rules certainly aren't bound by Gender and very often the male lead is some low-test bitch and the female lead wears the pants.

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She should have just done both at once

Most yuri don't restrict them to this dynamic so they can explore more complex relationships. Mostly it's shoujo writers who still use it.

Honestly, that's probably true.
c.g.d.c.t.-esque things don't really do it.
Of course, it's also terrible romance.
The point still stands though that “yuri” isn't a genre in that sense. I'm willing to say that “romance between two characters that behave like moe anime girls” is more of a genre, but one of those could also easily be male, or both.

Knowing Shimamura, she would actually be okay with it, because Adachi literally could murder someone in front of her and she would claim it was cute.

Because shonen romcoms are not born out of shoujo romances, but rather are fantasies for little boys with little experience in romance and still in the teasing phase, so of course they are about girls falling in love with the MC on first sight, rather than actual interactions that led to romantic developments, it's also why romcoms and harems usually have no conclusion or end when the MCs get together, because the audience can't relate to an actual romantic relationship.

Yuri is a demographic, just like shonen, shoujo, seinen and so on, so there is no specific definition for what it is, just what the audience wants to buy.

Two girls is hotter and cuter. Why would you want to see a guy fuck anything? That’s gay