It's good

It's good.

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I wish this artist still did actual hardcore stuff. I liked their Nitocris doujin.

get treatment or kill yourself.

Boku No Pico

It got boring after a while, but that's true for almost every erotic isekai story.

sex sex

It was boring even before the lewd with walls of text about grinding.

Is this the one about buying sex slaves?


Man, this artist really loves Roxanne huh? I tried looking through their pixiv and twitter, but this is the only thing they've drawn in years, not a single piece of art featuring anything except this series. Am I just looking in the wrong places?

Since you got dubs I'll give it to you
It's Boku no pico

it's not. the girl also get it

This is probably THE wish fulfillment fantasy isekai to beat all other fulfillment fantasy isekais.

Novel readers, does Michio ever get more muscular or will he forever be dyel?

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>MC and party go into the dungeon
>fight some incredibly uninteresting looking creature while explaining some boring mechanic
>they go back home and have sex
>MC and party then go into the dungeon again
>fight some incredibly uninteresting looking creature while explaining some boring mechanic again
>they go back home and have sex again
>MC and party then go into the dungeon again
>fight some incredibly uninteresting looking creature while explaining some boring mechanic again
>they go back home and have sex again
>this goes on for 50 chapters
please... do something else...
it's an entire fantasy world... can't they just go to the beach one day or something?

Quick summery of Michio's life for the past 50 volumes:
Autistic Dungeon Explore
Sex with Slaves
Cooking/Eating Tasty Food that was just dropped
Despite being a millionaire, bartering to save cents off of minor purchases
Back to Autistic Dungeon Exploration

Repeat ad infinitum.

Wow, i was planing to read this because hot female cast, but i had vibes of the time i played Maitetsu and had to eat hours of train autism before any lewd happens.

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MC is the ultimate incel loser fantasy
>Edgy boy who has no issues killing
>Buys slaves for sex, rapes them
>Autistic RPG mindset

Damn bro a real knee slapper there.

The actual draw of the series is originally the dungeon diving autism, the sexy waifus is actually the side dish.

Oh, and don't forget the MC totally has a special power that lets him have sex with his slaves multiple times each and every night.

Does he conquer the world or become a Lord of some sort at least? Because if not you're missing a critical power fantasy

Oh yeah, this was so dumb that I just forgot about it.

This should just go full porn because the actual story and dialogue is fucking BORING. After the first few chapters I just kept skipping the pointless explanations that it constantly throws at you so I can get to MC banging the dog and dwarf

F tier world building, combat and monsters but best girls.

the LN is still ongoing, unlike the manga which is mostly sex, the LN has a lot less sex but a lot more RPG autism.

Why everyone use that ugly armor on the dungeon, for the sake of realism?
Go back
If anything this is a fantasy history from an extremely RPG autist, who wants to fuck his female OCs and can't write real characters.
Is not a woman-hating loser, is just a Loser with love for boring shit who spice the things a little with SEX and cute female designs.

It isn't even about cheating, you just interpreted like that, your brain has rotted from watching too much porn

It's great isn't it

Do I think the author himself is an incel? No. But the MC of this story is literally trash that has zero moral issues with buying sex slaves and no just because it's fine in his new world does not erase his morals from the previous one.

You forgot the part when after like five visits to the dungeon MC buys yet another slave.

He also has the power to BARGAIN.

Glad they cut the boring parts.

Probably the editor thought they can't sell shit if the manga is a continuum of RPG autism and they had to make this "Sex breaks" before go forward with the boring dungeon shit.

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So true, nothing even comes close for me. The art's also gorgeous.

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That one isn't unique to him, it's anyone human who gets that job.

And the altered calculations can be noticed by other people when they don't make sense.

you pretty much just described 90% of isekai MC's

It's more than five days, but exactly how many isn't clear. Some time can get skipped, and the manga changes some things from the novel.

How many waifus do you think you can adequately satisfy, realistically? Providing each with the needed attention, care, time, and resources for them to be not only content, but happy?

To me anything over two or three is way too many.

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I think MC has his morals warped because he still feels like a videogame character and using slaves is a convenient mechanic, because they can't back-stab you. (And sex, off course)

Two might be the ideal number, after all you only have two arms to hold them close to you

Meh. Pretty generic design to match her generic personality. The story is shit and the sex is boring. Might as well just watch hentai. Anime will probably fail.

t. mentally ill self-inserter

> tail not fluffy
What did they mean by this?

Author tries to use some non-standard designs for some of the harem, then fails to make them good versions.

The fucking RPG mechanics and overly cautious MC who curbstomps everything in his way anyway are probably the most monotonous part of this. I find it hilarious that passives for extra money gain just push everyone to robotically give him a bonus for no reason too.
The author is weirdly autistic about spending way too much time explaining RPG autism that just boils down to him cautiously testing this one new thing against a twig.

What a fucking treasure vault of an image. My hairy penis salutes you

you go back

Maybe, but it's not something that is ever brought up, his actual mindset and monologues also don't support much of this, he literally just wants to fuck regardless of how, his first days with Roxanne have absolute no guilty whatsoever.

Him killing the thief is also very weird, he just got in another world and he just casually murders someone.

The first killing when he arrived he wasn't yet thinking of it all as completely real. The second time when killing them for the money, he really wanted Roxanne.

Anime actually has some pretty non-generic designs, courtesy of Uno Makoto. Might actually be worth watching.

I love this panel. Come back Togashi.

Name of the manga ?

Isekai Meikyuu De Harem

kill yourself


You're wrong you fucking faggot

I checked out this manga after seeing the softcore scenes posted here, and I think I can assert with relative confidence that it's the worst work of fiction ever written. I can't possibly fathom how anyone could ever find it even remotely engaging to read. It feels like it was written by an AI, or an alien who has no idea whatsoever about how human storytelling is constructed.

>rapes them
Can't rape the willing

I mean, they are slaves, so they are always willing

If some of them believed they could say no without any consequences when their time ran out they would have, but those still did agree to it much earlier. Only the elf can really count as completely unwilling the first time, but she knew how important it was to act like she was.

>has no issues killing
>buys slaves for sex, rapes them
So literally every Chad pre-enlightenment? Wait, no, you’re right. All those conquerors were totally incels.

Lol, they also didn't live inside home their whole lives and then got sent to another world with super powers that allows them to escape consequences of their actions.

>allows them to escape consequences of their actions.
That’s what the killing is for, user. What do you think life was like for ancestors? Angsty incels wouldn’t be a problem if everyone carried a gun and wasn’t afraid to kill a threat. Now just carrying a weapon makes people think you’re a psycho.

He's working his way towards becoming a noble. Because that's the reward for being the first person to clear a dungeon. Yes, really.

>Ultimate incel loser fantasy
>He prefers some whiteknight virgin who stays chaste, finds girls and sex yucky and talk-no-jutsu's his enemies because killing is wrong

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>no Road to Kingdom

No, he literally manipulates the "game" system so people can't really tell who he is because he changes classes.

This page hurt my sides
Shame it's all downhill from there

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