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Requesting Quon Kisaragi from RahXephon doing a sexy pantyhose upskirt-tease.

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Requesting Reze biting grenade. Uniform is optional.

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requesting renner coddling her puppy

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Requesting Frolaytia Capistrano squeezing a German stick grenade between her breasts and licking it

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Requesting the right pic with Chariot du Nord getting her belly button licked by Akko Kagari.

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Requesting Izusu tape gaggd, handcuffed, and walking a plank.

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Requesting Yor Forger from Spy x Family as a footballer for Dynamo Dresden.

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does Yea Forums have the worst drawthread?

Requesting Misato as the Driver from Drive (2011)

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Requesting Jing Xialian from Appare Ranman bound and gagged like in pic related

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It's certainly the slowest

technically a good thing
it's weird because I look at most of these requests and can't blame drawfags for just not finding them appealing. Mostly the ones that are just really dumb jokes or stuff that only makes sense to whoever is requesting it. That's not even mentioning the obnoxious guroshit.

can't you just drop the "walking a plank" part? Completely ruins what could be a pretty hot pin up, especially with that outfit.

Alright, I'll change it to "full body" next thread if I don't get a delivery.

Requesting Minase Iori getting her ass grabbed and fondled like this: gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=7171384 by a much taller and handsome man (maybe Producer-san, just keep his face out of the picture), she should be visibly excited by it.

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Decided to work some more on the Raphtalia request. Fixed some lines and the gambeson pattern.

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Requesting Feles from Estab Life: Great Escape wearing the magical girl outfit and having a gusts of wind lifting up her skirt, revealing her panties or wearing no panties.

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Diver DivaDiaper Diva

Requesting Aqua killing the undead by Turn Undead facesitting

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requesting mizuki usami from konobi and her spats being pull and having sex like this

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Requesting Ponta being adorable.

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Requesting Chi-Chi karening at a supermarket of your choice

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Requesting silliness with petitgguys and teddy demons.

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My request is Tatsu getting thighfucked

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Requesting Yamato making ice cream with her breast milk

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Requesting Tamamo wearing i.imgur.com/DWHbNpY.png, an idol-like outfit modified from her own outfit. or simply wielding a P90 saying "I'm a Caster, but..."

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Requesting Julie suggestively eating a popsicle.

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Requesting God Sigma and Tetsujn 28 FX limping towards a finish line for English subbed mecha anime titles. Bonus points if the Final Wars incarnation of Godzilla is waving a checkered flag.

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Requesting Gammamon being petted by his tamer Hiro just like the right reference.

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Requesting biblically accurate Seraphim Panty and Stocking

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Requesting the Kyoukai Senki mascots wearing proton packs trying to bust a ghost-like version of Ghost in a ghost trap like in Ghostbusters.

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Requesting Iroha Tamaki having sex on the beach like an air-headed slut with a stranger or two.

Like this: gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=4812687

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>we don't want coom
>we don't want jokes/memes
>can't be obscure characters either
If drawfags really want to just draw boring popular characters pinups, why do they still pretend they are looking for "interesting" ideas?

I'm not a drawfag and I neither agree or disagree. But some ideas genuinely are just plain bad, it's our job as a requester to make an appealing idea if we want it for free and stuff like "these characters swapping outfits because they have the same name" for example is just lame and not worth putting hours of work into for free.

And yes the best way to catch an artists' interest is to make them horny.

Requesting Cecile from blaster knuckle lifting up her skirt

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Requesting Anri Sonohara from Durarara in Queen La's outfit, bonus if Anri has her glowing red eyes.

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Requesting succubus Inori.

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Requesting young Hinata in her training outfit pierced from behind by a an enemy ninja magic attack coming from the ground

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Can confirm, I’ve been meaning to draw that Becky post from a while ago and keep procrastinating on doing it.

We are not pretending though.
Get us some good ideas that are not extremely specific, poses a challenge, and are not obscure characters and you'll recieve your delivery in a jiffy

Requesting Mayuri from date a live wearing a latex outfit with her navel exposed whilst holding a whip and looking at the viewer as if he was walking garbage.

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Requesting Shinobu Kochou teasingly showing off butterfly-themed bra and panties.

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>are not obscure characters
Why would this even matter?

1. Fanarts of a popular series can elevate our account's popularity

2. Popular series have a high chance that the artist watched the show. And therefore have intimate knowledge of the character

So attention whoring

Sorry man, we need our upvotes and followers for more commissions.

It's just business
An art take hours to make. It must be spent wisely

With that attitude towards obscure characters is anybody from these threads even commissioning you anymore? Personally I lately decided I would never commission any drawfag from around here for exactly this reason, always talking shit about less popular waifus finally got to me, I'd rather give money to neutral artists unrelated to this place.

i doubt those "neutral" artists give a shit about your obscure waifu

That's nice.

I don't care for clout-chasing artists but even then; if you were an artist how likely are you gonna want to draw a character you know jack-shit about?

the cost... of free art...

/u/ is by far the slowest.
Each board has their own couple of problems. I certainly am glad Yea Forums's drawthread isn't like Yea Forums's at all.

not having artists is pretty big problem

I unironically prefer just posting a request or two knowing the thread will last close to a week vs. threads only lasting one day at best and people constantly bitching at each other. + Yea Forums artists are more likely to just dump quick sketches so the delivery count will be comparatively bloated

You can't say there's no artists when there's artists in WWD. There was a time where they would come over to the general to draw outside of WWD times and yet something happened to scare them off.

I prefer slow threads, I barely never get any deliveries on the Yea Forums threads because they get flooded with a billion requests

>all these shitty requests
I'm glad no one will actually waste their time creating them

Requesting Tsukimi Eiko sucking dick in a kneeling position while being filmed on phone cameras: have her trying to cover her face by holding a sideways peace sign into the camera.

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Requesting Wendy (Fairy Tail) in dragon force pierced by a huge magic beam and coughing blood.

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