Have you watched Kamen RIder W with its sequel coming next season?

Have you watched Kamen RIder W with its sequel coming next season?

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amazing, somehow they managed to make philip look even gayer

Yeah. I should get back to watching Rider someday, still need to finish Ex-Aid and everything following that.

Thanks, doc


Is it possible for a cameo from other riders (maybe Decade or OOO) as an anime original scene ?

Hoping that this one isn't a disappointment like the rest of Reiwa so far.

It will just make me get depressed.

I watched it when it was airing.
Also that art style looks pretty gay.

Kinda of? I know the Manga is written by same writer for the tv show (Riku Sanjo) but the first volume i read does the same shit as the other Rider manga and older targeted films/specials which is to be obnoxiously edgy

Fuuto PI isn't even fucking close to "edgy" you tard

>No Spirits style manga by Sanjo starring post Decade Riders where they battle Foundation X

Which movies are canon again? There's too many of them.

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Fujobait? Absolutely
Actual gay? No unless Inoue is suddenly involved somehow

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Just the AZ movie and the W Returns movies.

only build is worth watching

I feel I have a pretty good recollection of it and I watched it circa 2011.
It's not a particularly plot driven show, it's mostly about the characters.
Anyhow, hope the staff sneaks a Symphogear reference somewhere in there.

How do the green hair guy and the purple hair girl look in the show?

I don't think the girl was in the original show, green hair had black hair.

Purple hair is original to the anime/manga
Green looks like this

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The purple haired girl is a manga original character.

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Purple hair is manga OC

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I see. They should have let him keep his black hair, or at least use dark blue.

I have no real hopes for this as an anime production, but at least I'll know what happens past MURDER

I know Toku fns can be more whiny and entitled when it comes to translations, but this manga deserved a regular release.

No hopes for a nipple shot

I've should've included overly sexual

The W portion of the OOO & W movie is cannon it's Skull's origin story

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Thank you doctor.

Nah, it's gotta be green or black, since green is his thematic color.


The Kuuga Manga is coming to the west is there anyword on this?

This kills the fujo

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>August 1st
I hope this means that it's 20 episodes long or something.

yep. the first kamen rider i ever watched

I am currently doing a rewatch of W with my friend who hasn't seen the show in preparation for the anime. I haven't read the manga it's based off of but W is one of my favorite kamen riders so I am very much looking forward to it.

I hope this doesn't have that foundation x garbage.

Up for preorder on Amazon

They actually got the original band for the anime.

>foundation x garbage.
Foundation X was only garbage when it was clear they couldn't keep it as an overarching plot for multiple series and rediced thier relevance to forgetable movie villains. Otherwise it was a fine idea to have a modern day Shocker behind the scenes.

Ex Aid and the show after that are good.
The shows after that are mixed to say the least.

Neat. When does it air?

>airs in my birthday
holy shit, and W is my favorite rider series, this will be great


it better not be shit

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I've been checking the RAWS of the manga and some panels are donwright brutal

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Hope the anime at least goes to Fang Trigger debut

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12 episodes.

Some of the new manga Dopants are fucking crazy as well

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the brachiosaurus guy or wahtever the fuck that thing is amazing too

Speaking of Kamen Rider Mangas, the Fuuto Tantei manga is actually getting a translation….iiiiinnn french.


I’d wager an official english version of the manga is probably not too far off then. Especially since if I recall correctly in Indonesia theres an english translation there as well (which calls itself Fuuto Detectives which is in my honest opinion a much better translation of the title).

Is Den-O good? I tried to watch it since it seems to be the most popular one and I like Momotaros, but god, I hate the main character, it's difficult to stomach a grown adult acting like the shy harmless shota archetype. Does he ever stop being a fag?

W doesn't have much similarities with Symphogay tho

The entire plot of Den-O is him growing the fuck up. The final form is even him fighting alone

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What do you think about Japan's top 10 most popular Riders?

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Yeah, the overly sexualize really doesn't suit Toku, it just weird when it appear in the manga. Most Toku manga all seem to trying too hard to be mature while losing their charm.

Yeah I saw that, FUCK

>Grease that high

I wish Blade or Chaser was up there, but Grease being on here makes me think its more of people voting for the actor rather than the character/rider.

Why won't he die?

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>The live-action Kamen Rider W series' Sōkichi Narumi/Kamen Rider Skull actor Kouji Kikkawa composed the brand-new theme song "Tsumi to Batsu to Angura" (Crime, Punishment, and the Underground), and Mitsuru Matsuoka (Kamen Rider W: A to Z film's Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal) wrote the lyrics and sings the vocals.
My body is ready.

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Does Suprise dirve boy some how show up in the Manga? Like through flashback or another dummy dopant.

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Kuuga and the First mainly due to nostalgia. Plus Kuuga incorporate the police into it story is actually something very unique until Drive

Decade and Kubuto are mainly because they are the coolest rider, everyone like jerkass god-mode sue with a soft side.

Wish Fourze make it but his design kinda too goofy

oh yeah

The manga have lots of flashback to the main series.

I had no idea Den-o was that popular

>Grease being on here makes me think its more of people voting for the actor rather than the character/rider
Eh, if that's the case then Fourze and Drive would've been higher.
Also most of his voters are male, the ones that I think don't really care about the actors that much, at least compared to women anyway.

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there's a whole longass flashback of how Shotaro began to work as a detective apprentice with Sokichi (Skull) and last time I bothered to view the RAWS, something similar was happening at the tower where they fought eternal

No, because I'm only three series in to my plan to eventually watch and read every piece of KR media, but W is next on my list and I hope to have it done within the next couple months.

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Den-O is vey popular in japan.

It's pretty much that one show Toei will never stop milking.

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I enjoy 01 enough and so far revice is okay but fuck saber.