Shiroi Suna no Aquatope

Did it make you more interested in aquatics?

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Dropped this shit with episode 1 rule, shit fucking sucked.

Yeah, I'll make sure to include an aquarium visit in my next trip. I only have faint memories of one from when I was a kid.

It made me suspicious of two girls visiting the aquarium nearby

Kukuru smells of fish

made me realize i should never work office

120% confirmed gay, aquariums are a lesbian date magnet according to manga.

t. dropped Evangelion after Shinji gets in the robot and before the fight starts

It made me interested in Kukuru's pits

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Would've been better if they were hairy.

It made me interested in Fuuka's nails

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>My right hand burns with the forbidden power of pushing penguins into the water

Yes, I actually visited an aquarium last month because of it

It made me interested in seeing Fuuka tickling Kukuru's armpits with her nails

Got me more interested in aquatic cultural events

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not really, and it was kinda anticlimatic

Left dyke looks like she fucks rich old men behind her girlfriend's back

What kind of freak would be into that??

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You know who

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I can't believe Kukuru had her virginity taken by a single mom in Fuuka's apartment.

Chiyu learned a few things in college

Kukuru was the one who instigated it.

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Shizu is used to his mom going to play with nice ladies

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The first cour made me want to go to an aquarium and the second cour made me want to die rather than ever work in an aquarium

What did she mean by that?

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I appreciate that they didn't pretend running such a place is all fun and games. (You) as the visitor are not supposed to see the unfun parts.

What do you mean? It's super fun in the back!

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It made me interested in Fuuka's red boots

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I've only been to an aquarium once.

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>Painted nails
Who the fuck is this gyaru and what did she do to our pure Kukuru

Serious question, can this anime be recommended to someone who likes aquariums but doesn't like yuri? I know it isn't really classified as /u/, but how easily can it be misunderstood by a normalfag?

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I actually set up a fish tank a month ago. Not specifically because of this anime but it probably helped motivate me as I'd been pondering fishkeeping for a while.

I know, right? Fuuka's pits are much more interesting.

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Fuuka got one armpits fanservice scene in the whole show and it was the most erotic one.

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Nah, even without goggles these two are very yuri. There's no way scenes like this wouldn't make a normalfag uncomfortable

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Not him but I should've, would've saved me from hours of pure shit

Choko can't be forgiven for taking what was Kururu's to clam

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Some official Fuuka’s pits.

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That was the moment that awakened's Fuuka's inner penguin.

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Once again, would've been better if they were hairy. Why do they never make anime girls with hairy pits?

I'm a yurifag and I don't think the show leans too far into it for normalfags. The most direct interpretation the show gives of the relationship between the leads is a sisterly bond. There is also a male character with a crush on one of the two though it ended up being bait and he never even gets noticed. Still an easy shipping target to distract from the yuri undertones.

You will never wake up next to your sweet onee-chan and admire her sleeping face.

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Body hair is gross. Fuuka is perfect with her silky smooth and clean body

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>Body hair is gross
Not when they're armpit hair(girls only) and pubic hair(girls only).

Literally impossible to think they aren't gay for each other
Waving it away as "they're just sisters" results in a backlash almost on par with the english dub making Neptune and Uranus "cousins". Just makes them gayer as a result

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How do lesbians stand the horrible fishy smell of each other?

They hang around aquariums to mask the smell.

They are heavily attracted by it. Imagine how painful it must have been for Fuuka each time she was separated from her sisterwife's fishy smell.

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Fuuka was shaved clean in the beginning, but since she grew used to Kukuru keeping her native Ryukyuan bush and fishy smell intact, she started going natural by the end.

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>Serious question, can this anime be recommended to someone who likes aquariums but doesn't like yuri?
Yes. There are subtextual things you can read into if you want to, but romance is heavily deemphasized and the thematic focus is on growing up, recovering from your dreams being shattered, and finding joy in your work even when it's not the job you dreamed of. Kukuru and Fuuka's relationship is explicitly "sisterly" and often framed in terms of one of them being the reliable older sister to the other when they're going through hard times.

everytime i see this show i instantly think of this

Chapter 10: Itsuki Aino


This show was so fucking boring

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I was into aquariums when I was a teenager. Aquatope reignited my interest in them and made me wish I had a cute Fuuka gf to share my passion with.

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Happy to see this guy still adding his unique touch to the series

Best and most dedicated artist of the series

Speaking of pubic hair, Udon-chan must have an untamed rain forest down there
My dick is going crazy thinking about it

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Udon’s black udon…