Explain this panel

Explain this panel.

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Miura was a pedophile.

Do you just remake the same threads every day or what?

What's up with Japanese and little girls? Were they always like this?

Guts foreseeing the end of his journey

That art is really bad. Schierke is way too tiny compared to Guts, if we go by those proportions she would be 1/4 of his height, or even less.

Women of all ages want gut's massive black sword, whats not to understand?

uohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;-;

Here's the page before it.

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A presumably large male is laying down on a bed in pain while a small female climbs ontop of him.

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Cute feet

I might be blind, i never noticed she was blushing

May he rest in cunny heaven.

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Explain all the sexy well-endowed ADULT women long before we saw Schierke in anything but long flowing robes.

That was before he found the pleasure of idolm@ster.

It's hilarious how normalfags praised miura and have the audacity to hate lolicon.
Miura made a manga about loli pissing on mc face.
He literally support Comic LO, for Christ's sake.

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>Miura made a manga about loli pissing on mc face.
>He literally support Comic LO, for Christ's sake.
Do you think it's funny to make shit up about a dead man?

Pissing loli manga:
Read pic for miura defending loliLearn to differentiate between reality and drawings.

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pure kino. the purist kino

I love the white pedos

Miura was a pedophile and is burning in hell.

You just KNOW his little cock was rock hard drawing this.

All creators should stand up against censorship. If nobody is being hurt, and no feelings cannot be injured and no anyone inspired by fiction to do misdeeds is already evil, then it's perfectly fine.

This is complete bs and cope. No pedo is satisfied with just jerking off to cartoons.

>girls (boys)
what did he mean by this

faggot sissy boys who dress in girl's clothing. the type you would find at anime news network or in discord planning interracial cuckold porn spam raids.

I kinda disagree with that pic. I like lolis but find real kids repulsive and I imagine real pedos more like the galko guy who "couldn't stop and have to have those pics" or some shit like that. It's because I like "fake" lolis with, usually, big hips?

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thank god i didnt start reading berserk
finish your work before you die

Why do nips have low sex crime rates despite being unabashedly pro-loli aka pro-free speech?

Meant to bait pedofags who's first thought when seeing a naket kid is to fuck it.
Yeah kids sometimes get buck naked who cares.


Shows the best shipping in berserk. Also cunny
>nu-berserk fan

Many great men are.

didnt they hang some pedos in the 2000's ?

well good thing he's not anymore

They have those legal jc softcore magazines too. Fucking pedos, kek.

Name 10.

based and loli pilled

Fuck off. I can ONLY be satisfied by jerking to cartoons.

WTF i love Miura now??

If Miura could have done it all over, he would have gotten rid of all the rape and had cunny be the main heroine.

lolicon is just a fantasy nothing more chill out moral fags

Me,Me,Me,Me,Me,Me,Me,Me,Me, and Me.

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>Why do nips have low sex crime rates
They cook the books.

Their women often look like little girls, so they can't help it.

Legally pedophile here.
I believe that galko guy actually use young nudist magazine for reference.
I've seen those magazines, it's really tame.
Kenshin mangaka in other hand, he's a genuine pedophile.
Japanese ptsc is treasure to pedos.

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Wasn't underage gravure legal just the past decade in Japan? IIRC they just made it "illegal" for international pressure


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Explain this.

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>Wasn't underage gravure legal just the past decade in Japan?
You're probably thinking about junior idol.
What kenshin mangaka had probably something like petite tomato, it's literally softcore vids and pics.


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Manga name?

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Berserk is literally for fags with no taste. Make a bunch of drawings that have pedo interest with immense amount of gore and a bunch of ugly ass black dudes raping little boys and Yea Forums thinks it's the best written thing in the history of the universe and beyond.

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If you hate it, stop replying

Miura was a pedophile who lusted after children. He was probably a virgin and never had a gf at any point during his life.

I've never seen anyone shit on this series who isn't some baiter begging for attention or a contrarian faggot. It has its faults, but overall it's an enjoyable ride.

So, what is the best written thing for you?

then how are you satsfied with jerking off to adults instead of going in the streets to rape women ?

Better than anything GRRM ever puked up.

He truly was /our guy/

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This is unironically my body type.

>my drawings of little girls being fucked by horses are actually crucially useful to society
high-octane copium

No mutt incel is satisfied jerking to brazzers or blacked either.