What's Yea Forums opinion on this?

What's Yea Forums opinion on this?

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Fuck, I meant the ln not the manga.

title looks interesting, what is it about? gave me "i want to eat your pancreas" vibes

manga is better, but its still tear-bait schlock for teen girls

Well I am a teen girl, how could you tell?

Same author. This one is much more similar to "three days of happiness", arguably their best work yet.

I really enjoyed it, knew nothing about it going into the manga.

>This one is much more similar to "three days of happiness"
uh... i believe its literally the same thing. not that user btw

Author sure likes to explore the concept of life and its worth. Though not really original coming the from author, I'd probably still read it purely for the sake of the philosophical commentary

I somehow like you shine in the moonlight better

Ah. Changed the title I see, that's so fucking dumb. I hate JP titles trying to give a synopsis in their titles, like have some creativity for fucks sake

I liked it, the ending was satisfying

still waiting for its inevitable movie adaptation

Overrated. Babbies first deep manga

It was alright

Was pretty good and kept the quality from beginning to end.

I liked it, but I'm tired of woman being trigger for man to change his life.

Read it a few days ago, cried, and now the volumes will arrive some time today.
I wonder how relatable it is for women because the POV kind of assumes you're that 20-year old male NEET.

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Is Pancreas good?

It isn't deep at all. It wasn't even trying to. Tear bait sure.
Babies first deep would be something like monster or punpun

Which is interesting since the artist of this series is also doing a simillar premise around the concept of life and it's worth with some philosophical commentary. I'd prefer it though since it's mostly done in a lighthearted way but have punches thru it compare to having a tearbait shtick

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I personally love all the lns of this author. "Parasite in love" is another one with a manga adaptation, otherwise I recommend reading "Starting over", "Pain Pain go away", "Your Story".

I work at Flat Studio, loundraw said fafoo agreed that we'll adapt Koisuru Parasite since the live action one was unarguably trash.

quality tear bait, more wholesome than anything else.

Ten thousand a year doesn't seem that much. She could have got that monthly if she sold her vagina

Don't give me false hope.

>Same author
What? 'Pancreas was Yoru Somino

the saddest part for me is the realization of how much I wasted my life just because I was too focused abt myself. I learned how our life would be more precious when we have someone with mutual care

I remember it being pretty great.
Its been years since I read it, but its a memory that I enjoy keeping around.

It's different. I think you got that confused with this one.

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It has the best end I have ever seen in any Media tied with another thing

For once MC using a technique that shortens lifespan actually has consequences in the story, good to see

>Cirno still a moeSHIT

>10k yen a year
Lmao, thats bad for a month, it's basically nothing for a year. Like that's what you give to kids on new years.

Pretty bad deal, why not get a job? You can get way more than 10k a year.

Try daily. Though JK pussy could get that for one ride.

It absolutely was trying to be deep with it trying to tackle a longstanding philosophic question of how much is a life worth.

Name baby's second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh deep manga

>a technique that shortens lifespan
The company never proves how it quantifies your lifespan, much less shorten it and give you the cash equivalent. You only had their word for it (meaning they could've bilked both MC and Miyagi once their "three days" turns into a time extension).

Yeah, if you're moeSHITTER scum.

Very nice read, highlight was the one-off chapter about the older guy.
Some parts were pretty tacked on to push the plot forward, but it didn't drag on and wrapped up great.


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My favorite manga, Azure and Claude done by the same was also pretty good, too bad it stopped right before the final

He sold it not her, and it’s expressly not much at all

It was interesting at first, but after your second and third read, you would realize the shop arbitrarily gave estimations without breaking down assumptions whatsoever and both MC and the girl just ate it up. As a number cruncher, that broke all immersion for me

three days of happiness is a better title

>best manga ever written
>adaption never

love these two bakas

Read it long while ago, it was short and pretty good

>wanting an anime adaptation
There's your real problem. Manga is a strong enough medium on its own.

Novel is one of my recent favourites. It's honestly the author's best work, followed by pic related.

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Read it with zero knowledge of what it was outside of the title and found it thoroughly unenjoyable. Didn't care for any of the two leads, and considering the story revolves entirely around those two and how their relationship progresses, that obviously made it pretty hard to care much for it.

Isn't this just De Brevitate Vitae the Manga?

The reason they do it is because many start on syosetu.com and there's no description field, new just a long list of title and it helps immensely to give it such a dumb overtly descriptive title to have people actually read it.

Sometimes, as in this case, after it's picked up by an actual publisher the title is changed to something better as books in book stores have actual descriptions on the back.

oyasumi punpun for all levels

Do people really read Punpun and say it's deep? It's pretty clear cut in what it's trying to show.

Decided to finally give it a try because of this thread. Pretty good, better than I expected.
This history is not complex or smart, the world building is very straightforward to the main theme, one could write a few paragraphs pointing them out, in short, a guy is depressed, gives up on his life, the "pretty girl shows up in your doorstep" cliche plays up, learns about his life, finds happiness, end. I don't think there's anything special about the selling your time, health of lifespan theme, humans have been doing it indirectly since forever, thinking about it is meaningless, so better focus on the characters lives. "Mistakes are always the same, it's just new people making the old mistakes", I think the same goes for drama, the ways to express human emotions are limited after all, which is why I think most drama histories comes out as cheap, deep or not, it's important to reflect on the character conflicts. Some people won't be able to relate, others think of themselves as robots and can only see it from a pure logical point of view. I'm guilty myself, many times I've called some dramas "faggy shit", but turns out I'm very similar to the main character, better in some aspects, worse in others, which is why even though I think it's a good manga, I personally hate it.
Like many dramas, there's a huge weight on the relationship between characters, something a loner hikkikomori like me have trouble with. I have been fantasying about someone, primarily a girl, suddenly appearing in my life and changing it for better, but of course, nothing like that has happened and I don't think it ever will. This gave me a headache. Strange enough, recently I quit my wageslave job and was thinking about withdrawing my savings, living on it until it runs out and then dying. This manga made me reconsider. Ahh, I never have headaches or any illness, but now it hurts so bad.
I shamelessly masked this vent out as a review and did badly on both.

I haven’t read Punpun, and deep is pretty much exclusively a meme word these days, but I definitely don’t think that “deep” is the same thing as “obfuscated” or “inaccessible”

when I say reading this manga is my hobby
the joke sounded better in my head

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>the world building is very straightforward to the main theme
hey buddy I think you got the wrong door, the shounenshit club is two blocks down

>Ahh, I never have headaches or any illness, but now it hurts so bad.
Maybe that's because you read a manga in one sitting? Take it easy next time