Thanks to the user who recommended JK-chan and Her Classmate's Mom. It was everything Shikimori should've been

Thanks to the user who recommended JK-chan and Her Classmate's Mom. It was everything Shikimori should've been.

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Me on the right.

Why would a mother get flustered by a girl the age of her son, this dynamic makes 0 sense

Same reason the muscle mommy gets flustered by a shota. It's smut, it doesn't need to make sense.

ofc it makes sense. Women are naturally more open to being bi, and the classmate is also a lesbo, so she slowly awakens something in the mom. The best part of this series was how banter it was cause the son kept thinking she was coming over to spend time with him. And was super happy

>t. women expert

>bislut mothers

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Are you a moron. Men on average recoil at the thought of having to kills another man. Women on average don't instantly recoil, they are open to think about it for a bit.

boner activated

This suggests a woman can live 30+ years on earth, have a kid with a man, only to discover 15+ years later that w-w-what I-I m-m-might be i-i-into g-girls as well...!

Japanese moms live very repressed lives so they are quick to succumb to lewdness.

>It was everything Shikimori should've been.
Fuck off and die yurishitter.

Look up late life lesbian, it's a real phenomena where women don't consider sexual attraction to women until they meet the right woman that changes how they feel.

>A sexy boy with no romantic luck finds a hot girl he doesn't want to fuck. She kisses his mother, okay when he discovers. Conveniently from the divorce they recover.

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Too short, needs more sex.

How does a boy getting double cucked and misled fun ?

It should have either been a Girls or he should have a crush on a different girl

the stars align
he's not into the girl and he wants his mom to be happy and he's fit and sexy so he's probably going to find someone he likes

Do you even know what "cucked" means? He didn't even have romantic feelings for the girl.

Oh, you made it soundlike he was excited she came over for him

Shota shit dogshit, it wouldnt make any sense.

What a waste of a perfectly good JK and mom.

Every good mom and JK should love each other.

>noooo you have to think about the fictional boys fee-fees!!!

it's nice that the mangaka does, though

Literally my best friends mom.

Please be a JK.

I fucking love NTR + yuri

It should be the other way around.

this is on the same level as mindbreak
>why are you uncomfortable with this? look, she's happy

>Look up late life lesbian, it's a real phenomena

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People are dumb, so the chance of such occurences is by default non zero

>captcha: YAY

now it pays forwards, thanks user for sharing tho just like to ask did they grind it out??

>Cucks her husband and daughter

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They get together in the last chapters

probably should've mentioned it, but I wouldn't have made a thread if they didn't

>Yuri Mom NTR
I will now read your manga

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Tell your friends mom should have figured it out faster

>t. women expert

happened to my ex's best friend
Shes 31, has a kid and is married but decided she doesnt like dudes anymorehusband is fat with a tiny dick and hes now making shit money for the first time in their marriage after he paid for her to go to school twice because after getting a culinary arts degree she said she hated it and is now a scrub tech nurse


I think she knew but married a man because of social pressure, she’s only been in lesbo relationships after the divorce.

real women are ugly and gross

yuri is so cringe

Actually happened to a friend back in high schoo. His parents got divorced and his mom went lesbo.

I will now stop reading your manga.
Ah I'm kidding. Takuya & Nakajima's relationship is nice even without any ntr.

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does she still love her son or does she dislike him due to disliking men. I'm only asking cause I heard women can't compartmentalize, and often conflate things.

I will now stop reading your manga as I've finished it.
Very cute, but also very tame.
OP's image shows a confidence and kinkiness in Nakashima (the JK) that she never has in the manga.
Overall a funny & lighthearted yuri.

It's porn why does logic matter

>my mom is probably gay

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>Imagine both submitting to the BBC.

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Heart Eyes Succubus

Should have made it more spicey with the son dynamic. Not necessarily full ntr feels but more banter and teasing about how his female friend is doing his mom.

>women are more naturally open to being bi
Only faggots and cucks think this.

Ew, megafaggot shit.

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How many men do you see get drunk and make out with each other compared to the number of women that do so in college? You are hard pressed to find a big party that doesn’t have two drunk girls making out when they’re normally straight.

you would be very surprised

You literall described two straight girls making out because they are drunk and not bisexuals retard, unless you are one of the retards that believe being drunk shows your real personality instead of just making you mentally retard for a while

Not him, but explain why guys don't don't faggot. The fact of the matter is. More women are not instantly repulsed by the idea of kissing with another girl. Guys are though typically.

Its not about logic you moron its about fantasy.

>Why would a mother get flustered by a girl the age of her son, this dynamic makes 0 sense
I don't see why that can't and doesn't happen. There are all kind of personalities in the world adult or teenager.

user... where I live they have a saying that a drunken ass has no owner... there is a reason for that lol, guys faggot a lot when drunk, they just don't usually do it in public or ever talk about it, mostly because even drunk girls know they can kiss and people will just claim they are drunk while if a man kiss another man even if drunk, he will be forever know as a faggot.

kek, seething selfinsert fag
bet you also whined about the first episode of Shokei Shoujou

I remember this. Good series, 7.5-8/10.