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How do you feel about the newest members of Liella?

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very cute
also very cute
i love autistic girls
seems funny

all great, can't wait for season 2

i blame China for provoking Japan at the Marco Polo Bridge
which results in Japan for starting WW2 at July 7th, 1937
which results in Japan getting nuked
which results in Japan is known for anime
which results in China united under communism
which results in Xi Jinping
which results in Covid-19
which results in Liella and Olympics get stunted
which results in Nijigasaki anime
which results in Keke's birthday igniting an uproar
which results in Keke's birthday moved to July 17th
which results in Superstar got a two week hiatus
which results in KuuKaa
which results in a massive meltdown after SumiKeke appeared
which results in Liella being the worst-rated gen out of the four

i wish China didn't exist

Does Love Live have a specific watch order? Will I enjoy it even if i don't into idol shit? I like cute SoLs but the amount of content is somewhat overwhelming

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I'm trying my best to ignore them until the anime airs and I seem them in action. Having any opinion now would just lead to disappointment.

>which results in Nijigasaki anime
What the fuck? I LOVE China now.

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Not a fan. One thing I liked about Liella was that they were supposed to be different from the previous groups, like how they only had five members instead of the usual nine. Adding more characters dilutes their uniqueness.

Not really just watch whichever you like

It's actually not hard to get into
Start with school idol project, its the first and the original, you have two seasons and a movie
Next is sunshine, the direct sequel to school idol project, also has two seasons and a movie, for a number of reasons its a very divisive anime
Then there's nijigasaki, its kind of a spinoff, it had one season and is currently airing its second, and it uses a different format where every girl gets a focus episode so you could either love it or hate it because of that
Last is superstar, which is also a sequel to school idol project and has a lot of references to moments from it, but unlike sunshine the story is completely standalone and it never references sunshine either
You could start with any except sunshine, but its best if you go with school idol project

School idol project s1,s2, movie
Sunshine s1,s2, movie
Nijigasaki s1,s2
there is also superstar, but I don't think it is as good as the rest
They are not that connected in terms of story, but you shouldn't watch Sunshine before SIP.

Nicoratings so far
should i only listed Nijigasaki and Superstar to reduce cluttering for the next week or i left it like this?

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I still haven't even watched the last 2 episodes of superstar

thanks anons, ill give school idol project a chance

you can left it like this

What is this even a rating of? Surely no one thinks the end of both seasons of sunshine are worse than the messy ending of SIP season 1?

sip s1 ending was fine, stay filtered

Why are sunshinefags always so dumb

they got a lot of shit from Honoka being suddenly sick and Kotori almost leaving, but all that well ends well still


Love Live is saved

well, fuck you then
my only hope is for the writers to amp up the quality more, same as Nijigasaki S1 is enough

What's your honest thoughts on Mia Taylor, the American idol?

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Not canon

goddamn renhaters shitting on my girl's story

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I like her and I'm scared that she won't get a lot of focus in s2, the anime has already spent half the season on subunits and r3birth have barely gotten to do anything

Sunshine is a masterpiece. You should try rewatching it at least 3 times.

Wish song is the only thing in love live that has actually made me want to cry, i dont know why but none of the other sad stuff in the series hits me nearly as hard as wish song, not even the ending stuff of school idol project, and that's both my favorite love live and favorite anime ever

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I like how she loves baseball, she'd be my favorite if she had more lewds

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Start with SIP to see how it all started. If you didn't like it you're not gonna like the others probably. The rival group was pretty shortlived because one of the trio retired from voice acting while the show was still airing.

Sunshine is a repeat of SIP but with some things done better but had some of the worst episodes in the franchise. They're the only generation to have a rival group that's just as good as the main one but Saint Snow got put down because they're "not as popular" and they needed to make space for the newer gens.

Nijigasaki is a spinoff but due to being "solo" idols. The cast is bloated as fuck with the most shilled characters in the entire franchise and bandwagoners love it because they're "different".

Superstar is a back to basics approach with the old team handling it. They're okay but management seems to be treating Liella! as Aqours 2.0 by executing bad decisions on the group while giving everything good to Niji. Their rival group is decent.

>bandwagoners love it because they're "different".
Kek. you just described Liella before they added new member

I thought Shiki and Mei just went to the same middle school but the VAs just casually said that those two were also childhood friends in today radio episode. Guess either or both of them will interact a lot with Kanon and Chisato then.

natsumi is just another sumire, and sumire was already the best liella.

I saw the radio episode but don’t understand japanese…What other info about new members did they say?

i hope they would be the YuuPomu/KuuKaa combo we're sought after

Is Setsupomu the new YouRiko?

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They will save the last few episodes for r3birth

yes and both are crack anyways

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she handled it perfectly

I hate the direction her character has been going after her moment with Rina and I find her songs a little overrated. It's cool that it's in English, but after that they really aren't anything special. Besides all of that she's fine.

They just did some comments on their profiles, nothing we didn't know already.

Superstar is literally the best entry in entire franchise.

I liked niji, I really do, but they really just haven't used R3birth well enough. They feel like side characters, specially Shioriko and Mia which is disappointing since I expected the season would focus on the new kids + Yuu

Their time will come soon, i also can't wait.

I honestly miss hearing her say "shit"

SIP S1's last 2 episodes were pure cringe garbage, but the end was fine. Sunshine went out of the way to give unfulfilling endings and the Japanese punished them as a result.

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>Is Setsupomu the new YouRiko?
I just they are the spiritual successors in a way.
But with SetsuPomu Sunrise made sure to make people know that it was fanfiction that only existed of Shizuku's head, whilst with YouRiko they just dropped a random "I love you" bomb and left the room whilst refusing to elaborate.

Top-tier raibu when she isn't busy simping for Rina, has a good chance of getting to shine in the main plot of S2 as long as the writers don't completely drop the ball

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Happy Birthday, Sarah

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happy birthday sarah

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I don't even know who Sarah is.

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Why was Shizuku so well animated in this scene?

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The anime staff loves Shizuku.

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I dropped Sunshine before she appeared.

music writers too, considering her solo songs are easily the best

I love Shizuku too.

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i love her holes

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You can see the creator put so much soul into it.


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