I have been in love with Sakura for over a decade now

I have been in love with Sakura for over a decade now...
Is this healthy?

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Wrong Sakuraface bro

They are all the same!

>Literally mogged by her alter ego
Poor Sakura cannot stop losing.

Depending on your interpretation and tastes she may be mogged by a copy of a copy of a copy of a double of her.

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Can't decide if this is good or bad art given what I know of the artist.

Same body though
For me to this day its still Dark Sakura

did he make any more art of sakura faces (bb in particular)? besides that doujinshi involving her

Sakura seems like she'd be really easy. Like she'd say no but not really put up any resistance and not tell anyone or act differently afterwards. I guess that's not unexpected given her history.

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She'd be easy if shirou didn't exist yeah. Thats usually what happens when you have such a shitty life. You pretty much only would need to genuinely love her.

You say that as if Ishtar didn't mog Rin.
Its the same with fate. Rinfags love to mention how Kotomine and Illya are highlights of heavens feel and "mog her" as if Rin doesn't get utterly mogged by most of the cast in her own route. Sakura actually has a lot of more memorable scenes like the rain scene, the knife scene, her fight with Rin (which is Rin's most memorable scene in the VN kek), the rule breaker scene or the normal end. Rin on UBW has her confession being generous and that's about it. Fatefags being hypocrites in waifuwars will never gets old I guess.

Its only natural. Sakura is best girl, I have been in love with her since high school too and I'd gladly feed every user to her if it made her happy and plump.

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The first bit was lovely and wholesome but the last bit is a little crazy.

She is, she really is down to fuck anytime as the epilogue of Heaven's Feel True End shows but is also very monogamous, hence why Shinji got his brain matter splattered all over the mansion when he tried to fuck her after she was already committed to Shirou
Its just the truth. She's amazing and worth it. I wonder if she'd enjoy coffee dates, I love to hang out and talk philosophy but I'm not sure if that'd bore her. She seems more the home wife type in the novel.

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Its funny how people that hate sakura try to use her fucking clones against her. They can't stop reaching from dumb things like calling her unpopular by posting a 2004 poll where ayako ranked higher than fucking gilgamesh. If I recall correctly sakura has been more popular than Rin in Japan this past years from what I have seen, not that it matters but fatefags care a lot about who is 2nd vs 3rd for some reason, funny when the rest of the board's waifufags pride themselves in their waifu being obscure.

that's BB though. Sakura's such a boring character you couldn't even use a picture of her LMAO

Yeah but those are just mentally ill haters or trolls. Sakura has been doing pretty well and I'm glad the movie awakened many fans to realize how good she is as a character. I can only hope some day we can get something like Hollow Ataraxia or even an AU where she goes fight Apostles as Shirou's sidekick.

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I want to become one with Sakura!

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I want to rape Reinhard.

I want to lose myself in Sakura's plump meat. I want to enjoy her obscene curves and make love to this vulgar existence that is Matou Sakura. I love her flaws and all and it is my greatest wish to become one with her. I want to join Sakura in that spicy cup of curses!

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Why are most Sakurafags mental nut cases?
You don't see this shit with Rinfans and Saberfans.

I'm really happy for the upgraded dress Sakura got in the movie. Based Sudou making Sakura look even cuter

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If there is a dark Sakura, why isn't there a dark BB? Or why doesn't Karna have a dark version? Like Artoria lancer has an alter version mimicking her Saber self.

Dark Sakura is a manifestation of Matou Sakura's inner darkness in HF. BB is an AI and Kama is already darkness, so not everyone has to have an alter version although maybe they'll release some later for the sake of more bucks.

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You just really cannot defend Sakura without putting Rin in your filthy worm-infested mouth, can you? And then you have the gall to complain that fans of the other waifus come to ruin your shitty retard threads. Your waifu's shit romance has forced melodramatic scenes to compensate for how poorly fleshed, poorly placed and thematically shallow it is. Rin's respects the reader's intelligence and uses subtle scenes to develop its romance. Rin is the highlight of UBW and you're just a coping faggot.

You don't deserve nice threads.

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Dark Sakura looks amazing, I wish Sakura kept the tattoos

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sakura worms :^)

I like Passionlip
That is all

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BB is already Dark Sakura

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BB has the "dark sakura" role in extra and extra's sakura matou would be normal sakura. Its a completely different context but thematically it was that.
I hope you didn't write this post with a straight face kek

LMAO, Rinfags are THIS delusional?

>wormfags vs rhinos again
This is a dies irae thread now

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Poor Sakura was mogged by her own servant from the very beginning.

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Imagine using those oppai as pillows

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Kek, like clockwork

is the vn good? i've recently started playing ha, but i don't really enjoy it as much as people made me believe i would; is dies irae more like fsn?

>Rin's respects the reader's intelligence and uses subtle scenes to develop its romance.
Dangerously based.

Just ignore the schizos, lets discuss stuff. Are there any useful water element spells in Fate? I don't remember any shown in canon except Kayneth's which is a mix of water and wind.

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The tattooes make her look like a freak

You don't mind her cheating on you?

I really wanna watch this timeline animated! Smug Sakura gives me life.
She's supposed to, being Dark Sakura.
She's surprisingly monogamous and more of a trad wife all things considered.

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>She's surprisingly monogamous
Keep deluding yourself

My precious wife would never ever do that!

Dies Irae is a godly masterpiece. Must read. To the end by the way, if you drop it 2 routes in then you didn't read anything.
>is dies irae more like fsn
Not sure how to answer this but it's WAY better than f/sn that's for sure. The only similarities I can think of is the priest character who is supposed to be homage to kirei I think, and he's excellent.

Keep deluding yourself

Gilbros I cant believe the entire cast is more popular than us...

t. gatchatard . Shows you haven't even played the original source material

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Keep deluding yourself

Let me guess, the original source material is Realta Nua?

>What is the original FSN novel?
You keep outing yourself as a filthy tertiary more and more.

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I'm the same, but with Rider

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Hot. Rider is an amazing servant, imagine putting her Riding Skill A+ to good use.

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In the original VN she is clearly a whore, wormfags always use Realta Nua as scapegoat.

There's really not much to miss out on regarding the F/SN visual novel.


Swimsuit Medusa this year for sure!

Stop embarrassing yourself already, post proof if you're so sure from the novel.

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Nice argument schizo

Curious how Rider suddenly couldn’t even make it into the top 20 by 2012. Where did all those fans of hers go?

Either way popularity is overrated. Provided she's your favorite, why does it matter what others think?
Also any chance she could have actually won the war?

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OP here.
I just want to say fuck you guys for derailing my Sakura appreciation thread.
Fuck you guys.

All versions of Sakura make me hard