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What would you fixed in the manga?

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I guess I need to wake up earlier to take over bumping when American go to bed

Or I can JUST SLEEP and let these threads die for good

>normalfags on Twitter/Instagram/Youtube be like "how can Marley be so stupid to declare war on Paradis if they have the Founder! it's like asking to be Rumbled"
also normalfags
>hey let's have a war against Russia! what could go wrong?

Why are people so dumb?

Why did Eren steals Armin's porn?

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>What would you fixed in the manga?
armin's lack of care for his best friends

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Because it's full of blonde gay twinks getting their asses destroyed by handsome brown haired, green eyed chads.


Only EH can keep these threads alive

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I love mikasa

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Post timeskip be like revenge of the sith with Eren as Anakin, Levi as Obiwan and Historia as Padme

>Levi as Obiwan
More like Armin. Levi doesn't do shit post TS other than owning the monke. Armin is the moralfaggot who's constantly against Eren.

But two of these characters don’t have screen time

Dilate whale

Is this a boy or a girl? i can't tell ^_^

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>Levi doesn't do shit post TS
OP asked how would you fixed the manga, Levi be more important post timeskip would be better

Should have worded it better then

We should first ask ourselves if it is sentient

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>What would you fixed in the manga?
Eren doesn't die.
Eremin platonic gaykino ending.
Mikasa an heroes after table scene.
Levi goes UI again post-TS and takes down several Colossals.
Zeke's retarded euthanasia plan is never brought up.
Gabi doesn't exist.
Reiner x Eren sparring at the end.
Annie is slowly crushed under a CT's foot.
Historia is pregnant with a child but it's unclear who is the father (like Eren, but it's set to remain ambiguous).

Hange burnt to a crisp remains.

>like Eren
likely* ^_^

From feminine in the first season to looking like a handsome man.

>Zeke's retarded euthanasia plan is never brought up.
Kill yourself it’s what makes him based
>Mikasa an heroes after table scene
Why don’t you do it?

but she is very cute

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Give me one argument for why historia shouldn’t have been in the Liberio battle alongside Connie jean and sasha

My mere existence makes you Mankasafags seethe. Thus I shall continue it.

Zeke was too based for this fanbase

Woops, I misread your post.

Dw, suicide is cool especially when eldians do it

Jesus why S4 Mikasa has such big boobs?

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Historia belongs to Chadmin. Stop fighting it. It's inevitable, it was always inevitable.

Virginkasa may have won Eren's heart, but Stacystoria won his cock

Remember this

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I unironically believe the baby will have green eyes with absolutely no explanation or further elaboration whatsoever

Stfu Mikasa fucked many men she lost her virginity very early

good, annie is for connie

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>What would you fixed in the manga?

>stop having the main characters change their minds every other page until they finally decide to take on Eren. Shit was fucking obnoxious
>remove the massive amounts of Gabi plot armor
>remove the world's autism since it's fucking retarded
>make the entire audience laugh at Willy's speech since he was a massive retard
>everyone surviving the final battle was fucking stupid and the most unrealistic thing in the series by a wide margin
>have a better reason than "muh family" for why the shifters didn't immediately BTFO Marley since that's a fucking retard reason that doesn;t hold any weight
>remove Mikasa's psychic power of knowing that Eren's real head is dangling inside Colossal Eren's mouth
>remove worm dying for no reason off screen
>remove convenient flying jaw titan asspull
>remove the absolute failure of trying to copy zero requiem

Forgot to add:
>remove the "YOUR genocide is BAD, MY genocide is GOOD!" autistic plot point
>remove Colossal Eren losing to a simple thunder spear when he has fucking war hammer powers
>remove the absolute fucking retarded "shifter ghosts take over the titan copies and attack the other copies to save The Avengers" faggotry
>remove everyone suddenly becoming a massive retard after time skip

But you’re removing stuff early in the timeskip and expecting the rest to stay the same.. that would make it a worse story

I'm saying to rewrite the entire thing because it's fucking stupid and reads as if it was written by a middle schooler. There is ZERO logical reason why the world would ADAMANTLY reject ANY notion of peace with Paradis when they FULLY ACKNOWLEDGE that if the rumbling happens there is NOTHING they can do to stop it, while also acknowledging that Paradis can start the rumbling whenever they want. Not only do they reject peace, they openly and proudly declare war on Paradis. It's the single most retarded thing I have ever read in media.

The timeskip is retarded and the premise of the fumbling is retarded
Stop being mad about it and move on

I will not stop being mad because it had all the potential in the world and they ruined it in the worst possible way. I also seethe at the thought that they will change the ending to make it to the world actually DOES accept peace, everyone relocates off the island, and the carpet bombing is just symbolic. Or worse, everyone relocates off the island except the "bad ones" who stay and die despite being in the right since day 1. Shit gets me fuming.

>No reliable future memories, build up eren’s dissapointment and retarded idea of freedom better
>Activating the rumbling needs something more complex than just eren and zeke touching
>Eren and his friends trust each other and fight together after Liberio
>WfP is actually one yuge battle involving everybody; paradis+allies vs marley, each side character get their resolution and their epic moment, necessary eren vs Reiner climax, historia has a political role setting up paradis’s allies or giving them The edge before the battle, Armin’s masterplan is what enables eren to activate the rumbling
>Eren/Zeke content of the path chapters moved to another context without time travel and schizo loli
>once rumbling start reveal why eren really wanted to rumble
>Dedicate most of the last arc to scenes of the rumblings and the world trying to stop it in vain
>Token conclusion for eren and mikasa that can be published in a shonen

That’s what I would do if I have to keep the same length, rumbling, and eren’s motives for it. Not too ambitious but simple and concise

About to head in for my first day of a new job. My anxiety is very high, but with Mikasa in my mind, I can do this!
I love her so much!

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Seek help and/or Jesus user

Everyone should be afraid of Christa's deadly headbutts.

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Eren should've completed the rumbling 100% and then reset everyones memories to the state they had at start of the story. So everyone believes humanity outside the walls is extinct. Only this time this lie is actually true. Their kids become the next Generation survey Corps, exploring the trampled ruins and start Eldian Expansion beyond Paradis.

Good luck

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How can anything be so badly written? How does anyone legitimately defend this?

>page 10
It's over

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I make fun of it

This autist probably knows more than you and me combined, and in that thread user wasn't really proven wrong, so it is not that bad written like a lot of people claim here.

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The ending largely makes sense, it’s just not very entertaining at face value and asspull-y, tho not too much in a contradicting way or retconning way

Biggest logical problems to based on the previous characterisation and setting are
>Mechanics of how The ancient shifters help the alliance
>Details and execution of armin-zeke talk and mikasa deciding to kill eren
>Eren should have been more insistent about protecting paradis in his final convo with armin, it wasn’t his #1 reason to rumble but it was big enough in his characterisation it needed to be addressed
>Incel panel is a bit out of line given prior momenrs even if the sentiments is understandable and eren was a little bit whiny at time, other than that the EM parts of the last chapters check out based on previous scenes
>Armin convincing the marleyan to make an armistice should have been better done
>In theory paradis should be destroyed earlier than 100 years in the future but we have no idea of what the remaining 20% were so it can be put to the holes in the worldbuilding

Fix these and it would be a conceptually lame ending that checks out and make some sense to me

I wish i was annie in this, towered by mikasa's tall body and overwhelmed by her big arms, hands and frame. Then, i wouldn't mind being stepped on repeatedly by her big feet until i start crying.

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Reminder that Eren only likes Bad girls and Historia is the baddest.

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She hasn't killed nearly as many people as Mikasa (none in human form and just 2 titans.) Even if you count saving Eren as an assist to the Rumbling, Mikasa has saved him many more times.

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Historia is easily the strongest character in relation to their size and physical strength desu

reminder eren almost died having sex with mimi

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Almost? He was in paths with her as he was getting beheaded (138), the AU was her ideal (138 isayama notes) , mikasa isn’t asexual (139 extra pages) , everything that happens in path is instantaneous in the world (120-122 events), therefore eren was having months to years of sex with mimi as he died

What a way to go! Eren is so fucking lucky to go out with a bang.

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Ugly art, why is mikasa so small?

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Now this is better

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