What the fuck

what the fuck

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o my ai aliens

I didn't get this part desu.

Ummmmm Jiren-sama????

it was a representation of memes on the wired becoming real, the ayy showing up in her room was a result of people talking about roswell

How about I show up in your room as a result of people talking about my rape records?

When I watched this shit I missed my sleep for a month after. Legit turned my brain funny and I started doing things like drawing and writing which I never liked before.

you were "visited" user

Nobody loves Lain anymore...

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ayy lmao

>aliens appear
>show turns to shit
Same thing happened with Naruto and Darling in the Fanxx...

Visited by mental illness. I now believe Lain is real and I have to lock my door when I sleep.

True tho de geso. The twist should've been the government hiding some shit from them, not aliens. The alien invasion ending sucks especially since it seems every studio trigger anime ends that way and they always fuck it up.


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>I now believe Lain is real and I have to lock my door when I sleep.
If she were real I wouldn't leave my door locked because I want her to visit me but this world sucks and I don't want her to put up with everyones bullshit, also I would probably not be very entertaining for her to be around
I do..

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Its also a nod to Ayys being involved with sleep paralysis nightmares and a shout out to Nightmare on Elm Street all in one move. Pretty brilliant actually.

I've finished the show yesterday any good analysis videos of it?

How did moe predict Jiren?

So was in the end Lain just another real world is better than internet story? Considering how Lain cherished her relationship with Arisu and adoptive dad to lesser extend above all,

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meant for

>he doesn't seem to understand
Shame, you seemed an honest man.

Ayy lmao :D

what's your favorite lain?
coomer-lain for me lads

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The 1~3 episodes meek Lain

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Sundress Lain at the end of the series was cute

I want to immediately retract this statement and correct myself because every iteration of Lain is cute and I just want to cuddle and protect her

Fucking whore.

and you don't seem to understand...


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Is Lain timeless as Evangelion?


it lives rent free in everyone´s head so yes

Smug Lain for me

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sex lain...

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There's like 1. But you're meant to draw your own conclusions from it.

A few years ago I would have reacted to this with disgust but I’ve turned into such a sick fuck that no other character makes me as hard as she does. I’m not sure what exactly it is considering Lain doesn’t have that much fan service and she’s a very plain looking girl, but she strikes the perfect balance of adorable and innocent and sexy and mature for me and I want to breed her and our raise weird internet nephilim with her

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no, the lains that cherished arisu and her fake dad were in their own heads. they pictured lain as someone who would cherish their relationships so that's who we the audience see in those scenes.

Every lain only existed in the memories of those around her, but they were all lain.

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Oh yeah, well, I want to fuck her.

She should only be allowed to wear that nightgown. No other clothes permitted

>not bear suit

Very smol kuma Lain for me.

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Jiren won

Does anyone have that image of a bear wearing a Lain suit?

Jiren before he got buff

was she the blueprint for smug anya?

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Lain and Jiren's son deserves respect, you faggot.

I'll admit you made a Decent point


The alien represents Lain's alienation.

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Why does he look like he's about to take a shit in a condom?

came here to post Spirit Circle ayys, good job


I would guide you to max derrat but, as the other user said, you have to get to your own conclusions