One Piece

What did they say?

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He said Wano will end soon and everyone laughed



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>so fucking full of hate for wano and the kozuki that being burned alive did nothing to him

is orochi, dare i say it, based?

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so where is my bonney gf?

Just reported that pepitochiken guy for copyright abuse

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Yamata no Orochi has to be the worst zoan in the series
What does it even do?

Who and what

pePUTOcucken amirite

Esto es el fin Kai D. O

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Thanks for posting the latest Yamato art user, good to see someone else collecting new stuff

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Cracker, my beloved

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Look at the watermark
This dude really thinks he can watermark someone else's work

You’re welcome

>He’s not smiling

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Another week where Luffy and Kaido stare at each other
Jesus christ, this hack...

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>shit art
>amazing art

It's almost like shit characters attract shitty artists.

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lol that's Oda's pen name

Oh yeah? What now?

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Someone post that Sanji in WCI one

Fuck off

What? That's fucking John Giant.

>Last time on One Piece
Luffy is about to punch Kaido
Momo struggles to push the island and has a samurai Flashback

>This time on One Piece
Luffy is about to punch Kaido
Momo struggles to push the island and has a samurai Flashback

fucking hell, I hope none of you pay money to read this


Wano will end in 5 minutes

Read it in binge.

>I hope none of you pay money to read this
user, reading on Viz is free

Eden's Zero > Post-Timeskip One Piece

Mashima has better art, characters, paneling, choreography, etc.

Of course his manga is nicer to look at, he just draws porn disguised as shonen

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I don't like this blurry effect some artists put on eyes

And then I'll deliver Binks' Sake!

Eat well and don't sexualize Brulee

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Neither do I

I'm going to rupture Brulee's asshole and there is NOTHING any of you can do about it.

Impregnating Brulee and not taking responsibility!

His art also isn't 90% just sketches and you can actually tell what's happening because he is just a better artist.

Oda's been shit for at least 10 years.

Can hardly get her face right.

>PROBABLY the Germa

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>dragon sameface
Just like Kyros

>Smoker and Tashigi with SSG gear

I'll admit it.
when Brulee first appeared I really wanted to suck on her fat tits while she cradled me

Do you have good genes? Are you rich? If not...
Drink bleach, hate yourself, skip exercise

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Brulee's tits are small, saggy and wrinkled in the manga. They are only big in the anime because Toei fucking sucks.

I summon Kaido and attack your lifepoints directly

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>Kaido fearlessly running head first into Luffy’s attack
Yeah, the raid is definitely failing.

what's the card with the sound effect say?
"Don" or "Nika"?

Brulee is fucking ugly and unloved. I bet her twin sister gets heaps of sex. She probably gets creampied daily. Meanwhile Brulee hasn't had a man look at her endearingly in her entire life. She's 43 and still a virgin.

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DON of course

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They said “I want to be able to eat anywhere in the world for free”

Flampe’s egg thing looks like a full diaper

There was no man good enough for Brulee. Plus she is in shock now since Luffy tried to rape her

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>probably germa

Blackbeard king back on the menu

So is this a mobile game or what?

mil sugi

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One Piece has a trading card game now

Predict Kaido's expression in the next chapter

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Just realized don is the sound effect for a drum beat

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Kek but yeah the wording is weird. Maybe Pudding freed the other 2 and she is now pretending to be Reiju as a distraction. Don't know who would be playing the Ichiji part though

> Katakuri tries to get Luffy to fuck his sister to carry on the Charlotte line

>Luffy. you must take responsibility and fuck my sist-
>Don't listen to him, Luffy. I've known you since you were a runt and gave you the very straw hat you wear on your flag. You should fuck my dau-

mariejoa represents oppression and elitism
fishman island represents segregation and discrimination
the grand line and red line represents the separation of the seas
all will be destroyed
just like he destroyed namis room at arlong park because it represented her captivity
just like how luffy destroyed the navy’s flag because it represented the enemy which pursued robin all of her life