Jujutsu Kaisen

Leaked panels are out early, brothers.

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i hope the translations come out soon because what the hell is happening here? hakaris domain takes them into a wierd wage slave train station world? looks cool though.


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gege pls

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It's been a while since we saw Hakari fight, totally forgot we saw his CT having to do with subway train doors.

I don’t mean to start anything, but Hakari and the other girl an arc ago, their character roles remind me of Morel and Knov from HxH. Basically tough guys who were introduced on the protagonist’s side, though only Morel got much of substance due to the circumstances. I feel like Hakari is taking the Morel-like role, but it doesn’t feel like it’s working for me. I’m not really sure why, either. Not really too interested in him. I feel like he has the potential to be somewhat interesting as well. Is it just because the arc as a whole still feels a bit aimless? There’s a goal of sorts, but it’s not a particularly concrete one with how it’s going to be accomplished.

so the reason yuta can beat hikari is because his curse technique is to confusing and only he understands it.

Ah okay, this is probably what Yuta meant when he said that Hakari was only strong that him while he's 'on a roll'. And the last time they sparred was probably when Yuta got demoted back to grade 4.

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If Gege needed to include two whole pages of graphs and charts to explain this ability, I think that’s a sign he went a little overboard.


editor-kun is to afraid to tell gege no because he might snap and kill him

That's actually fucking hilarious that there's two whole diagram pages dedicated to Hakari's powers. sasuga gege

JJK in a nutshell

Peak fiction.

it might be time to make a 2.0 edition

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a visual medium


You can't get more alpha than this.

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>This floods in to the weeaboo's brain
killing it instantly

Gege is creative but not very smart

Hakari sparring with Vol. 0 Yuta is a funny thought


Gege smoking crack again

She's already the cutest girl in the series

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truly the hxh successor

you say that for every new girl

Hakari is not interesting enough to warrant this, if anything it makes me care about him even less


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very rough tl.
>"Private Railway Pure Love Train" is
>By Nakamura Candy-shi. The peak of seinen love comedy!!
>To use that as the content of a gamble
>You did properly read the original piece, didn't you!?
>You said the jackpot probability is 1/239!?
>You think I'm going to laze around and keep on pulling on that low probabilty lottery!?
>I can see your future movements you know!!
It seems like Hakari wants to gamble on the manga Charles likes

>Private Railway Pure Love Train
what the hell kinda name is that gaygay?

>Private Railway Pure Love Train
>Love Rendezvous
Interesting name choices for these lovers

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So it seems like Hakari's CT is about a pachinko adaptation of a specific series(or maybe the series in question is variable?), the setting of which involves the subway, hence the subway doors.

Why does she remind me of fushimoto girls?

because she's not drawn in gege's usual style, as she's supposed to be from a manga

I think it's fixed, his CT really is a romcom-themed pachinko

How the fuck does a 6 year old get that sort of ct?

dont think too much about it, gege didnt

Gege what the fuck
He is really autistic when making powers

You say that when Kenjaku probably realized at age 6 his involved dying and hijacking someone else's body

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Some people are just natural born gamblers like Akagi

you never wanted to be someone else?

curses are born from collective fear, CTs probably work in a similar way, tapping into the collective consciousness which is why new CTs end up mixed with modern concepts

I feel like body death and rebirth may be abit much for a 6 year old Kenny nonetheless

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>Yume "The last train... is gone..."
>That's wrong
>With real ability
>I seized luck

So Hakari is Nagito?

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Yep, it was even explained in the guidebook that Naobito’s CT was born around the same time moving pictures came about, making it somewhat modern.
Add on what Kenjaku mentioned in Ch. 160 when he was going into people’s dreams “The space between dream and reality is a curse.” Other translations had this place called the cursed realm. Collective consciousness is a very important and repeated theme to the world and power system of JJK.

Toshiya and others confirmed the big hit ?? Same. Rule explanation CR Private railway pure love train Kitsuba and Jijii "Bakuto" is an area modeled on a real pachinko machine #Rules are simple If you have 3 symbols, you will get a big hit # If you draw a big hit, I () will have a certain bonus You can get it. ”I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of bonus it is! Easy attention! Ido Expectation Reach Action Game Flow Kokii Ai Transportation IC Card Reach @pepii If the spirit generates a production (ability) more than once, it will be released to reach! Industrial competition movement reach or 2 probable change. Big hits Inadvertently special rapid service Patience reach Normal time saving * Hanakin Last train Reach expectations are high! 70 or 30 rotations "Haokin Hanakin Reach is a fierce heat with an expectation of over 80% at the time of development !! The main heroine Asagiri Yume's special gravure occurs ?? Even with a low-expected reach, if you pick up a chance up, there is a possibility of a big hit ...!? Dream yokoku enshutsu notice production Bossei Amanogawa cut-in Enshi Amanogawa Senbaisuke Dachi During the reach production, Amanogawa senior is a helper sword? And it's the 4th time, and it's a big hit.

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Yeah, that makes sense and Yuta probably didn't have his domain back then so it wasn't in his favor.

shitposting bot broke?

I threw the page into a translator you fool. Usually when it comes to importing an image Gege's Japanese might aswell be chicken scratches

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I dropped JJK some three months ago, and judging from this thread it hasn't gotten interesting enough again to pick it up.

JJK techniques college class