Dragon Ball Super

New anime in July.

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The modteam finally got tired of the low-quality posting and the person above you spamming the catalog with garbage threads, so now Dragonball is no longer allowed on Yea Forums. Seek for the current locale of Dragonball Super threads, the resident home of all exiled and dead generals.

They're raiding threads there too so it's only a matter of time until it's sitewide

I like Goku.

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Let's be honest, these recent arcs would have been a million times more interesting if they included the other universes.

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I like bejita

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>create an entire multiverse worth exploring because the "story" of U7 essentially ended with Buu, a literal cosmic horror, as the most powerful intergalactic thread in existence
>blow your load early on the ToP as the obvious series climax
>"w-wait wait we wanna write even more! B-But we already had an inter-universal tournament for the strongest!"
>just go back to "here's this random alien in U7 who was stronger than Majin Buu all along, just coincidentally nobody ever met him/he was imprisoned/he was only recently created/etc."

>wanting it to be more like el grande tour


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Why did Bejita break the eggs?

I fricking LOVE moe!

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>wanting it to be more like Grand MASTERPIECE

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*coof coof* a-are we b-back? *coof*

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>old hag

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>gohanfag confuses a cat with Bulma

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Chino!!! I miss you!!!!

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soon to be "son chino"

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Ah yes, that old hag.

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Average Gokubro.

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Make fun of him one more time and I'll show you true darkness.

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>Making fun of LORDANDSAVIOURku
I'll give a 15 second head start

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Gentlemen... it's over.

Jiren won.

I still cannot believe Toyotaro retconned Hakai

I have no friends... Goku is also my favorite character...

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>Start poting on /dbs/ again
>Immedieatly moved to trash
The jannies are out to get me

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The secret movie villain is Cell, isn't it?

Good times kek. I'm very cautious about his Bardock rewrite, hope he doesn't retcon anything major.

it's raditz

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Wait, is this real? Have we actually been banished to /trash/?

Nobody knows because mods don't fucking communicate. It was most likely just a rogue janny off his meds. This recently started happening around this time (midnight EST) and lasts for a couple hours, so it's the same faggot sperging out every time.

>complaining about moderation

Repoting for duty sir.

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>18 with black hair



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Why did he do it?

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What’s next for 17 now that his swimsuit got taken?

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Does anybody have a link to a Dragonball a brooch can dub ( it the 4shit one). It was like nigga turtles as a hood dub and had songs like elder leopard and cheerleader

Based jannies treating the 3rd world as it deserves. If they start doing this with isekai generals too Yea Forums will be better than it has in decades.

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/dbs/ is dead. Move along.

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Goku: For the last time, we don't offer discounts for self-proclaimed emperors of the universe.


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You’re back.... I missed you so much /dbs/ please never ever leave me again..

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God help us

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>implying ova cuckdock is canon



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I have never been to /trash/, what's it like?