Yea Forums meetup was a great success, thanks to everyone who came!

Yea Forums meetup was a great success, thanks to everyone who came!

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me on the top left

Me with the strawberry plushie

I was only in this meetup

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I bet that iguana is absolutely terrified.

I'm the ojiisan that took the picture

Me with the twintails on the floor.

I'm the second one with the glasses

Yea Forums is 90% trannies, makes sense

>thanks to everyone who came
No problem, I did it inside all of (You).

imagine being a father, and 35 years later this is what your son turns into

Vegeta is the dominant personality in Vegito, but he's rigidly opposing Goku's reliance on instict that makes him such a trickster. Goku's not learning anything either. Still tensing up and losing Ultra Instinct because he can't own it.

Vegito needs to show them how it's done. Otherwise neither of them will be stronger than Jiren. Not even stronger than Broly. They're both getting fodderized in their own story.

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The statistics show that there is at least 1 loli browsing Yea Forums

We're not much better by posting on a loli thread on Yea Forums.

He's gotten used to idol shenanigans.

Not true at least I am not balding and I stopped taking estrogen 4 months ago

Is that fucking Furude Rika????

Meant for

Im not in the picture but I came

Me the nopan slut

Looks more tired than anything.

I was the bed by the way

You are not a little girl, you are an adult male.

I would kill you all

This guy's head keeps changing in size every time this image is posted.

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Who's the biggest slut out of all the little idols, and why is it Chie?

You need to be 18+ to post on this board.

Who's up for some after party cuddling? I'm the one holding the teddy bear.

me under the bed

imagine the smell

Are the balloons trapped human souls?

Ben Franklin always makes me giggle.

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Me in the bathroom masturbating while everyone else is taking the photo

Me on the left in the girl's hands

That's kind of sad. You should have fun with your friends while you can.

why do you think that?

>replying to the schizo
retard, just report and ignore, a janny will probably clean it up soon enough

Make Arisu Gape Again

it was me
i am the iguana
it was okay

Most of these people are dead nowadays.

about 41% of them definitely are


>both like perverting little children
>both have no filter on sexual topics
>both think they're women
>both are obsessed with being loved by women and sorrunded by them (harem, romcomfags)
>both are mentally ill and lash out in anger when you point out flaws in the stuff they're consuming
the parallels are all there, it's almost the same community

You speak as if you're not a regular on Yea Forums but instead a crossie tourist.

it used to be tamer, now Yea Forums as a whole went throught a demographic change in userbase and throught a complete pedophilication as well as perversion
there's no longer subtility and everything's is just right in your face

That looks like it smells


Did you mean Yukimi

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Me eating pocky

POV: you arrive at epstine island for the first time

She looks just like her. How is this allowed?

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Azns with long purple hair and hime cutes are rook same (sexy)

You are manly men with shaved beards and some fat in your belly

Can someone redraw this with ugly bastards

There are many adjectives I would use to describe this smug cat, but "sexy" is not one of them.

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>it used to be tamer
My man, Yea Forums used to have a loli board.

I wanna be whatever is crawling out of that couch on the right

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tame this
*unzips dick*

Me in the sheep pajamas.

you sound like a /new/fag but even /new/ died before you came here.

>headcanon headcanon headcanon
I understand now how propaganda can so easily demonify the "other"
humans just have an instinctual urge to invent fairy tales about those they don't like