Shiboritoranaide, Onna Shounin-san

>Is the only good /ss/ on the market right now
What trope has yet to be used?
>Main girl is a retard
>Older sister is a yandere
>Elf loli is a tsundere
>Raccoon girl is a kuudere who also lusts after the loli

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Will the creator of this make Daniella fall in love with Lavi like he has with all the other girls?

Needs a reverse trap

>Shitty translations
>Censored to Hell and back
>Half-chapter release schedule

I genuinely didn't expect his Fanbox posts to be as lewd as they are. I am genuinely surprised


I want to experience Daniella's iron maiden

Found the leak, fucker has like 20 different names he uses.

I'm surprised this manga isn't more popular on here.

Is that all? I saw his porn pixiv and it's fucking insect porn.

Damn Rabi got some hips


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seems like the artist's a woman

>seems like the artist's a woman
Why do you think so?
Also women don't make harem manga, they hate the self-insert genre.

Some women like cute girls and want to be the MC, too.

>Why do you think so?
shota got lewded

Dat racoon girl.

>Wears a skimpy bikini
>Fucking large and thicc
>Kuudere with ninja shadow powers
>Covers herself with a cloak
>Uses it and her bod to smudge the shit out of her unsuspecting shota victims.

If only the cloak was floor-length a la boogiepop she would be beyond perfect.

Besides the ecchi, it's actually a fun manga. Pic related is fun as well.
Probably will make it a "I'm fine with a threesome with my mistress" affair.
What's wrong with the translations?

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the censorship came out of nowhere whats the deal with that?

>Also women don't make harem manga
They do make reverse harems though (see Ouran)

Thank you, leakfinder.

>onee chan is not the main heroine
seriously why they do this to me?

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>mc is eternal /ss/
fucking based

>submissive shota
That said, the Tanuki bitch has a really nice body.

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Get fucked

Men can be shotacons too, bro. I don't like it but it's the truth.

Is there even enough material of this series to make a whole 10 to 12 episode anime? Or does it need more chapters? How much chapters does a manga need in order for an anime adaptation to happen?

I'd say atleast 50+ chapters. A manga should have atleast enough material for two seasons to be considered for an anime. Only outliers to this rule are mangas where the anime only serves as a promo, meaning one season only and nothing else ever again.

What kind of insect porn?

this bitch be wearing Kaiba's jacket...

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As expected. Bugmen.

You cried about this in one of the previous threads with the exact same picture. Fuck you, we've had a complete dearth of good inhuman monster/tentacle porn in the last 10-15 years. It's all fucking orc/goblin motherfuckers these days

>one of the previous threads with the exact same picture
I like my Egyptian Sphinx.

So you're saying there's enough for at least one season?

I mean it's not the worst insect porn I've seen, there's way worst shit out there.

Not that bad, all things considered. Insect porn can get a lot more fucked.

They do it to get people to buy the tanks.

Nigga even made face hugger porn, classic.

>giant black bar censorship
So fucking gay + no paizuri/implied either, that's like an /ss/ staple
Lame as fuck

for me, it's the plastic cup

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Tankoubon, as in, the manga volumes.

More tomorrow.

So they purposely censor the manga to release a version of it uncensored but costs more?
What, is next translated chapter tomorrow?

>Is the only good /ss/ on the market right now
Did you forget Ane Naru Mono's existence?

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>So they purposely censor the manga to release a version of it uncensored but costs more?
Oldest trick in the book.

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>Only one girl

>So they purposely censor the manga to release a version of it uncensored but costs more?
That's been the industry standard for years, decades even.

Chiyo is all you need. Why ask for more low-quality girls when you already got the best one?

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I like multiple girls instead of just one fighting over the love of a shota

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>What, is next translated chapter tomorrow?
Someone answer this question? What does he mean by tomorrow?

Doubt it would be tomorrow, latest translated chapter was three days ago and most of them release every other week.

So what did he mean by tomorrow?

If I was being hopeful, uncensored content.

>What's wrong with the translations?

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>firing mah lazer
in 20+22

A literal blast from the past.

an austin powers reference

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If they do the porn in which a face hugger is penetrating the vagina is it even called a face hugger anymore?