Orc Hero/Mushoku Tensei and Rifujinna Magonote appreciation thread

This is an ORC OP for manly anons such as myself who know what honor and bravery entails.
Mushoku sissies are also welcome.

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Its like you want rabu user and slutty elf user to fight

So just a discount guts, but green?

>slicing bears
It's already over, nobody can stop him now.

I picked up Orc Hero because I saw Asanagi's art and went in expecting cheap smut but it was honestly a really interesting read. I haven't touched Mushoku Tensei because I'm allergic to isekai but I'm tempted to start it.

It absolutely was cheap smut though. MT might be worth your time though.

It has proper worldbuilding vol 2 was pretty good.
Seethe ya pussy

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There was literally no eroticism in the first volume except for a suggestive picture of an undescribed daydream and about half a page of force stripping that didn't even finish.

>It absolutely was cheap smut though.

>I haven't touched Mushoku Tensei
watching an anime episode is pretty easy desu. If you somehow hate s1cour1e1, then I would say don't bother with the rest. Watch anime, then read LNs.
LNs are better; anime is an edited down/cliff notes version story wise, but you get good graphics and really good music. Manga is not so hot (although some seem to like it). It doesn't have the story telling craft (?) that the LNs have. Anime does do a good job of capturing LN's "magic". And Reading the WNs are for when you run out of LNs and are too impatient to wait.

Author is a pretty decent writer

>Orc Eroica = "orc erotica"
as a play on words maybe?

Orc is like a throwaway side project which his editor decided to capitalize on by hiring Asanagi to make easy $$$ I’m genuinely surprised this even took off.

Original source has ONLY 5 volumes out so far and it already got an LN, a manga and even an official English localization kek

People who just look at illustrations would probably think this was some kind of Asanagi doujin but once they start reading they realize it's about dignity, self-respect, trust, courage, fearlessness, grit, valor and heroism.

Looks like a shitty Berserk with random bears instead of apostles

I just want to know why Silent Fitz's bulge (albeit small) was never explained. Was is some sort of Asuran magical item from the royal treasury that Ariel made him(her) wear? Or is it something to do with erufu anatomy?

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To explain in MT baby speech he's would probably be somewhere around the strength of a sword king maybe even bordering emperor so yea no wonder.

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Holy shit she’s so ugly here. It’s insane how much of an ugly busu one can be in fiction~

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>bears instead of apostles
>implying apostles are in any way bad or evil when Rudy was technically one himself
Shizo dragon rambling

no such thing this is about a mans journey, a clash of ideals this a story which combats the defeatism, fatalism ideology and mindset which is so prevalent today especially prevalent in countries that have lost a war, it's to prove that despite being so it's not all over as long as honor and tradition is not snuffed out.

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Hiring Asanagi for a story where a monster virgin has to learn to respect women to get action is a ballsy move

See this is where you're wrong it's not about respecting w*men it's about respecting yourself.
Respecting the circumstances that have led to protecting the peace treaty even if you have to be forced to respect w*men.

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Pretty much this. Just stay away from the manga.

mosaic hands typed this out

>draw a boy
>call it a girl

Post the mesugaki elf loli.

Sonia isn't a mesugaki she's just an incel loser.

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See how flat she is? That makes me rock hard.

That afterword tho

Forgot pics

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Sasugasm. Only Rifujin can turn a throwaway side story with such a simple dumb premise(thanks editor-kun) into something sellable.
Unironically expecting an anime in the future.

>being distracted by Mushoku Tensei
not like this MTsisters...


>dresses like a male
>acts like a male
>looks like a male
>walks like a male
>successfully fools everyone that sees her into thinking she is a male -and does so for several years
>husband later describes her as having a "natural boyish nature"

the only thing female looking about her is her vagina, esp. when she cuts her hair short.

>to Editor K for putting up with me being distracted by Mushoku Tensei and making their job a lot harder
He was being mindful of Editor K. Orcsissies, are we really this dumb?

>dresses like a male
>acts like a male
>looks like a male
>walks like a male
>grows a pregnant belly
guys I think that Silent Fitts might be female

Not that bad for a semi-realistic fanart tbqh. Tho the coloring's a bit rough, refine that just slightly and it'd've decent

obvs a case of mpreg

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honestly, this is how I imagine Sylphy after we de-animefy it. She wasn't the prettiest but she had a charm to her.

>all we know is that Fitz is a boy
>one day the legendary Quagmire Rudeus enters the university
>establishes himself as a crime boss
>known to use dark arts of magic
>one day Fitz is made to drink a strange potion used by asuran noble degenerates
>Rudeus then fucks, marries and impregnates him


I, the lengendary Cliff Grimoire, shall look in to this strange occurance. First I would need to interview the strange elven follower of Rudeus, the one with the beautiful blonde hair and angel like face. Wish me luck.

ah, sheds new light on Zanoba calling out the Asuran nobility (ie: Greyrats) for being boy-loving sodomites

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berserk also has apostles

But why do they serve Hitogami? He’s not even from their universe but the six-sided world.

according his latest azur lane doujin, asanagi only respects flat women

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you're joking right user?

Considering the Ajax one was the closest thing he's done to vanilla, I can believe it.
>No sharing
>No permanent damage
>Girl liked SKK all along

I'm not, while there is no concept of touki in this series he can fight for like 3 days and 3 nights non-stop before finally passing out, that would never happen in MT as fights there end very quickly, this is a thing because of his racial predisposition, strength and toughness which also translates into speed and swinging sword fast unga bunga, and as a cherry on top after fighting so long in that war and somehow surviving he managed to gain tremendous technique and experience thus he's not just swinging his sword mindlessly either but has actual technique on top of winning the genetic lottery.

So basically he could beat Eris

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He’s tankly but not immortal their world is more of a low fantasy world so there are simply fewer people who can kill him

Did the author ever start writing the web novel again?

>Not actually joking
If slicing bears is the best thing he can do then he's advanced level at best. Reminder that Eris sliced through the big snek in the demon continent forest

Read migga read,

Redundancy/Jobless Oblige
Old Dragons Tale.
These are the things you missed out on.

>If slicing bears is the best thing he can do
trust me dude’s not inferior to any touki terminator he’s just naturally superhuman(duh he’s an orc blademaster)

So he would just a little behind Ruijerd huh... He looks like a serious character, would be interesting to see some interactions with a character similar to Badi.

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He and Badi would definitely get along.

>237352047 (Not going to give a You)
>So basically he could beat Eris

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I’m not kidding seriously give it a go see for yourself.

Eris will SUCCUMB to the gallant OrCOCK whether you LIKE IT OR NOT.

Eris will be a part of orc village breeding sows whether you like it or not