One Piece

Early spoiler pics this week

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Only a few are out, but they’re the most important ones anyway

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Happy to see my boy Cracker

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Chad D. Roger > Incel D. Luffy

katakuri won

No break next week

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Why did One piece's art regress so much? This is trash comapred to something from Alabasta or Skypiea.

Makes no sense.

Not a transformation its the same technique Yamato used for her Ice armor

>Luffy fuck me and make me your wife

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What was the point of Hiyori?

Did kaido get bigger or did luffy get smaller


To upgrade Zoros sword

>Not laughing anymore
Guess Luffy is running on fumes now.

kaido got bigger, probably the awakening?



I’m sure this will definitely finish the fight, yes sir.

Name the position of your most wanted Strawhat.

Excellent post

the raid is going to fail.

>slow dump
>over 11 missing pages
>out of order
>badly cropped double spreads
Fuck. Only Arabs are reliable.


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doesn't even have the same color scheme also gear 5 is way cooler

Doesn't even have the same powers. Also back to your containment thread.

K5 to L10

That's silver you blind fuck.

Go be a faggot somewhere else

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Two flaming dragons
The guys head is a '!' symbol
He used that fat yamato sketch to make another samurai kek

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Love yourselves, take vitamine D, drink a lot of water, don't fap to Brulee too much

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I don't fap to Brulee at all
That's healthy right?

That sketch literally says that's NOT Yamato. They chose to showcase his design alongside her sketches, and that's literally what the vivre card says.

>The same cliffhanger for the 4th week in a row

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He knows that already. It's overused bait.

Bajrang? What is a poo-in-loo ghettospeak doing in my glorious nippon manga?

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oda giving a tiny loaf leftover to his indonesian fanbase

Blame your sister for dressing like a slut, Oven

Look at that dragon.

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>Early spoiler pics this week
Aren't they actually very late spoiler pics cuz the early raw provider got busted?

Quartermaster He's already in too

Cracker my beloved

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There's a purpose behind Luffy's at least, Goku Blanco is just "what hair color have we not used yet" while Luffy's is meant to be an old school rubber hose cartoon, I wouldn't be surprised if they leave him black and white for the color manga scans and anime.

God I love Psychoku

Why hide the germa sillhuetes and then reveal them through Brulee? Like there is something fishy about it. Maybe Pudding gave Brulee fake memories?

who is the guy 3rd from left.
looks like a wano zoro

Zoros second cousin once removed who taught Yamato how to read or something

> White hair form gained by being pushed to their peak by a monster of a fighter everyone's been trying to chip down
> Each fight take after Royal Rumbles

Brulee says to cracker
>“It”’s PROBABLY germa”

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Clear as day that Oda used Hanuman as an inspiration.
White monkey vs red dragon (emperor of the sea)

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How could she give her fake memories of something that was going to happen in the future? It's not like Pudding can fake who arrives in town. Besides all Brulee would have to do is look into the mirror and see who is in the island

Devonchads? Is it our rapist dyke time to shine?

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I shall use this thread to ask my question.
Why are Dragon ball threads being deleted?

>Runs headfirst into it like a CHAD
Why am I supposed to hate this raid boss, again?

Not to mention Hanuman's classical sideposing is just like Joyboy without the spear

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ew i hate sex now

It’s not germa

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I want her to sit on my face

reverse cowgirl

Before anyone gets their hopes up. It HAS to be Germa related. This is a cover story ABOUT Germa

> That Classic Cover Story Exclamation Point


>5 minutes in between these panels

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Everything in moderation, user.

the rape will succeed!

I think Pudding stole memories from the captured Germa when she punched them so she could accurately recreate the other siblings out of chocolate or some shit

It could be about yonji and niji escaping while shit goes down and they see it

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It's going to come out that Wano was completely different from what Oda had in mind.
So many weird plot points that were either rushed or dropped, and it's not like we didn't have a shit ton of filler chapters where this stuff could've been resolved. Shit, Hiyori was with him for like 12 chapters only to sit on her ass and do nothing, then cry when she could just walk and stab the nigga.