Ran's spicy personality is very precious.

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But she's Yum Yum not Spicy.

Cute and canon

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Spent today re-watching Rem-chan's show.

Mana da bes

This but unironically

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Wow a shielder that actually can use her shields to fight in a cool way.
Feels like Rosetta was the last cool shielder.

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is this a precure reference

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So far, with a small party, the tactics during the MotW fight have been pretty on point, which each Cure having a clear creative role and objective in defeating it. I fear that will end when Amane joins and the fights will become generic Cure kicks all over the place, like usual.

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It’s blatantly the Yes5

Yeah, that's Yes! 5.

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pretty Rikka........
prettier Alice................

funny doujins

Since the cures are getting extra attacks in like two episodes, I wonder which will be Amane's food gimmick if she has one in first place since she'll start with her weapon toy.

Naughty girls who don't do their homework or eat their green peppers shall be taken to the Kig Dimension, ho ho ho

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Now I want to see kigs in the Backrooms

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original size is too big

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I love green peppers

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>2 threads

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I'm more surprised when there isn't 2 threads these days, Satan.

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Surprised Precure

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imagine the triangle chokes

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Every single transformation
Also every single transformation

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Post more Ran

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Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries shilling Delicious Party

Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries Precure confirmed

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With Cure Farm, Cure Tree, and Cure Fish.
Poor Takumi.


That burger must taste really fucking good

I see no difference between Megumi and Seiji and Yui and Takumi.

You might need to get you eyes checked then.

Which Cures need to get their eyes checked?

Any cure that's supposed to wear glasses but doesn't.

Haruyama is really putting extra effort since he started working in Precure, it's obvious that his current role is a mere test, he needs to prove himself reliable after making the hugest stash of Precure lewds ever... and then one day... new season with Haruyama designs.

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I'd rather have the twins design a season.

He still draws lewds in private 100%.

One day.

If you mean design-wise then get your eyes checked. If you mean their relationship megumi and seiji ended HaCha in "romantic" terms, to say a word, just give yui and takumi time.

Obviously I was talking about their relationships you absolute mongoloids. Are you unable to draw context from things?

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Don't be rude just because you can't make your thoughts clear. And to that, no. I don't think their relationship is all that similar.

I know that feeling bro, it sucks and it hurts.

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Wasn't the new Battle Athletes his designs

This is perfect for anyone who does mirrorplay

Yeah and they really look like they came out of Smile except with sexier sillhouettes, it's not like he's a complete newcomer to character design so the meme magic really could come true.

Washing your hair in a bathrobe is more fun then you'd think

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You're right, I just search them and their eyes and faces look like out of Smile, I really like that character design so I might check the show.


One genki retard was already too many.

But Ran's not dumb.

Are you guys going to watch our bigger brother's anime?

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Yes, W is my favourite 3D anime.

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What the fuck is this trash

New anime sequel of Kamen Rider W from 2009-2010 (reads as Double), two users fuse to become one hero, it's kinda like fusing Futari Wa with a detective show.