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>JJK is only popular because of its animation

Wow that was terrible

To the average normalfag this is godtier animation. Or to translate
>Yoooo that shit looked tight bruh! Fr on god yo JJK goated with the sauce

Yes. Normalfags have shit taste.

better than your favorite

First garo series was their last good animation

>posts the same webm over and over again
pretty sure anons haven't seen JJK0 yet

0 was barely ova level animation, definitely not movie-tier.

Fr fr no cap my nigga! JJK goated anime of all time jit. You my nigga fr I fuck wit you cuh

I can see clear as day that this cut doesn't look good, but I just don't know how to describe it. Is it not polished, is that what's wrong with it?

Is this Yuri on Ice?

>character randomly starts ice skating

so talking like a normal fag is just talking like a black person? Think you might live in the ghetto sir

What's with the graphic effects? It clashes with the artstyle hard.

One time, I went to Japan with my family. We passed by a Panda mascot, when all of a sudden he fought me! I fought back, and part of his costume fell off. It was Gege that was under the costume! Shame on you Gege for trying to attack me!

This and the nonstop mindless action

this looks completely awful

So this is where the Yuuri on Ice staff have been hiding

I actually like the way energy splashed look. Cool color chouce too

>dat skating
>dem wobbly legs
>dat dainty spinzaku jump
>dat wimpy punch
>dem blue splotches of "energy" layered over everything
The art itself looks fine but wow the animation is trash tier. Some studios might lack budget and skill but can still make things look good through style or soul... this is literally just laziness. Mappa is unironically the worst


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>retards on Twitter think this is good animation

What the fuck is this obsession with studios trying to do naruto but having no idea how to pull it off

I can't believe I'm complimenting Toei but not only have they done that sprinty long jumpy style better in openings but 1015 showed how something simple like a stand off, jump and then punch can be amazing when you understand animation, direction, and effects. the pseudo rotoscoped feel seems to not work for any studio but pierrot. Even cringe Bones with a million greyed out flashy impacts is better

Again, fuck Toei but when was the last time MAPPA made you say "wow, that was a cool/interesting way to visualize that" or "wow that is genuinely impressive" like with pic related? NEVER. Fucking One Piece of all series has made me feel that way a good few times even before Wano shit. Same with Naruto. HxH. Bleach.

Because MAPPA is adequate budget and nothing else, everything they do looks like fucking fan animations with generically "good fight animation", as in not slideshow shit and very frantic, but missing any sort of quality control, directing, choreo beyond flailing trying to imitate Naruto martial arts, or understanding of techniques. Overworked Filipinos used to doing short movements on actual anime producing mcdonald's bullshit like the SNK declaration scene. It will always feel underwhelming, disjointed, cringe, garbage. I've seen Western twitter freelancers do better. Studios are starting to hire some of them actually. MAPPA will never produce a good season. Oh, and the colors and lighting FUCKING SUCK. FUCK MAPPA. SOULLESS.

Also the worst possible studio to pick up something crazy like CSM. Can't wait to see black eye lines and blur effects all over Thorfinn too.

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chain cuck is gonna be made by mappa?

Kek, this was an insult after that PV full of sakuga they didnt use in the actual show. And still had shills defending it because "muh shitgo shitsume cant do wrong" the same hipsters that shilled faggy boy.

This is better animation than Shitgeki

Nah Part 2 had better animation than JJK

keiichiro watanabe should stick to morphing animation everything else he does looks bad


Why not educate them by posting superior animation?


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Not even close. Part 2 was hideous just like part 1. Full of ugly chi titans and ugly 2d art.

>expecting shitgeki fags to have any standards

You wish MAPPA animated My Slideshow Academy, Jeremy.

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cry more

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Kek, what a shitty sequence of animation


You will never fit in.

>shitgekitard talking about fitting in
Now that's funny

saying this is the new "let's call everything reddit so I look like I've been here a while"

Why does it look so slow?

What did you expect from a studio that stalks freelancers on twit*er

NANAMIN BROS We are back!!!

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MHA has a different kind of bad since they like using yutapon, fuck that guy for popularizing the cube debris.

>mappa trying to imitate WIT 3D gear movement and failing because they suck shit

That's by Watanabe

MAPPA more like CRAPPA

>TFW she spergs out at 0:07-0:09

>>Yoooo that shit looked tight bruh! Fr on god yo JJK goated with the sauce
Nothing against niggers destroying the US but can you repeat that in civilized english?

Why can't they make hand 2 hand fights like this? JJK is all about fights but mappa ruined it. Look at this bitch ass camera changing every half second.

>Think you might live in the ghetto sir
To be a fair the whole of America has become a ghetto user

>KNY is only popular because of its animation
fixed it for you

fucking KEK

What the fuck

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FUCK Mappa but based Floch moment.

>we need not one but TWO shifter explosions to handle Floch
>he doesn't even take damage
Truly the savior of the Eldian Peoples we deserved, fuck Kekren.

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Been a while since Jeremy posted, what happened?


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this was clearly vital for the plot

Why does this motherfucker look like he's skating at one point? I hate this bullshit.