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what makes her so damn hot?


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PC gaming with no A/C

Why is her name Gavril in Japanese?


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shes weird

Reminder that Ralphi is Satania's property and she is allowed to do whatever she wants with her

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Have you seen how flat she is?


smart people dont need boobs or tits

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There is no translation for this chapter yet as the translations is still a few chapters behind, but the gist is that Satania and Ralphi are stuck in a room until they kiss, Satania has no issues with it but Ralphi immediately bottoms

Isn't that their teacher lol


The things I would do to her unwashed body...

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this is now a satania thread

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pretty sure it's steve ballmer
although he does looks like the teacher if he took his shades off lmao

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My wife satania is so cute

Lazy fucking neet


I'd instead do those things to her sister's body.

Which one?

Cringe failed school shooter.

I'm just doing my job to represent Raphiel.

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that's sum high-impact loli yuri

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greasy smelly rancid angel. I like her

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Vigne best girl

t. never watched this

you better get to it now, user

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When I'm taking a shit I pull this photo up and pretend that Satania and I are both going toilet together!

My wife.

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If it's so good why isnt there a season 2?Point proven

gabu's sweaty unwashed asshole

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What about it?

Good. You're finally here.

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I have watched it and you're right

Angel Sophie

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New chapter doko?

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Why did the art take a nosedive after chapter 30-something?