Why are japanese so OBSESSED with high school, Yea Forums?

Why are japanese so OBSESSED with high school, Yea Forums?

After all, people who watch anime are pathetic virgin losers, so they will SURELY have awful memories of that period.
So why shower them with people having fun and having not only gfs, but literally harems falling at mc's feet?

Is it some kind of sadistic torture?

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Because anime is made for people around that age so they can relate to the characters. People mostly grow out of anime when they reach adulthood so they won't be many audience in that age and hence very few anime take place outside of school

>why is escapist fiction filled with positivity and optimism instead of reminding the viewer/reader of how fucking shitty real life is
Kuso thread

Dunno, I don't watch anime.

I have no friends. I'm 27 and had no friends in high school. Pls no bully

Same except I used to have friends. Now I'm 27 and have no one except for coworkers.

To be honest I wish I watched anime when I was in high school so I could learn how to act and be cool with my classmates and not being a total autist all the time

Me neither. Though most of the friends I have are from my time in college. Funny how that works

Because people grow up around miserable adults telling them that high school is the best time of their lives, and after that you start withering away with nothing to give you company except unpleasant memories and failed dreams. High school provides forced interaction with a variety of people in a simple repetitive structure and plenty of opportunities to assert identity through extracurriculars and cliques. People lack discipline to do things on their own so once they lose that structure they flounder.

watch anime. watch more anime. must watch anime. escape. everyone else is the problem.

Korean Highschool is even worse for they should study in school until 10-11PM in weekday. They call it Ya-Ja.

Because the primary audience is japanese high schoolers, not late twenties foreigners

Not to mention minimal responsibilities. Youth provides the experiencing of seeing everything for the first time and puberty makes you feel like you're constantly growing, both metaphorically and physically. Everything feels idealized because you haven't reached real life yet and none of your peers know anything.

>miserable adults telling them that high school is the best time of their lives
Yeah I heard that a lot from people who hate their lives. Though when I ask the successful ones they say the happiest times are when they are with their families

>Be 27
>frens are all always busy.
>see them one or twice a year.
>you're the least accomplished of all of them
>even the only one which also doesn't have a source of income.
My last kiss and the only time I (regrettably) had sex was 10 years ago
>All of them except one have a long term gf (even the other unemployed)
I highly dislike school settings in anime.
Maybe that's the reason I'm enjoying watching Darker than Black a lot, despite its often unnecessary hyper-violence.
I don't self insert as Hei

I have autism and I would have ended up like you but i think i lucked out because my muslim student group stuck together after graduation and we're all still friends.

this. If you're still obssessed with anime in your 20s, mid 20s, 30s, etc youre autistic. Theres no other answer.

>I could learn how to act and be cool
nigga you made the right choice, i guarantee you would be one of those nerds that naruto runs everywhere and act all exaggerated and shit

I should specify that I'm a third user.
Because to a lot of modern artists working in anime, that was the most defining experience they remember. And this Pretty bad combination and a vicious cycle.

>Why are japanese so OBSESSED with high school, Yea Forums?
High school is the best years for Japanese men.
After that they have to entire a workforce with insane hours known to cause suicide and have their wives take their paychecks and decide how to spend the money.

The reason I didn't watch anime was because I fucking hate naruto and similar popular shit back then and thought every single anime is like that. The shows I meant is something like slice of life anime that show examples of how kids that age act and go through their lives

School was shit, we want a do over. It's also a key demographic for comics, and the perfect setting for forcing a group of unrelated characters to interact in a variety of scenarios.

Japan still has soul and realize school is literally the best part of one early youth.

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It's the last 'universal' period of the target audience's life. They want to make the characters into everymen and they want them to undergo experiences similar to that of the average viewer. Combined with the standardization of the Japanese public education sector and it's an incredibly easy setting to create, requiring practically zero exposition or setup.

>key demographic for comics
By the way, is capeshit the reason no one reads comics in the west (the US at least)?

Only correct answer ITT.

You really do get it, but you should take it further user.
Don't just say that everyone else is the problem, say that everyone else is the problem AND that they'll pay for it eventually.

Now that's a properly done floor.

Yeah ok mr.unvirgin.

To relive the high school experience

I'm 26. When I was in middle school I used to come on here and watch a lot of anime and act autistic and weird. I ended up not doing any of that in high school, sold all of my video game consoles and stopped watching anime completely. I knew if I didn't do that I wouldn't get laid. Now that I'm an adult I don't give a shit about anything and have no problem being an autistic weeb

Ok take this normalfag shit out of here

I think reason is that comics are fucking boring.

>have their wives take their paychecks and decide how to spend the money.
Is funny how americans consider this bad
Im an spic and in my childhood my mom took care of everything related to house and the family finances, but for some reason americans think this stuff is bad. No wonder western women went to shit kek.
Also not even going to comment in the suicide stuff considering america's homocide+suicide rate tenfolds japan's.

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I miss seeing girls who are actually attractive in my daily life. Now I am surrounded by ugly office hags. I didn't even realize when I was in HS how much I would miss staring at prime legs and ass.

I agree honestly. If nothing else, it would motivate me to get better grades. The top-tier chad in Japanese media is usually the charming student with the highest grades, while in American media it is the retarded jock or the slacker that comes out on top. This has done damage.

It's really strange how the thread continued after this, especially with all the weird armchair psychoanalysis shit. It's not complicated , anime/manga is made for teenagers. That's all there is to it.

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>retarded question answered within the first post
>rest of the thread turns into blogging
No one gives a shit that you don't have friends, you autistic niggers. Kill yourselves.

It is for me. I have always hated men in tights and for the past decade+ I have been baffled by its popularity and never ending stream of blockbusters. I miss good dramas that actually focus on real life.

Do nips really remember their high school days fondly? I can't speak for every american, especially in a certain costa rican crocodile breeding forum but my high school days were forgettable at best.

I'm not in the US, but pretty much for me. Western comics are harder to run into info on, and comic shops focus on capeshit, so finding the other genres that exist in small pockets can be tedious. I've read more Western comics out of Yea Forums recommendations and the local library than I have from all the years I've frequented comic shops and conventions.

Countries like Japan have a far more varied industry that caters to a range of age groups and interests, but teenagers in particular get targetted because they have disposable income but not enough to afford a huge amount of DVDs and games. Books are cheap, manga tankobon are cheaper than books you'll find in Europe by far (not so sure about US mainstream charts), and easily traded away for cash or credit when you're done. They're also great for sneaking forbidden, mature topics behind parents' backs. If you browse Japanese twitter long enough you'll see a few nostalgia tweets here and there that translate like "this was my awakening series, I hid this from my mom!"

Whenever you hear about series like Shingeki having massive manga sales boosts and wonder why so many of those sales don't equal bluray/DVD sales, think: kids who can afford a handful of books. Then think just how many trend following children there are across every region of Japan, who can afford that handful of books. It adds up and makes them a tidy profit.

You are the fucking normalfag cancer i hate the most, the fucking niggers who were making fun of it now are the cattle of today watching it just because now bcause everyone do it, i do miss those days when anime would filter cancer like you out of my medium
Please drink bleach nigger.

Life after highschool is fucking shit, why would anyone want to see/read a story about shit?

Bathroom kids with Naruto headbands were always cliquish faggots who fell into some group of artsy fartsy queers in college. Most Yea Forumsnons were based loners.

>You are the fucking normalfag cancer
I spent my time with vidya instead nigger. Quit seething because I reminded you of your high school bullies. And no I still don't watch seasonal shonen shit and still think they're shit

People that grow up to become mangakas didn't enjoy highschool that is for sure, in general the only people that can say they enjoyed highschool are those that had/could have sex in highschool.

Thank you for that final line, user. Gave me a chuckle remembering back when Anons moved to Bleach being the cool kid thing to like over Naruto. It took like six years after I had been watching Naruto with Yea Forums for Narutofags to turn up irl for me, and by that point I scorned the shit out of them for being embarrassing fucks who turned up to college classes in smelly cosplay and animal ear headbands. I can absolutely understand someone steering well clear if that's what they thought anime was. I know it used to be a meme online that other nerd hobbies deemed themselves superior to anime for the longest, but I couldn't call a guy a normalfag if he was still online every free hour of the day and doing dorky shit like fantasy novels, tabletop, collecting old games, etc. I'd criticise him not exploring his own likes more, but kids are stupid, we were all stupid little shits. What matters is he behaves himself now and knows what he enjoys.

Yeah videogames were not seem as weird as watching chinese cartoons with high pitched squirrel voices. And im not seething about highschool, im saying that normalfag npc scum like you who infested my medium in the last decade with the intention to kill it.
I stand corrected, faggot.

God, I'm so jealous of the manga industry... FUCK.

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Japs best times of their life is in school. They even find it weird that we hate highschool.

Vidya and anime is seen the same faggot. If you consume either you're viewed as a pathetic loser by society. Only in past decade people are warming anime and the same can be said for vidya. I don't get why you're seething so much and no I only consume niche anime and as I've said I don't have interest whatsoever in shonen shit so place your blame on someone else.

stop making this thread

>No wonder western women went to shit kek

In Japan this means the woman pretty much becomes a NEET (even before a kid). You get at best 1000 yen for the day, while she blows money on girls days, Starbucks, various other stuff.
Less than 500 yen if she actually even makes a bento for you.
You leave at 8 and get home at 9 PM, 6 days a week, if you are lucky.
Your food will be saran wrapped on a plate at the dinner table or counter, or it might just be a cup of instant ramen.
Bon Appetit

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Because Japanese university is mostly mindless partying and a blur, where your major has little importance unless you are aiming for research roles or further education. 95% Japanese university grads become salarymen/women and the highschool grads pick up trades.
High school is the last time of their lives when they have any sort of individuality or opportunity to express themselves

And apparently is better than western women because yellow fever is at its peak and higuer than it has ever been considering the high divorce rate in places like america forexample.

What sets Jiren apart from other heroic characters are his flaws. His affliction with PTSD causes him to be antisocial and misanthropic, which contrasts heavily with the team-oriented nature of the Pride Troopers and their goals of meting out justice. His stoicism, pragmatism, and goal-oriented behavior puts him at odds with his teammates, all of whom favor cooperation and bolstering each other so as to eliminate any singular weaknesses. Jiren seeks to cultivate his strength to the point where he HAS no weaknesses, and up until the Tournament of Power, he believes he has reached that level. This is why, when he is proved wrong, he lashes out at the stands. The attack on Goku's friends is symbolic in nature, representing Jiren's attack on his own feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. The only way he knows has been turned on its head, and the only course of action available to him is to use his superior strength to grind this esoteric threat into the dust. It's a masterful and fascinating character moment for an already incredibly-nuanced and interesting character.

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yep pretty much

So you read manga?

Some go to university, with regular ones (not specialized types) usually being glorified playgrounds.

I don't like romcom drama anime as much when I was still in high school. I find myself enjoying anime with a high school setting much more when I'm no longer in high school.

If you look harder, there's a bit more variety when there's tons of stories set outside of school (including modern day Earth setting) even when the characters are still young by age.

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